Muy Bueno!!

Hello PTZ peeps!! Hope everyone is doing great on this fine Wednesday! Here’s a nice “stringer” pus bacne video for y’all to hopefully make your day just a little bit brighter! ;-) Reminds me of silly string! :-D The camera work is really good, but I’m unsure about volume, language, etc! Feliz traqueo! (I THINK that means ‘Happy Popping’ in Spanish! *grin*) :-D :-D If it doesn’t …. HAPPY POPPING!!

RUNTIME: 3min 12sec

TITLE: “abscesso do papai”
YT INFO: Published on Aug 19, 2012 by ratimonoflai1

35 Comments on “Muy Bueno!!

  1. Nice silly string and good camera work. Only if they had just sliced it open after they took off the awesome string and gotten that huge payload waiting to escape….oh my I’m sounding like a spoiled pus brat now…

    1. hahaha I was thinking the very same thing. I am a spoiled pus brat too. :)

      1. Tammy Stokley says:

        HeeHee me too, I kept thinking, if only they would use a needle or a small incision that thing would blow. Lol. Yes thanks to PTZ I am spoiled and lovin it :-)

    2. Ohhh stringy pus videos. Beautiful to watch in any language <3

      1. i agree

  2. Thanks so much for this great post, Buford! Did it end too soon? I keep wishing they’d make a larger incision.

  3. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Larger Incision!!!

    I second the wish.

    1. justsqueezit says:

      I think it goes “Make a bigger hole!”

      1. What’s the file name for that one, does anybody know? I’ve looked under neck and shoulder…AND “Make a bigger hole”

      2. Just – I super thought of the same thing when I saw you said that!! Was going to make the same comment haha. Love that guy.

  4. Gloves might have assisted the grip on this wonderful lump. And a wider hole would have allowed more to exit. Yet, I find the spurting silly string quite entertaining as it wiggles all over the place as it exits. Great find!

  5. Thanks for a nice bacne post, Buford Pus-er. I agree with the other comments above-gloves for a better grip would be really helpful. But can you cut a stringer like that? Is it a blackhead or a cyst? Would a four finger squeeze help? Lots of silly string when they squeezed from a good spot & it got going-as long as it’s thick & coming out I’m happy. Thanks B Pus-er!

  6. 3cysterscafe says:

    A nice little slice on that puppy and we would have had to wear rain gear! What we got was wonderful though! Angel hair pasta, Yummmm! Lol thank you so much for this lovely video Buford! Your posts are always great!!

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Kind of a reluctant little bugger, but we’ll be here when it refills…. and it will.

  8. Good set of eyes. The body’s equivalent to silk thread.

  9. Sunbeam: you stole my line. I kept thinking about the other video with the fellow who kept hollering “Make a bigger hole, make a bigger hole” with that thick southern accent. Anyway, Buford thanks for finding this. They got quite an amazing amount of pus from such a tiny opening.

    1. Pusareus, do you know the real name of that one? I’d like to have it in my faves. Fat chance you’ll even see this to answer.

  10. That is going to get so angry now. I hope they film a part two when it takes on a mind of its own when it turns bright red and is the size of a golf ball

  11. i like it, i love it, i want some more of it,lol

  12. Oboy, silly string, muy bueno, indeed!

  13. justsqueezit says:

    *Sigh* The magic and mystery are gone – I now know how they make silly string…

  14. Yet another fine example of the wrong sized hole for the job. Let the innuendo fest begin.

  15. I was listening to this video, trying to understand the conversation, and I couldn’t. I could catch a familiar-sounding word now and then, but I thought the sound was too distorted. But then I heard a couple words that were clearly Portuguese, so I looked at the video title, which is in Portuguese. Conclusion: A better title would be “MUITO BOM” instead of “Muy Bueno”. The Brazilians are latin (Portuguese and some Spanish) in ethnic origin, as well as Native (south) American and African, but their language is not Spanish, it is Portuguese. Oh, and btw, Este es un video muy bueno….er I mean, Este é um vídeo muito bom! Thanks to Google Translate for the Portuguese translation.

  16. I must agree, a nice razor slice would have allowed a big nice pus payload instead of the stringy stuff. You could tell by the big lump, when he squeezed, that there was a bunch of pus in there! Plus, by cutting an escape hatch, he wouldn’t have had to squeeze so hard for so long.

  17. *sigh* This cyst, in my opinion, should be cut now rather than squeezed off & on for decades. See my comment to the “Uncle George” vid immediately preceding.

    *gets off soapbox, returns to lurkdom*

  18. I thought it would squirt out across the room.

  19. bacne silly stringers are my top favourite things in life…..i just got an early christmas present in this clip so thank you for posting.

    1. Silly string is always entertaining but give me copious amounts of chunky runny pus and i’m the happiest! ;)

      1. Mayonnaise, toothpaste (whatever the color) cottage cheese–dangit, why are there so many apt food comparisons to the types of pus I prefer? Silly string usually requires so much pressure to force it through such a tiny pore(?) it makes me KNOW how bruised and hurt that area will be and I can’t enjoy it.

  20. Oh yeah–had to skip over to U tube to watch it. Seems to be loading forever and ever on here…so I clicked where the Utube logo usually is and it went! Help ObiHalph kinobe, you’re my only hope!

  21. Ok I’m prob the 500th person to say it, but wtf make a bigger hole!
    For realz how can people be so fuckin dumb?!
    This would have hurt ur friend much less and prob allowed everything to properly drain out!

  22. That wasn’t a stringer: it was Wonder Woman’s golden lasso. And it will force you to tell the truth, which is, ‘There is so much more in there!’

  23. i love the silly string poppers so cool to watch it keep coming out great find
    BUFORD PUS-ER smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  24. bigger hole. I don’t prefer the silly string.

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