A “Spanish” Leg Abscess

Man has a big leg abscess (fibula region).The action start at around 3min and there’s lot of “mustard-ish pus”!
Bon app├ętit!

~~~ WARNING! ~~~
Professional Surgical Drainage of Abscess – Some Blood.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
~~~ WARNING! ~~~

YT Commentary:
“Despues de 10 dias de antibioticos, llego el momento de drenar el absceso. La cavidad era de 4cm x 7 cm x 2 cm.
Esta serie de videos es para mostrar la evolucion y el seguimiento de las curaciones en heridas de este tipo.
Segunda parte: *Drenado de mi pierna 2* (wound care)”

YT Commentary, Translated:
“After 10 days of antibiotics, it was time to drain the abscess. The cavity was 4 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm.
This video series is to show the development and monitoring of the healing of wounds of this type.
Part Two: *Drenado de mi pierna 2* (wound care) ”

RUNTIME: min sec

TITLE: “Drenado de mi pierna”
YT INFO: Uploaded by LordZelldePiacot on October 22,2012

30 Comments on “A “Spanish” Leg Abscess

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Looks like liquid knee cap to me…..

    1. It was so big, I thought it was his knee until they were finished draining and removed the drape!

      1. Same here, I was surprised to see a foot right under.

    2. I love how its like a papparazi storm inside there once all the crap starts coming out. That would totally be me in this situation haha

  2. The talking reminded me of being at my grandparents and having no idea what they were saying. I would start to worry when they would say my name and start laughing.

  3. Zit Obsessed says:

    “Professional Surgical Drainage”? I’m glad that the “doctor” isn’t taking care of me or my family. Did you notice that the culture was taken AFTER the pus was drained and rinsed with saline? It sure isn’t an accurate sample in my opinion.
    However, it was the yellowest pus I’ve ever seen!
    Thanks for the post.

    1. Yes it is! kind of reminds me of some egg yokes.

    2. She wasn’t taking a culture, if you look closely she drops the cotton swab into the bin after measuring the cavities internal dimensions. Nothing wrong with the standard of care here.

  4. This is a pretty gross looking abscess – surprising after ten days worth of antibiotics. Another surprising thing – the scalloped curtains and their relationship to the placement of the examining/procedure table. Somehow I think that if the fabric of the curtains were moistened and cultured, they would be growing many interesting types of bacteria. I just get the shivers thinking about it – after thinking of how many of these abscesses squirt all over the place. I just shivered again.

  5. The doctor seemed to be using the swabs to probe rather than take a culture like we’ve seen on other videos. I was also surprised that they were rinsing/irrigating with saline. Other docs use hydrogen peroxide, right? I know it foams and bubbles. I was also worried about the cleanliness of that curtain so close to the patient. At least she was double gloved. :)

  6. Quick, get some hotdoggs! The mustard is very fresh!

  7. Awesome abscess and payload. Very nice Plush. Going in the faves. :)

  8. What unclelarry said! That pus was a bizarre colour & a surprisingly large amount for a site that didn’t seem to be very swollen. The 10 day course of antibiotics must not of had much affect. Thanks for another excellent post plush!

  9. That was a good one.
    Did anyone else notice the skin around the opening.
    It wrinkled up once some of the pressure was released.

  10. Great find Plush!

    There was so much pus it drained out of the leg without much squeezing. I was amazed at how fast the skin wrinkled as the pus was drained. It reminded me of “old lady fingers” when in the pool. LOL
    I am somewhat sure what they put on the gauze was some kind of antibiotic. Any ideas on what it was?

  11. OCD PoPoLoGiZt says:

    No matter what language, it all drains the same.

    1. The sweet universal language of pus!

  12. The doctor described the pus color perfectly in Spanish: It was the color of an egg yolk. Cock-a-doodle pus!

    I also liked how the skin around the cut got all puckered and wrinkled once the pus and pressure were released. It reminded me of how volcanos change shape following an eruption.

  13. Plush, I bet urp is the same in any language!! After all this time and all these videos, part 2 made me hustle my way through it. I dunno why!! Thanks so much for finding this gem.

  14. Kinda looked like honey mustard bbq sauce. Great video!

  15. Good find and good to know how to bandage.

  16. justsqueezit says:

    Ok, medicine is different in different countries, but I am thinking that the oral and or iv abx’s werent effective; maybe the bacteria had set up a slough barrier and the poor guy just couldn’t heal? Immunocompromised? Anywho, some docs are good enough that they can estimate to the centimeter by using swabs to measure wound edges (notice how she marked with her finger on the swab how deep it went lengthwise and sideways) then showed it to her assistant, who was probably recording the measurements.
    The cotton probably was soaked in some abx; you inject sterile water into the little glass vial which has the powdered form of the abx. Usually you inject into the client or mix into an iv when pharmacy can’t do it. I am thinking that they wanted direct contact with the bacteria and a higher concentration that wasn’t safe to give systemically because of potential side effects? I don’t speak more thaan a few words of Spanish and this is just my thoughts on watching the video and having watched wound care specialists. Doing it this way gives more freedom than the wound vac machines…

  17. merry pusmus lovely pus galore coming out that there leg great find and post PLUSH smooches hugs and audie bear loves

  18. Bubblez1281 says:

    Did it look like he had a second knee to anyone else lol. You know they could have used the swab to break up anything inside. My C section scar was infecting and blew up very big so when the doc re opened it instead of putting his finger in there as some do, he used a number of swabs to break up anything in there nd then rinsed it out with saline. and I was stitched back up again. But otherwise Yummy!!!!!

  19. I love the workers and doctor’s sense of humor and the way they treated the patient. It seems like they care for their patients. Hope that guy gets better. It must hurt like the dickens when the numbing wears off.

  20. eewww I think I will gag at my next runny egg.

  21. it does looks like runny greenish-yellow egg yolk, ewwwy

  22. Could never eat undercooked eggs now I know why…have always had trouble eating eggs (basically chicken menses, right?) yuk yet here I am getting my rocks off on this stuff…

  23. This vid makes me glad I live here instead of Panama!!!
    Me and the HCP would have had words over the use of the loose cotton!!!
    Excellent find Plush!!!

  24. Great, big, messy fun! Thanks for sharing it with us Plush. It’s a fantastic find.

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