PTZ’s Advent – Dec. 19th: “8 Year Old Films Massive Zit Popping”

December 19th ~ A Family Fun Adventure!
“8 Year Old Films Massive Zit Popping”

A mild FYI – Volume At Your Own Risk. I think there are some great one-liners, but you will also encounter the oh-so-beloved sounds of retching, gasping, and probably more than a few O-M-Gees. Just use caution. :) Otherwise, major kudos to any child of 8 years who knows the value of focusing and close-ups! Yes! Popologist-in-Training for sure! Ah, the future is looking good for pus popping filmmakers!

“It’s really more of a cyst my dads had for a few years”

RUNTIME: 7min 25sec

TITLE: “8 year old films massive zit poping”
YT INFO: Published on Aug 2,2012 by spencerischeep

42 Comments on “PTZ’s Advent – Dec. 19th: “8 Year Old Films Massive Zit Popping”

  1. The whole time I was thinking Knuckle it,Knuckle it….
    Nice find LH!

    1. Yes or the four finger squeeze. Blackhead or cyst? Had to be cyst because of the smell. I felt as if I was watching a prize fight where the cyst was KOd in the 8th round!! I would have liked more camera action on the plug he was able to remove. GREAT video work from someone so young!!

  2. yankeedoodlepus says:

    Great find and thanks to the family for sharing!

    This is what kids should be doing-NOT worrying about whether or not they are safe in school.

    Thank you for sharing, and here’s hoping kids go back to being kids.

  3. thats funny cus the hole time i was like ” GIVE HIM A KNUCKLE SANDWICH GIVE HIM A KNUCKLE SANDWICH ” and make him shut up!!!!

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Can I see a show of hands that want to Gag the kid that is Gagging….

    Nice cyst though…

  5. That was great.
    The kid did great, the popper did great.
    It had funny parts to it.
    Thanks for the video.

  6. Zit Obsessed says:

    The kid cracks me up! Typical 8 yo kid! He did a decent job filming.

  7. justsqueezit says:

    This is what I imagine it would have been like to be Howard Hughes’ zit popper. “Pour on more alcohol, I don’t want a staph infection!”…

  8. You could make a career out of his back. I feel badly for what his back has and will endure

  9. I want a crack at the blackheads that are covering his back. Thank you for the great post too!!!

    1. Can we share? You get the right side, I’ll take the left?

    2. I was thinking the same thing! I think they have at least a 5 min. video on those right there!

    3. princesspustule says:

      I understand about those blackheads. I was just sitting there daydreaming about getting my hands on those beautiful things. There were so many of them and they were huge. Goodness, what a poppers dream.

  10. This 8yr old little boy is darling….He is just so cute and wanted to do a good job…and he did great. I did feel for him at the end when he started retching a little…mainly because most of the time when you see or hear people doing that is really kinda fake..but I dont think this boy was faking. But he was a real trooper, got right back on the saddle and continued to film. Good payload and yes I do think it was a cyst and not a pimple. Thanks for posting.

  11. Nice pop & payload. The 8 y/o did better that a lot of adults.

  12. I imagine a future of these two hounding that poor kid with “Do it Jackson!” following a whole much of really bad ideas and questionable dares.
    I’m not sure if precious is the right word, but that’s what I’m going with.

  13. Get those blackhead satellites orbiting that moon zit!

  14. You can tell these people are first time poppers, I wanted to say “slice that thing open” Oh well pop on

  15. The alcohol! I’m not a fan of pouring any liquid on top of a zit to pop because I think it makes it harder to get a good grip for popping, and man did I want a good 4 finger squeeze on that one! But, that being said, the payload was still a pretty good one.

    Star of the show, for me at least, was the cameraman. What a great job for an 8 y/o. We’ve most definitely seen terrible camera action from adults, and he did about as good as the average (adult) bear. Kudos to you, kiddo! Thanks for the pussy post, Lori Hansen!

  16. Lori, thanks for the post. I’m angry at the so-called grown-ups for disrespecting the 8 year old continuously throughout the entire ordeal, including turning the camera on him at such a private moment. I wanted to spank them, not the kid for feeling retchy. And why did they choose him to film if they didn’t believe he could handle the task? Kid: 100 points; popper and poppee: 0.

    1. Jackson was easily the smartest person in the room. I just hope he gets away from these idiots as soon as he can, before they drag him down.

    2. Interesting observation.

  17. good find, fun cyst! the kid;/ uh *_____* okaaay then the volume:/

  18. That dude’s back is like an untapped diamond mine in South Africa, and Jackson is like a child laborer made to dig for gems. LOL.

    Jackson, you need to grow up fast, Lil’ Man, ’cause there’s a lot more riches where that rock came from.

  19. Good one, That kid will be back in the future for more!!!!

  20. lol I find enterainment in how easily some people start gagging. That is a super tame one to me but poor kid was almost tossing his cookies. Good find for sure.

  21. excellent job all the way around!

  22. austinclaire says:

    Good zit, the filmer did well for an 8 year old (they do tend to be rather dramatic).

  23. austinclaire says:

    Reaction-wise, I mean- that was better camera work than I’ve seen from many older folks- in spite of gagging, he did hold the camera steady.

  24. Wow, could they have given Jackson more &$^#@? He did great compared to many of the videos we see here. The guy who was popping however, he needed some coaching…

  25. I got the feeling the kid was roped into being the CO!!! But he still did a yeoman job of video work!!!
    Now, let’s all get his dad down and work on his black heads!!!
    Great find Lori Hansen!!!

  26. I think that this is terrific and it had a fairly good payload. I don’t think that they got most of the sac so chances are that we may see this group again.
    Allow me to play devil’s advocate for a moment. If a social worker or someone in a similar profession sees this video, the s*%t may hit the fan. I can see it all now “mental cruelty”, “causing illness to a minor”. “why wasn’t the child in school?” etc, etc, etc. Those folks will come up with dozens of reasons why the child shouldn’t have been involved. It is only a zit for goodness sake and he will learn about them soon enough, anyway. There, the end of my rant and my term as devil’s advocate has come to a screeching halt. I think the kid has a terrific future here at PTZ.

    1. Oh, I would hope not. Teasing a kid about feeling sick is never cool, but there are so many neglected and abused children out there, children’s services would be loathe to touch this. They knew where the child was, and he was safe – miles away from neglect or abuse! CS’ has way bigger fish to fry.

      1. When I was around that kids age, my brother in-law, who was a good bit older, would tease me about silly stuff like that, he was a huge part of my life, and I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s just guys having fun.
        They seemed like a good family to me.

    2. But, the silly picture of trying to break someone into swimming by throwing them in the pool–comes to my mind. I hope these insensitive boobs haven’t roooned a good prospective popper, (or CO) by “throwing him into it” like that–even videoing him trying to throw up, ferchrissakes!

      (Especially when it evidently smelled like composting flesh)
      At any rate, good job Jake! Maybe you can teach yer elders something someday.

  27. Scott Helesic says:

    Wow- what a wasted opportunity. The squeezer should have opened
    up the drainage pore with a needle or razor. Also, never wipe the goop from the skin surface until a decent mound has accumulated!

    Heh- I lol`d at the subjects obsession with hygene. A wee bit late, no?
    “Uhhh, I aint goin in the pool” Of course not, the pool water has chlorine plus other antifungal and antibacterial agents in it. Would`nt
    want to discourage any of those pore-infecting life forms. The kid was the only one that came off well in this video.

  28. Tiny in size but big in smell.

    1. On the surface it is looks like a small black head then WOW a nice cyst squeeze worth content :) Like buying a grab bag and hitting pay dirt for content!

  29. populationcontrol says:

    Not really my favorite, but I commend the 8-year-old on his filming skills. I wanted to stop watching after the 1st minute, but I got hooked when the guy popping said something to the effect of it being a hard ball or something like that.

  30. It say slap some gloves on and get it over with

  31. No other way to put this, it was a good zit but the 3 stooges messed it up.
    the kid with the Mohawk (note to mothers why in the hell would you let your kid sport one of those, it’s very white trash just behind a tail) Tip: don’t let a kid with a Mohawk and OCD run the camera.

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