PTZ’s Advent – Dec 4th: “Slowly, But Surely…”

December 4th
Quiste en la cara or “Slowly, But Surely…

A nice cyst on the face, produces really good amounts of goo, but this guy did not want to squeeze it with enough effort! :-D He gets there, but I wanted to jump in & squeeze it myself!! Ha ha! Just one, great big squeeze!!! He appears to be in a car popping. It’s a foreign language, but the people in the car aren’t loud, aren’t cursing, no gag noises & are just enjoying the ride & the ‘show’!! At least there is one ‘muy explosión excelente’… splurt!! ENJOY!! :-D HAPPY POPPING!!! :-D

YT Commentary:
“Operacion de quiste en un coche de viaje. 2Horas de duracion en total de la operacion!”
YT Commentary, Translated:
“Cyst operation on a car trip. 2hours of total duration of the operation!”

RUNTIME: 5min 11sec

TITLE: “Quiste en la cara”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 24, 2012 by girondens


40 Comments on “PTZ’s Advent – Dec 4th: “Slowly, But Surely…”

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    A real man could pick his nose AND pop a zit!

    1. justsqueezit says:

      And chew gum, too.

  2. Nice little cyst, but that guy has beautiful eyes!

    1. he certainly does…sigh…

    2. I was thinking the same thing. I didn’t care about the cyst…I just wanted to see his gorgeous blue eyes! :D

    3. Hard not to notice those beauties ;)

  3. Nice pimple pop…And YES he did have very beautiful blue eyes…and (just saying) some women would kill to have eye lashes like that…LOL. It did seem to me that it was shot over different times…I may be wrong but at one point he seems to be in the back seat and then driving..???? It hard to say really. Great pop and great post. Thanks Buford.

    1. Upon watching it several more times…I think it was shot entirely in the back seat..sorry for my previous statement..I guess you have to come up with things to amuse yourself on long road trips…hehehe. Im glad he filmed his. Also, it looks like he is the only one amused by one else in the car seems to be very concerned.LOL. Still great pimple pop. Thanks

      1. I wonder if the driver/owner of the car knows about the “deposit” left all over the back of his seat?!? Maybe that’s why the popper/ee didn’t make a big deal of it?

      2. Biggerpop…I was wondering the very same thing when I first saw it… As much as I love to see these things popped or be the one to pop them…if someone did that in my car and got puss on my back seat..I think I might not be too happy…just saying. I would be screaming…wait until I can pull over and let me at it…LOL !!

  4. I musst admit that I wanted to help squeeze too- and I wonder if those eyes are natural, or if he has tinted contacts… Beautiful blue!

  5. was a weird video. Kind of funny. I don’t think I would choose a moving car do attack a zit like that though. I would want both hands free.

  6. FANTASTIC camera work, angle, and clarity!!! I am always tilting my head this way and that on other videos trying to get the camera to move back on target! Nice payload for something that didn’t look like much. Great post!

    1. Totally agree loved the squirts and the squigglies a 5 for me with those dreamy eyes…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. Very nice camera work and a very nice looking young man. He should definitely consider a career in modelling. His eyes are gorgeous and his teeth are also lovely. The bits in between are also very nice. If only I had a young daughter or grandaughter or niece or neighbor, etc., I could play matchmaker. As for the zit, interesting but fairly ordinary – aside from the fact that I wouldn’t be happy if someone did that in my car.

  8. This guy does a better job doing 4 things at once. Driving, holding a camera & recording, & popping zits. Much better than many that I have seen on here, where they just have to hold & record. Good job dude. And oh yes by the way you have some darling eyes.

  9. What a hoot, Buford! All I ever got was “I spy with my little eye.”

  10. I agree with everyone about those blue eyes-stunning! Very distracting from the popping! Would of loved to reached though the screen & helped-a four finger squeeze would of made for a good explosion. I realize that he was filming & popping, so he did really well. Great post Buford Pus-er, very enjoyable!

  11. very interesting technique,love the shot squirt

    1. Gotta love the slow mo cheeze breeze!!! :)

      1. 3:30 is def the best part!

  12. invisible zipper says:

    I thought he was driving at first, and I was going to say “Don’t pop and drive.” But he’s in the back seat. I guess that’s one way to amuse yourself on a long car ride.

  13. Beautiful Spanish eyes and a stringy zit. Lou-Pus like.

    1. OH! I thought they were Italian!

  14. Bravo! New car ride activity for the family.

  15. I originaly thought he was driving and all I could think about was what if he got pulled over by the police, how would he explain that? What would the officer write on the ticket?

  16. I want to meet this guy. Hot! The eyes, the overall cuteness, and he and his friends have AWESOME taste in music- I knew and liked just about every song that was playing. Plus, he wasn’t like “MADRE DE DIOS! ESTA UN DIABLO EN MI CARA!” El es mi esposo del futuro.

  17. To heck with the guys eyes. Stop the moving car & squeeze that thing like you mean it!!

  18. hahaha at first i thought he was behind the wheel in beginning i was thinking about that no tex no drive law except no popping and driving hahaha but realized he was in back seat ahhhhh the joys of having a great car ride with your friend and pimple pus flying in the car for all riders to enjoy sure looked like fun to me and yes i agree with alot of the comments on here his eye’s are super hot gorgeous great find and post BUFORD PUS-ER smooches hugs and audie bear loves

  19. Cute young guy! I kept getting distracted by his beautiful blue eyes. Bet he has a lot of girlfriends! Tee hee!! Glad his “audience” was well behaved and didn’t scream, swear or gag!

  20. He’s the full package Ladies… he’s got great teeth, doesn’t make gagging noises over a little pimple, has determination, good camera angle, a nice explosion with a long term payload… and Oh My…. THOSE EYES! Love the music too!! Nice video! I watched once for the zit and a second time for the eyes! Lovely!

  21. Stop the car and let’s do this the right way!!! He’ll be back, It’ll be full again in 6 months!!!
    Excellent find Buford P.!!!

  22. “What I did on my summer vacation…”
    Pinch and roll, kids. Pinch and roll.

  23. Tell me this guy is a passenger and not the driver. That he’s using one hand suggests that he’s driving.

  24. I admit it, I cheated and skipped ahead. Happy I did though because the little I did watch was making me car sick and I wasn’t even in the damn vehicle!

  25. What amazed me was that a zit that size was nearly invisible on his face. How cool to have a pus well that deep with virtually no cosmetic impact. Would’ve been nice to have seen it done with all four fingers.

    Nice post!

  26. I have to wonder where he was wiping, lol. On the seat? Maybe a spare shirt? His jeans? Better yet, his sleeping buddy’s jeans?

    O.o….makes me wonder….

  27. popthatzit7 says:

    Oh those eyes…those beautiful blue eyes…the cyst was okay, lol

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