PTZ’s Advent – Dec 6th: “Boiled Over!”

December 6th
“Boiled Over!”

Another boil of no small consequence! The pus that comes gushing forth should put a smile on any Popologist’s face, and probably the relief of having it drained… or maybe the oh so helpful medications… brought at least a small grin to the patient’s lips. :D


~~~ WARNING! ~~~
Professional Surgical Drainage of Abscess – Intense Amounts of Pus and Blood.
Viewer Discretion Is Strongly Advised.
~~~ WARNING! ~~~

YT COMMENTARY: “Dr squeezing the boil i named Susan…”

RUNTIME: 1min 06sec

TITLE: “popping boil best ever”
YT INFO: Published on Nov 28, 2012 by sfm71

25 Comments on “PTZ’s Advent – Dec 6th: “Boiled Over!”

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    You named it “Susan”?
    I’ll bet there’s a story behind that……….

    1. Susan Boil as in Susan Boyle the singer….

      1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        Hahahahaha………… got it.

      2. That’s the second Susan Boil we’ve seen popped.

  2. justsqueezit, thanks so much for your post. I just wish it had lasted longer!!

    1. I agree-there was so much to go! What a tease! Great find justsqueezeit!

  3. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Man that looked like it would be painful when Docxtor squeezed it? The patient did not seem to mind. Must of gave him a good amount of numbing??

    Nice find justsqueezit!

  4. TD KOEPPLER says:

    Judging by the choice made to stop when they did there ought to be a part 2 soon…..

    1. That’s a Staph infection, the doctor packed it, no part 2!
      Excellent find JSZ!!!

      1. BT, where’d you find out about the packing? And why must you take my hopes and dreams from me? (Sob…)

  5. Oh Jiminy Cricket, that thing is going to be pissed off by tomorrow I bet–I agree with draining the pus, but, to bruise it up so bad by expressing it so hard…I just doubt they’ll get away with that. I agree completely with the previous poster–it ain’t over!

  6. That was one angry looking boil, and I’m impressed that the patient didn’t object more, cuz I would have been screaming bloody murder.

    1. He must of had plenty of local because he sounded like an Aussie & many of us let loose with the swearing in any type of pain situation!

  7. That was awesome! Tender place to have a boil. Can you imagine how sore this must have been while it brewed? Fantastic post @justsqueezit. Nice way to start the day. :)

  8. Wow, that was kind of misleading. It’s SO much deeper than I expected. I think the point where the vid cuts off is probably a good time to get that scalpel to work again.

  9. justsqueezit says:

    Thanks guys, just trying to earn my PTZ keep. I actually don’t remember this one; must have been the night I deluged HS with several, poor thing!

  10. Ha-Chee Ma-Chee!! That looked like angry patch o’ pain, poor guy. And, yup, like everyone else, I have to agree, there was way more to that then the camera caught. But what we saw was Bee-uu-tee-full!! Thanks for the great post, justsqueezit; great way to start my weekend.

  11. zombie juice!! can’t wait till part 2!!

  12. It’s gotta be the (belly) hair.

  13. No, no, no. Chunks, not bloody ooze.

  14. yankeedoodlepus says:

    if you mixed chunky peanut butter, ketchup and thick mayo……..

  15. loving the pus wish i was there to help great find JUSTSQUEEZIT smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  16. populationcontrol says:

    This video was cool, but I wish the camera wouldn’t have stopped. The guys technique was a bit off too. He needed to grab it from the base.

  17. invisableman says:

    Why stop filimg? OMG! I gave it a 1 because you stopped filming.

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