Straight to Glory!

Volume Warning – May Be Loud
And / Or Contain Adult Language.
Please Proceed With Caution.

Congratulations, sirpimplenicker!

A quick and satisfying pop, with a good amount of gooey glory. Enjoy!

RUNTIME: 0min 30sec

YT INFO: Published on Aug 26, 2012 by brad peterson

36 Comments on “Straight to Glory!

  1. Quick n Dirty…reminds me of my ex! Congrats on your new post!!

    1. Wow. That popper wasnt playin : )
      Great skills. And he went straight back in for the second kill amidst
      all the chaos n excitement of the crowd. Even the dog was hyped lol.

      Poppee grew a nice, ripe one : )

  2. Sweet! Congrats on an awesome find and first post, SPN! :D

  3. Perfect quickie!! 5/5 and going to the faves file. Congrats on an outstanding first post @sirpimplenicker. Welcome to the PTZ miners club.

  4. I LOVED THAT!!!!

  5. Most excellent! A 5 in my book fer sure!! Congrats! Hope I can be a 1st timer one of these days…

    1. Christy Richards-Marovich says:

      Me too. I just joined the site :D So glad there’s some out there like this where I can come and de-stress!

  6. justsqueezit says:

    That one was so good even the puppy was barking in appreciation. A very nice find for a first post, SPN.

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Was the puppy eating gram crackers?

      Great video!

  7. Friends, laughter and pus, a perfect combination.

    Congratulations on your virgin post, SirPimplenicker!

  8. Nice…
    Thats a great vid…Like @Lou-Pus said,it was a perfect combination of all positives things!

    Awesome first post @sirpimplenicker ;)

  9. 3cysterscafe says:

    Nice n juicy! Loved it! Great first post Sirpimplenicker! Welcome and Nice to have you aboard! Keep up the great mining skills!!

  10. That’s what I call popping a zit.

    Congratulations sirpimplenicker, this eruption we will surely watch very often on many future video compilations.

  11. Fantastic first post @sirpimplenicker!!! It was perfect – and I think that they got the entire thing in one glorious squeeze.

    Why is it the best ones with the most impressive trajectories seem to always happen in the kitchen? (As my OCD sister would say – Can’t you just see the germs?)

    Again, you have set the bar anew for future first time posters, Sir!!! I commend you and thank you!

  12. sirpimplenicker, congratulations on your first post!!! Your name is brilliant, and your post was magnificent as well!! I love when everyone is having a good time.

  13. WTG sirpimplenicker!

    Gotta love a room packed while the pimple is popped. So pusy I love it!

  14. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

    But, why the kitchen. Always the eating room.

  15. Caren Northcutt says:

    Dang, you even got the dog barking with that one!

  16. great pop and congrats on the post

    1. He popped it from sheer pressure – no visible incisions or pin holes! It looked ripe and ready! A party none will soon forget :)

  17. it’s a swuirter

  18. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Nice find. Short and to the point.
    Congradulations sirpimplenicker on your first post!!!
    Keep em coming.

  19. Excellent shooter to end a night on!!!
    Classic find sirpimplenicker and congratulations on your first post!!!
    (And may the Schwartz be with you!!!)

  20. Was it a cyst or a thick pus black head? Either way it went SPLAT!!!!

  21. Beachmum6767 says:

    Great pop. But this new format is not great. It doesnt work well on my phone Which is where I do most of my Interweb watching.I really don’t like the pics and user names way off to the side. They are hard to see. Maybe I just need time. Oh well hope everyone has a great night. :)

    1. I thought there was a problem tonight and the name were missing – I didn’t even notice em being way off to the left. Thanks.
      Warning! You may want to turn your audio down a bit (a lot lol). There is a very vocal audience and from the first sign of payload they hoot and holler. Well and that was all there was to it. Dern it – there was so much potential to be lost on hysterics.

  22. sirpimplenicker – WOW and a fabulous 1st video <3

  23. The popper is brave – seeing that big monster and stand right in front of it, pop it while it spews all over him and he keeps squeezing to make sure it’s all out!!! That is a dedicated popper!

    It looked like one on the poppee’s right hand :) I gotta find different people to hang out with this never happens at my work or when I socialize :(

  24. Nice, so fast I almost missed it. Gave me an excuse to watch it twice.

  25. SPN, thanks for an amazing post. I think we also owe a debt of gratitude to Schwartz – the owner of the “lesion”. It was wonderful of him to let it ripen and age like a great cheese. It pays to be patient as we can all see by the results. Amazing footage (actually it so short that I guess it is inch-age) which I enjoyed very much.

  26. Excellent post! Short n sweet but oh so satisfying! :) lol keep em coming :) we just love a good pop! ty SIRPIMPLENICKER

  27. Now that it a classic, that damn pimple was as tight as a tick
    it was an eruption of epic proportions the (Perfect Pop)
    the skin above the pimp just could’nt take it and exploded
    I bet that baby was screaming after it gave birth!

  28. Zit Obsessed says:

    Great first post! Go ahead and find more like this one…primed and ready.

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