Nasty Elbow!!!! Big Elbow Abscess, Great Video!


Really nasty elbow abscess. Great medical technique!

~~~ WARNING! ~~~
Professional Surgical Drainage of Abscess – Blood Involved.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
~~~ WARNING! ~~~

YT Commentary:
“This one was a very rewarding drainage from an infected bursitis of the elbow. I did not edit the video AT ALL so you can enjoy all the raw footage of the drainage.”

NEW YT Commentary:
“Thank you all for making the first version of this video so successful. However someone ‘flagged’ it as age inappropriate so I decided to take it down, re-edit it and then repost it.
Even if you have watched it before this video contains a lot more educational value as I do a ‘voice over’ description of the procedure and comment on treatment, management, and follow up that will surely be valuable information for anyone watching.
This was a large abscess / bursitis of the elbow of this patient. Pt had an initial fall with injury to the elbow after running into a deer while riding his bike. Yes…that is right! Somehow it can happen!”

RUNTIME: 11min 09sec

TITLE: “Elbow Abscess – re-make and repost of original video ” (originally “ELBOW ABSCESS”)
YT INFO: Published on Nov 10, 2012 by theedexitvideo – NEW Edition: Dec. 7, 2012

37 Comments on “Nasty Elbow!!!! Big Elbow Abscess, Great Video!

  1. OUCH that must have hurt!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Bad things can happen to ya when you ride a bike pal.

    2. It looks so red and raised! I can’t believe they can get that big!

  2. Wow the doctor was great, and informative, and told us what he was doing step by step, and the camera work was excellent !! Great find ……

    1. His videos are always great!

  3. I started to say “I’ve seen this before”, then I realized it was the one I submitted-LOL.

    1. LOL-that’s funny!

    2. justsqueezit says:

      So you’re the one that beat me to it; congrats!

  4. That was a great find Gabgal! The Dr was excellent & has a lovely bedside manner & using clear layman’s language so the patient understood exactly what was happening. The draining & washout was ‘rewarding’ as you so well put it-cool payload with good chunks. And the poor patient! Running into a deer on a bicycle-youch!! I’ve heard of lots of ways people have injured themselves but that one was a first for me lol! Also loved that the Dr actually waited for the local to take effect before incising the abscess. I hate it when a Dr injects, waits a minute & goes for it-it happened to me once & was not fun. Thanks Gabgal, That was enjoyable!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. My elbow wants that doctor!

  6. I am amazed at how deep the doctor needed to go to break the sac open! Excellent video!

  7. Hey Doc….Uh, you missed the pan!
    Excellent find gabgal!!!

  8. I subscribe to this guys YouTube channel, he has great stuff and lots of it.

  9. I don’t know why but I want to cook some pasta to go with that tomato gravy now

    1. I’m hoping you’re trying to be funny

  10. After the second cleaning squirt with the syringe, it looked like we might have had the culprit . Some sort of shard or watever solid looked to pop out. Being a motorcycle accident, I can understand some sort of splinter causing this. Btw,Extremely Long Time Fan of PtZ. First time signing up. Need my rank to be ~~>OCD PoPoLoGiZt<~~

    1. @Blake – Welcome to Active Fandom! Glad to have you, hope to hear more in the near future. :) Oh, and the rank of Popologist kinda infers total OCD subservience – we live to pop, or at least get our fixes vicariously… lol. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin

  11. Great preparation, great procedure, great payload.
    Holding the gauze over the open wound with filthy hand and fingernails…priceless. This gave me a giggle.

    1. Yeah, me too. Great he didn’t do the surgery!

  12. I kept on giggling because the marks on his elbow combined with the incision made it look like a frowny face throwing up! The sound it made when squished was awesome. Great post GabGal!

  13. That critter was huge. Can you imagine the relief he felt when all that pus was released? Sweet post @galgab. Thanks!! :)

  14. Gabgal, excellent find! The doctor was so informative, and he has a great bedside manner.

  15. yankeedoodlepus says:

    Okay- now go back and watch again, just after Doc does the unjection, and right at when he makes the first incision.

    Can you say Turkey Drumstick?????????

    Most Excellent Video.

  16. Reminds me of my elbow a few years back… Elbow down to my hand was 3 times there normal size cuz of the swelling. Was on I’VE antibiotics for 4 days! Good times lol

  17. GNARLY !!! GREAT FIND 5*****

  18. Wonderful first post, Gabgal. I’m so glad you didn’t edit. I prefer watching every moment! It makes so much more sense when nothing is left out. The doctor is great!

  19. What a great vidio. It is very obvious that this doctor loves teaching and he does it very well. As for the patient – I think he waited a bit too long before seeking medical attention. I can’t figure out why people wait until a wound becomes huge, red and hot. This guy, like the young man who had the infected hand, risked the possibility of this infection spreading to the joint, causing permanent stiffness and considerable disability. I can see by the IV catheter in his other arm, that he had been given at least one, if not more, doses of IV antibiotics. We, in North America, are very lucky to have access to great treatment. In a third world country, this type of wound could lead to severe disability – if not a worse outcome.

  20. I think i would have opted for a stitch or two personally.

  21. Great first post, gabgal – I just love it when those things blow bubbles!

  22. Loooove the gurgling wounds!! Nice find! :)

  23. I just don’t understand how anyone in a developed country could end up like that, it must have hurt like hell but he just let it keep getting bigger, I know it was good for us to watch but didn’t he know about anti septic cream?

    1. It depends – sometimes it is lack of money, not ignorance, or sometimes these abscesses are incredibly quick to develop. Especially when it is a complication of something like Bursitis.

      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin

  24. great find! Love the elbow farts & the chunks that rinsed out. This is another recent clip I heard the Dr. talk about not packing it… change of the times>?

  25. I agree the doctor was good.Judging by what came out of this very highly probably very painful elbow looks like it could have been caused by imbedded road dirt.Bikers are very prone to road rash and if its not scrubbed out from the start,which this probably wasn’t,the infection can be devastating.Being so near the bone I hate to think what else could have been brewing above the elbow.From the healing of the original graze I reckon this was a week to 10 days old.I agree with one of the previous comments saying why did this guy wait so long to seek medical help.The elbow must have been terribly painful and stiff after just a couple of days.But to be hugely swollen,red,hot and painful should have ring alarm bells somewhere.
    Nobody get points for being duty hero however stupid it makes them look!

  26. anyone else notice the elbow had an alien shape and alien face it looked like a vomiting alien lol that was awesome great find GABGAL smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  27. lovethatcreamcheese says:

    I’ve seen a number of this doctor’s videos, and I always enjoy them. I’m also curious as to who does his videotaping since it’s always so well done — whether it’s a person, or just a camera on a tripod, he has great equipment and knows how to give such nice clear shots of the area he’s treating.

    This one was ugly! Like everyone else, I don’t know why the guy waited so long to come in, but at least we get to enjoy the results of his procrastination. :) I hope it healed up as well as the doc expected it would!

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