Joe’s Cyst…. Has Returned!

~~~ WARNING! ~~~
Professional Surgical Drainage of Abscess – Some Blood.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
~~~ WARNING! ~~~

Cant believe that this one was missed, I did search but its NOT on here here it is then…
Grtzz ~ Twisted

(NOTE: Thanks, TC! This video got “Tubbed”, so I am glad to have it back in the Archive!!! The gentleman in this video is a really wonderful guy, and I thank him for sharing this with us! ;P)

YT Commentary:

“No humans were hurt in the making of this movie .”

RUNTIME: 6min 06sec

TITLE: “sebaceous cyst removal nasty”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 22, 2012 by Jikome2010

26 Comments on “Joe’s Cyst…. Has Returned!

  1. This is not new I’ve seen it , I remember this guy sayin he wanted to eat the puss chunks , now that’s a bit much EEWWW ……….

    1. Zit Obsessed says:

      I was going to mention the same thing, “I want to eat it” – disgusting!

    2. He what?@? It started to pour out at the end. Dr was cool to show the cyst contents on the gauze. A punch biopsy would have been neat then we could look straight down into it.

    3. It did kinda look like scrambled brains, not my choice for brekkie mind you.

    4. It’s like a brain on top of a brain ON TOP OF A BRAIN!

  2. Magnificent cyst expulsion with a beautiful payload.

  3. Excellent post Twisted Cyster! Loved that enormous amount of cyst content keep on pouring out, nice & chunky! Think we might be seeing this one make a return appearance sometime-thank you TS!

  4. I’m glad this one is back in the archive!!!
    Thanks TC!!!

  5. Yes Ive seen this video before too….The video itself is not new, however, it does (if memory serves me) look like it is from a different view or at least the video was cleaned up and looks clearer…not quite sure what it is because it does look different. But the words the patient and the doctor say was exactly as I remember it. Its been such a long time since Ive seen it so its like a new video…I like to re-visit some of the golden oldies..LOL. (Not that this is really that old). Has some very nice cheese shots and thats always good to me. Thanks for sharing this again.

  6. Zit Obsessed says:

    The gal did a great job videotaping the explosions! Too bad everyone doesn’t film at such a close-up view! Very satisfying video.

  7. Embedding disabled. :(

  8. Thanks, TC!! This is a super good post. The doc explains very clearly what he is doing at all times. The patient changes his mind after seeing the goop, and he most likely will never make such a disagreeable remark again! :lol:

  9. Thanks for posting this, TC. I have never seen this one before. It certainly is a doozy. I was a little surprised that the doctor didn’t try to remove it in toto, however, had he succeeded at that, we would have been the loser as we would have seen very little of anything. As the doc only slightly disturbed the sac – which also produced a bucketful, there is a chance that this beauty may once again return. For the patient’s sake, I hope not, but for our enjoyment………………well, you know what I am thinking.

  10. Oh the payload after the blunt dissection! GORGEOUS!!

    Thanks, TC. I hadn’t seen this one before, but now it’s going in the favorites.

  11. I shall call this cyst Madonna, because it reinvented itself.

    What are you looking at?!


    Someone should do a “Vogue” cyst video, with poses (or stills) at different stages of the squeezing/extraction process.

    Gretta Garbo, M. Monroe, Deitrich and DiMaggio…

  12. Pore Man's Adele says:

    Great pay loads through and through! I don’t like the doctors comment about how the cyst will re-occur and that it will never quite go away. Stating this when all of us have seen exercised cysts that don’t come back because ALL of the infected material AND the sac are extracted.

  13. bumpypickins says:

    Yikes, looks painful.

  14. some blood!!there was a more then a little

  15. This is a good one. I have to say however I don’t agree with a previous comment about good camera work. I feel like she was often missing some of it and the shaking and blurriness was making me dizzy. All in all a good find!

  16. Wow. That is just nasty – in a good way . The doc sure made a deep cut to start off with. But it resulted in immediate payoff with lots of messy pus. He went rooting around in there. I expected him to locate the sac and extract it but no such luck. So, Joe’s cyst will be back – again.

  17. Hmmm…. That sucker was/is deep. I didn’t see any of the sac come out, so perhaps we’ll be seeing another go at it in the future. They cut a fairly decent sized vessel to get to it… kinda bad luck. I think this prevented them from really bearing down on the surrounding tissue to get it all out.

  18. cybersharque says:

    Goodness. Triplets. Were any of them viable?

    1. cybersharque says:

      Oh, and the surgeon’s technique was off. 1. open lesion. 2. oh, it’s bleeding like a stuck pig 3. let’s cut deeper, breaking up the loculations with the scalpel.

      At this point, if this was a teaching hospital, I would hope the supervisor would step in. SWAB THE CYST and break up the loculations with something blunt, like a haemostat. Given how much blood there is I would not to the usual insert-and-open with the haemostat; I would try to use the blood to lubricate the expulsion of anything ready to come out by GENTLY expressing the gook.

      When sharps yields blood it is time and past time to put down the scalpel and use blunt technique to evacuate so you can pack, sooner rather than later.

      Nice video once the operator figured out how to focus, but the surgeon’s technique rates a solid “C.”

  19. Not sure why, but this one gives me no satisfaction at all. I don’t feel like the doc knew what exactly to do! He sure never followed Dr. Yadav’s step-by-step nearly bloodless COMPLETE removal….the standard by which all will be measured, for me, from now on.
    Sure haven’t been many new vids lately–I find myself going back through the classics, and even finding stuff I never noticed before!

  20. crylittlecyster says:

    I have to agree this guy needs more training. Could have been “Neater”

    C grade!


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