Impacted Earwax, Impacted Earwax II

Got an e-mail alert, and since we have not had really good wax extractions for a bit… bringing us not one, but two impacted earwax videos from South Zone ENT Research Centre! Oh we have needed some good, ooey, thick and gooey earwax extraction! Just in case you yourself have some impacted earwax, I repeat… We’ve Needed Some GOOD Impacted EARWAX Extraction! So, enjoy both videos!!! lol

Thank you, dear contributor! And now, Video Number Two!

RUNTIME: 4min 00sec

YT INFO:Published on Nov 15, 2012 by SOUTHZONEENT12002

20 Comments on “Impacted Earwax, Impacted Earwax II

  1. justsqueezit says:

    Hmmm wax may be a natural lubricant, but I can’t imagine it will be replacing K-Y jelly anytime soon, especially after this video. And gotta love the loop – so versatile, it de-zits pores, and now cleans ears!

    1. Poor bloke! I hope this helped him to hear again!! I couldn’t imagine that blocking my sound waves!

  2. uh-oh, This guy has a shallow ear canal. Good thing I wasn’t doing the procedure on this case, I would have been patching an ear drum!
    Excellent find H.S.!!!

    1. I was thinking that too. When I first saw the drum… I thought “is that puss or the drum?”

      These full impaction extractions are always great to watch. We’re literally watching people receive the gift of hearing once again. The delight these patients feel is out of this world…

  3. princesspustule says:

    Darn it. They cut this video off way to soon. They didn’t even get 1/8 of this wax out. He had alot of white wax behind the brown wax that I was very excited and thought I was going to get to see. That stuff was so bad impacted, I couldn’t believe it. Maybe next time.

    1. I agree , they cut it off right in the middle of this ear cleaning !!! That’s just as bad as shutting the movie off right at the climatic part of it BOOOOOOOOO

      1. Pore Man's Adele says:

        I was hoping too that they would go back and finish the entire ear. I prefer commentary to music on these as well.

    2. So true – lots and lots more to be removed!

  4. Why don’t they use a small syringue they place behind the wax plug and then push it out with warm water?

    1. You can do this at home, but not for this level of impaction…I could think of a couple of reasons why that wouldn’t work- perhaps b/c of the pressure that would be necessary to remove the wax would cause damage to the ear drum. Although, using an catheter to instill some sort of solution might help. My nephews ENT suggested my sister put colace (a stool softener) in his ears prior to coming to the appointment….All I know is this stuff is so gross, it’s AWESOME!

  5. 3cysterscafe says:

    I always thought the warm water Technique was better anyway! But, that’s only MHO…. Great post HS, I loved it!

  6. I cant say that Im jealous of this because I certainly dont want any impacted wax….but my ears do not produce any wax….Ive never gotten wax out of my ears in my whole life…In fact the doctor has to give me a RX tube of salve to put in my ears with a Q-tip for lubercation. My ears are sooo dry that the itching drives me crazy. Ears definately need lubrication. Im living proof. But I have to say, I dont want that much..just the normal amount will do..LOL. Great find, thanks for posting Halph.

  7. :grin: Halphie, I was trying to hold out until tomorrow for a birthday present, but I just couldn’t!! The music is great as well. Thanks so much for all the work you do! :grin:

  8. This one was packed solid. I wonder how many times a year this needs to be done?

    1. My nephew gets impacted wax, and has to go every 2 months to get it cleaned out….sadly, my sister thinks I’m slightly disturbed when I beg to take him, and hasn’t let me tag along yet. :(

  9. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Rinse with a little water of the Ganges should clear that right up….

  10. the second ones just as bad

  11. I’m super curious to know how long it takes this guy to build that much up.

  12. What a relief the patient must feel!

    Thanks for posting:)

  13. But…but…. I want to see the end with ALL of it cooming out!

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