Removing Pimples Under High Magnification V


Here is my fifth video in this series. This session was on my nose and face. I am using a basic wire type comedone extractor and an inexpensive USB microscope. Please know that it is very hard to keep everything steady and in focus at all times. I try my best and am learning as I go. The music is royalty free (as always) and is called ‘The Snow Queen’ by Kevin MacLeod at – Thank you Kevin for the wonderful website. I would also like to thank the nice people at and thank everyone for watching and commenting! More movies already on the burner. Please rate and comment.

RUNTIME: 7min 13sec

TITLE: “Popping Zits Under High Magnification – Releasing the Hounds”
YT INFO: Published on Nov 13, 2012 by RussHamString

107 Comments on “Removing Pimples Under High Magnification V

  1. Ross,
    What a great video. I can say your are way past the learning stage with the microscope camera. I found myself telling the zits…….pop already!! LOL

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I try hard. Thanks for watching!

      1. Excellent work Russ!

        Out of curiosity, have you tried using a circular extractor? I have an extractor like yours and it kinda tears my skin up… it looks like it does the same to yours in a couple of shots. I noticed Dr. Yadav uses the circular variety and it looks doesn’t cause as much distress. Have you tried one?

    2. I totally agree! This was fun to watch but couldn’t help feeling so bad for you near the end because that looked so painful to have to push so hard! But it just kept getting better and better as the video went along and as it kept going I personally felt like my own skin was getting cleaner haha! Great job, can’t wait to see sequels :D

  2. slice-n-squeeze says:

    Such a great video! My only complaint is that it ended too soon. 5 stars!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      I thought people might thing they were too long if I hit the 10 minute mark. Thank you for the kind words.

      1. 10 minutes being too long? NO WAY! Ten minutes of awesome close up gushing goodness…. bring it ON!

      2. 10 minutes would be wonderful!!

    2. 10 minutes of your style of popping under USB would brilliant! I’d LOVE it! freidabob said it perfectly “…close up gushing goodness…. bring it ON!”

  3. Stupendous video!!!! Great job extruding black heads and filming simultaneously! Gladly watch a 30 minute video watching all of the pores cleaned out :)

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you!! Would a longer video be better? Hmmmm..

      1. Sure, there were some I was hoping to see you go back and get and/or like Dr. Y has done in the past, show all of the extractions on paper or in a pile. I don’t think the setting ablaze it required :) Appreciate the effort as it must take a lot of time to make and then get them ready for viewing!! Pop on!

      2. Russ Hamstring says:

        I know. When I go back and watch the videos I notice many of which I should had worked on a little more. Sometimes I move on because my face is tell me it’s time. I’ll sit and think about how I much further I can go with me productions. Maybe I should narrate it? Maybe a meet and greet at the start? I know some people here would like to see that. It’s just that all this does take a lot of time. Luckily I’m retarded… Errrr… Ummmm. I mean ‘retired’. And time is what I have. Thank you for the kind words.

  4. justsqueezit says:

    Another stellar production, Russ! We love your videos.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you. I think I might release another one today. We’ll see. Thanks for watching!

  5. Awesome! That is all :)

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you! That’s all…… No not really. Thanks again!!

  6. Best yet! (But, oh, your poor face…)

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you. My face is doing well. I did a session a few days ago and it looks pretty good. I can probably go for it again but I like to wait between just in case it leaves scars one day. Thanks for watching!

  7. You are becoming quite the popographer! Congratulations on the best yet. I enjoy the surreal landscape provided by the extreme magnification. Nothing is left to the imagination. One thing dear, I worry that you use so much pressure with that tool on your skin that you actually break into tiny capillaries – which will cause scarring. Perhaps you could mix it up a bit and film a variety of subjects for your excellent videos. Can you imagine what would happen if you were able to use your extractor tool and HD camera to capture one of Dr. Yadav’s patients being popped? Oh my. Perhaps we should fly YOU to India.

    1. Great idea – magnification and 3-D?!?!?! It would look like they are literally popping out of the screen at us :)

    2. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I don’t want any scars either and I have no have any unpleasant incidents pertaining to this either. If I were to have an issue, I would rethink my video making career. I don’t really have many people I can do this to here in this small town and it would be hard to find subjects I’m sure. Plus they would think I was crazy. Lol. It would be pretty cool if he were to use one of these cameras. Hell! I would go. Well… Thank you for watching.

  8. Instant 5 Stars! Don’t ever get tired of doing this.

    Thanks Russ!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      No problem and thank you. And I’ll keep making them.

  9. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Ya gotta be 2 pounds lighter after that…………………..

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      I sure feel lighter. Thank you for watching!

  10. Awesome, awesome video!! Yours never disappoint! Thanks so very much for sharing with us!!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      No problem. Thank you for being so kind to me.

  11. Delightful! Thank you so much for your time and effort for our popping pleasure!!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you!! I am going to post another now.

  12. the best technique ever!!!! 5********

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you. I’m still learning.

  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH RUSS !! Your videos are so wonderful and interesting to watch. Ive enjoyed each one you have posted. You definately got 5 stars from me. I would give more if I could. Keep up the good work and I excitedly wait for your next video. Good Job!!!!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank You!! I am posting another as I type this.

  14. Russ, your music selection is as superb as your technique – a work of art. I maintain when your face clears up, you have a future in the film industry!! Or hire out to clinics to film other extractions!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you so much. You are too kind. I wish I had the cash for a better microscope. That would be a good money maker. Thanks for watching!

    2. Russ Hamstring says:

      Oh and it takes me a looooooong time to find the right music. Thank you for noticing.

  15. prunesquallor says:

    Thanks for another stellar video in your ‘magnification series’. You have come to PTZ with something truly unique, and it has whetted our appetites for more of the same. Just as an aside, what magnification are you using? Just so we can get an idea of the true size of these bad boys. If my question turns out to be a trade secret, then please ignore and forgive my ignorance. Pop on Russ.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you for the kind words. I’m making more.

      There are no secrets here. The magnification is at about 40x. I’m glad someone interested. Everyone is so nice here. Thanks again!

  16. very satisfying!!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      To me too. Thanks for watching!

  17. I always enjoy your videos, this was another great one. Thank you for sharing them with us! :-)

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank YOU for watching!!

  18. Folks, this is why the internet was invented. Spectacular post, Russ. Thank you for making my day. :)

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Wow!! Thank you!! I hope to make more days for you.

  19. Thanks, Russ! Another classic to add to my ‘go to’ list. Love it!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      No problem! Thank you for watching!

  20. Russ, as you can see, you are greatly appreciated by our little family! You have brought us the exact type of cathartic subject matter, very well filmed I might add, that we all crave to see every day. Your understanding of what we want and your ability to interpret it via film and perfectly matched music is a much-anticipated and worthy gift. Welcome, new friend, to the our slightly macabre arena!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Well. Thank you very much. I enjoy doing this for you all. I always tell people how nice everyone is here. I also put a plug in for PTZ when I can. Thank you and everyone else for being so kind!!

  21. Russ, at a loss at your talent.

    I am awaiting a really big zit or even a cyst on your remarkable body.

    Wish more people could understand this obsession and you would have more subjects to explore!

    As mentioned before somewhere here, it’s too bad you can’t put an ad on Craigslist or something for pimpled/cysted people to volunteer their backs, faces, whatever to your USB microscope!

    Applause, applause, applause, Russ! You are AWESOME!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      I can promise you. When I get a large one, it will be filed. I actually have a 16 year old kid here that I can probably squeeze a little. I didn’t think about him because his zits are the juicy ones. Hmm. Maybe there are some experiments in the near future. As for an ad… I don’t know if I could handle doing that to just anybody. Thank you so much for the kind words and thank you for watching!

  22. A super way to end the night!!!
    Excellent post Russ Hamstring and Thank You!!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Anytime! Thank you!

  23. Leonard Cohen says:

    Friggin artistic man. :) Well done. The slow movements of the extractor were well timed with the music, making a dance of pus. :D

  24. Holy cow I’d like to have an hour with Russ, his extractor and a glass of wine. Well done Russ! Talk about a PTZ date night!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      I should become a traveling video zit popper. There might be a market. Lol. Thanks for watching!

      1. HAHA! Get your passport man, Canada awaits you!


    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you very much for the kinds words. Definitely more to come.


    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Why thank you!! It does take some time but I enjoy doing it because people enjoy watching them. I’m quite new here myself. I know it looks like I’m a pro but I’m just like you. Thanks for watching!

      I’m sure someone else can answer your question. And while I have and ear (or if I have an ear), can some please tell me how I can be notified by email when comments are posted. I think I have it set that why already but it doesn’t work. Am I missing something? I know it’s not the place to ask. Sorry… THANKS!!!

  27. There is enough oily stuff being extracted it should be sold to the oil co. to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

  28. Wow! I’m having trouble finding the words!! It’s obvious you take a LOT of time, talent, and effort into putting together your videos. Please know that those of us on this website appreciate it VERY much, me included. I have also noticed that you’ve responded to the majority of us who have left comments, also something that takes time and effort…but is greatly appreciated by your “fans”. I, for one, certainly hope to see many more of these videos of yours. They are so fascinatingly different that I find myself watching them over and over…and over…LOL! :-)

    Once again, thank you SO much!!!! Jennifer

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you so much. I do try hard to make these videos enjoyable. I also make sure I find the time to answer and/or thank as many people as I can. I feel that if someone takes the time to watch my video and to comment, I should thank them by responding back. Thank you for noticing that. Like I said on another comment. I am retired 43 year old guy. I have plenty of time. I just want people to know that I appreciate them watching my video and very much appreciate all comments and questions. Thank YOU for watching!!


    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Okay. Two new videos were uploaded last night. I don’t know if they were approved yet.

  30. Omfg every inch of the screen ( I watch on my iPod touch) has a pore being cleaned out and I don’t know where to stay focused. I see these videos as being the best we could ask for. You left me with a omfg I would have loved to see that last one come out feeling. It ended far too soon.
    Please keep them coming and longer. You videos put me in heaven lol

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Wow thank you.

  31. Wow that was mesmerising, hypnotic. I didnt want it to end.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      I’ll make an extra extended version next then. Thank you for watching!!

  32. Excellent, excellent, excellent, Russ! You’ve improved so much since your first offering. (which, btw, I still keep in my Favorites List) This latest video is mesmerizing and great fun to watch.

    Thank you so very much for sharing these with us. Keep up the good work!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you and it is my pleasure. I’ll keep the videos coming. Trying to think of new ideas now. Thanks for watching!

  33. Thanks Russ, what a show.
    I love that frisson of excitement when the comedone extractor is given max pressure. Will that darker coloured (excuse spelling – I’m a Brit) pore erupt like Vesuvius? Often they do and occasionally, as a bonus, take a hair with them!
    Just one thing Russ, to give me an idea of perspective/magnification, what is the diameter of the extractor you use?
    Once again, great stuff and I look forward to Part VI.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you very much!! I love the ones where the hair comes out too. My favorites actually. Since you’re a Brit, I’ll give you the measurement in metric system. It is about 1.5 millimeters across. Thank you for watching and someone give the moderators a poke. I have two new videos waiting to be approved since yesterday.

  34. luvpoppinzits says:

    Love, love, LOVE this video!!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you!!

  35. Mr. McPimple says:

    Russ, great video! The choice of Harry Potter style music made it that much more enjoyable.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you. It does sound like Hairy Potter doesn’t it? Thanks for watching!

  36. HEY RUSS I wish everyone would answer they’re comments. This is fun. Oh by the way I watched this video again this morning when I got home from work. GOOD GOING Sincerely peggy

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you Peggy! And I’ll keep answering comments as long as I can keep up. Wow!! I have number VI waiting to be approved. Talk to you later.

  37. I have the same extractor as Dr. Yadav and it doesn’t require as much pressure as the one Russ uses. I am not even sure why I bought it as I rarely need it, but I liked the way it looked. Much thinner and the little bowl part is gentle.

    Well done Russ, well done.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you. I find that some need almost no pressure and others need more than I can handle. Thank you for watching!!

    2. Maybe you’re like me, Vilda. I think I bought mine hoping that one day I’ll have something poppable! I almost wish I could turn back the hands of time, back to my teen years when pimples WERE everywhere.

  38. Wow Russ! This rivals Dr. Y’s. videos. I was on the edge of my seat!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you so much. Definitely more to come.

  39. YEAH!!!! Applause,applause, wonderful video!!!! I check on your youtube site often because it sometimes takes a couple of days for your new videos to show up here on PTZ. I was just waiting as I knew this would be an instant hit! Also, if your face can take it, make the videos as long as you want, I’m absolutely in for the duration & it seems, from all these comments, that everybody else is too. You’ve absolutely got a loyal following here!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Okay. I have another video waiting to be approved here. and a longer extended version in the pipeline. Thank you for watching!!

  40. These video’s stir up a few different emotions in me at once. First off, let me say that I absolutely LOVE these videos. Secondly, I feel bad for the person in the videos for having sebum come seemingly out of every pore/hair follicle in their body, but at the same time these videos literally make me salivate in pure awe I suppose? I didn’t think that salivating in amazement was possible before these videos.

    Keep up the great work, or get treatment done….Either way, I’ll be happy for you. Five star!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you for the kind words but don’t feel bad for me because this does not effect me in my daily life at all. I look normal (In my opinion I suppose) un-magnified. I don’t have oil or “grease”, as some would put it, running down my face. I’m going to film a video of me “raw”. That’s what I’ll call it: Russ Hamstring “Raw and Irritated”. I can see it now…. Lol. Besides, if I fixed it, I wouldn’t be able to make videos anymore. :) Thanks for watching!!

  41. Amazing! Great video!! The music adds to the enjoyment!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you!

  42. I predict great things for your future videos with your consciencious approach. But I do HATE those extractors. Nothing as satisfying as the manual squeeze.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you!! It’s really hard to get magnified footage of popping with the fingers. Every little tiny movement is HUGE magnified. But a nice finger squeeze can be so nice. Thanks for watching!

  43. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Russ, They keep getting better and better!!!!!!
    I am curious, what is the magnification of the microscope?
    Keep em coming!!!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you! The microscope goes from 20x to 800x. It’s hard to tell but I would say my videos are filmed at about 40x. More definitely to come.

  44. ermahgerrrrrrrrrd i love the ones where a hair pops out with the plug!

  45. I am definitely a thrillbilly when it comes to this stuff.Russ did it again,and again thanks

  46. It was like frolicking in the arm hairs of an angel! 5 stars!

  47. Excellent! That tool is magical — is it painful or damaging?

  48. I haven’t read the preceding comments, I’m sure someone else has remarked about the likeness of Sybille ll. Not comparing in the least.

    This is great! Very exciting visual! I hope to see more from this gent!

  49. I hate those extractors. Fingers with real power!

  50. Bad word filter in action shit

  51. that was totally awesome great video work and great pus load of fun love the music to thank you for a great post RUSS HAMSTRING smooches hugs and great big audie bear loves and wanna say hi to everyone haven’t been on in a while i love and missed you all

  52. Stop with the extractor and just SQUEEZE for God’s sake!

  53. queenie07508 says:

    Holy crap!!! I never appreciated how awesome blackheads were before now!!! WOW!!! lol This made my night!

  54. populationcontrol says:

    I liked it, but it was going a bit too slow for me. 3 Stars.

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