Magnified Dissection of Two Blackheads


This is me dissecting two blackheads that were removed from my back. This is the first time I did this so please be nice.  I sped up the video to keep interest. And since I did speed it up, I felt it only fit to add old movie style music.  

This song is called ‘Mister Exposition.’ Again, I would like to thank Kevin MacLeod for his wonderful website and his royalty free music. I would also like to thank all of you at for your support and awesome website.

RUNTIME: 2min 46sec

TITLE: “Magnified Dissection of Two Blackheads – There’s Hair In There”
YT INFO: Published on Nov 14, 2012 by RussHamString

30 Comments on “Magnified Dissection of Two Blackheads

  1. Wow. I didn’t know blackheads could have hair in them. You’d expect ingrown hairs to have issues like this but there’s clearly black material in there and it looks like a comedone. So weird! Thank you for posting!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Maybe they’re not a blackheads but like you said, they looked like them. I like that one with a bunch of air in it. Thank you watching!

  2. That first one was a curly little bugger!
    If you ever been fortunate (???) enough to pull one of these little squigglers out of your chin, they sorta tickle…well…sorta.
    Thanks for the post, Russ (you can call me masher), keep ‘em coming.

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      @masher Thanks a lot. Definitely more to come!

  3. Russ,
    I really enjoyed your music selection. Like you said old movie music. Reminds me of the movies that didn’t have sound.
    As to the blackheads… OMG I had no idea they could be filled with so much hair. I assume the black round specks are the actual blackhead.
    Keep the videos coming!

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you!! I didn’t know either. More to come!!

    2. Looked to me like the black specks were nasty stuff coming off the filthy tools! What WAS all that stuff?

  4. prunesquallor says:

    Thanks for another of your informative videos of the blackhead variety. One of my personal favourite subjects on PTZ. Most interesting to find a long curled hair in the middle of the ‘waxy stuff’. I had always thought they were formed from a piece of dirt clogging the pour. I wonder if dirt is what the black powder stuff is. Might be a combination of the two somehow. Oh well, that is the neat thing about this site. Someone with THE answer will post eventually. Love the music too. Fits the video subject perfectly. You have great ideas Russ. Keep on rollin’ the film.

  5. Russ,
    May I ask you what kind of implements you were using in this video? They looked very interesting…

    1. Was wondering that myself

    2. And, what WAS that black coating on them? Are they from your toolbox? I guess ya gotta keep ‘em oiled up so’s they don’t rust, right? I guess none of it needs to be sanitary, after all.

    3. Russ Hamstring says:

      Sorry I haven’t answered these recently but here you go anyway.

      I used stainless steel dental tools and a tiny nosed tweezers. I don’t know where that black stuff came either. When I looked later I didn’t see anything.

  6. Like someone else said, maybe they’re not actually blackheads at all, but some sort of detritus you accidentally rolled up out of your vast collection of micro-zit pops you are so obsessed with. Hey wow, it was YOU who said it. Dayum. Three minutes of my zit-popping, viewing life I’ll never get back.
    I’m sorry….I guess you just can’t like them all. This was just nasty.


  8. :grin: I love speeded-up stuff, so this was entertaining, Russ! :grin:

    1. Russ Hamstring says:

      Thank you!!

  9. #1 was quite the little curlycue! Hairy little buggers, weren’t they? ;-)

    Something on your tools was leaving little black smudges and specks all over. Perhaps two straight pins would work.

  10. Maybe you could video their removal next time?

  11. You should get Dr. Y to send you some of those humongous blackheads that he pulls out of his patients in India.

  12. Just when I thought I’d seen it all on PTZ-another RussHamString video comes along & amazes me! I’ve seen blackheads lit on fire & intact cyst contents squeezed out (for fun!) but I was astonished to see all the hair within your blackheads! I’d never noticed in your previous videos that many (if any) of your blackheads had black tops so the grit didn’t worry me. Thanks Russ for another great post. You have a great imagination so please keep the surprises coming! Oh almost forgot-excellent musical choice from Kevin MacLeod, suited the feel of the video really well.

  13. bustmybuttons says:

    Ew. Oddly I find this really gross and I can watch anything. Rather watch them being extracted, I guess. Still kinda interesting though.

    1. Me too–really gross and rather nasty!

  14. I would have liked to see him popping them first as well, it was interesting though, thx

  15. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Your music is as fun as the videos………….

  16. Puppy–you are always soo darned sweet to everybody–never have a bad thing to say. You are the epitome of what PTZ wants to be–thinking, feeling, FUNNY people! I just like you a lot, and I’m sooo glad yer back!

  17. I would personally call them ingrown hairs. Also wondering what the black specks are.

  18. Hah! I felt like I was watching an old Charlie Chaplin movie! Another good innovation, Russ… and with that magnification, truly a “world’s largest blackhead” contender!

  19. ah! I love ingrown hair videos! Wish there was more on here! :)

  20. thedixiecrystal says:

    I like it, was it blackheads or ingrown hairs? Either way I “dug” it. Sorry I’m a goof ball…lol Anyone know what the black specks are?

  21. So Russ when are you getting a scanning electron microscope? Imagine the crap you’ll see THEN!! Maybe all of us PTZers could get a fund going so you could get one… :o

    You’re hysterical, Russ! Keep ‘em coming!!!

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