Impacted Earwax, Impacted Earwax I

Got an e-mail alert, and since we have not had really good wax extractions for a bit… bringing us not one, but two impacted earwax videos from South Zone ENT Research Centre! Oh we have needed some good, ooey, thick and gooey earwax extraction! Just in case you yourself have some impacted earwax, I repeat… We’ve Needed Some GOOD Impacted EARWAX Extraction! So, enjoy both videos!!! lol

Thank you, dear contributor! And now, Video Number One!

RUNTIME: 2min 52sec

YT INFO: Published on Nov 14, 2012 by SOUTHZONEENT12002

19 Comments on “Impacted Earwax, Impacted Earwax I

  1. justsqueezit says:

    Yeah, well, that was a monster…

    1. I cannot believe that that much ear wax could be possible in anybody. Not only does it sound painful – it makes it LOOK painful too! Poor girl!

  2. That was a big ‘ol chunk of serumen out of that little ear canal, sweet!!!
    Excellent find H.S.!!!

  3. Wow, that reminded me of an acorn!! Ouch!

  4. PlzEyeInCyst says:

    I want to eat that!

  5. First, it looked like some chocolate, if one judges by the color.

  6. wow she must feel much better. I would think she would have come in sooner.

  7. Wow, that was a huge chunk of wax….Im sure she hears a lot better now. Great find, thanks for posting.

  8. I very much liked the explanation at the beginning about hot and humid climates affecting ear wax production.

    BTW, those were gorgeous earrings.

  9. Thanks for a great post, Halphie! This one came out all at once as opposed to the ones that break up into itty bitty pieces, so now we have something for everyone to admire!! ;)

  10. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Did that thing look like a manhole cover to anyone else?

  11. Oh my, that was nice and disgusting! I wonder if it hurts, it looked raw in there once the wax was removed.

  12. Did i just see it wright?
    Did she licked the camera on the end of the video after the removal of the wax?

    1. Yes, she did!


      I think that we had all the nasty things in the past:
      Dogg licking cow-puss
      Guy tasting the content of a zit
      Man get cow-puss in mouth by accident
      And now we can put this woman on the list; licking a camera smeared with earwax.

  13. Looks like she baked a Pecan Pie in her ear without the pecan’s LOL!
    Nice post my friend :)

  14. M. Papeziam Dabaruschko says:

    I imagine that this much ear wax builds up over a considerable period of time and the individual would only be able to perceive that she was slowly losing her hearing. Since one cannot look into his own ears it would not be possible to see the wax buildup. It’s a good thing that she availed herself of help; I’m sure that her hearing is much better now that wax is gone.

    Great video, by the way. Thank you for posting it.

  15. so if they can’t clean them at home and clearly you can’t just leave it there, how you deal with it? Just get them cleaned professionally every so often?

  16. SOOOOO cool to pill it out in one piece with very little left in the air canal !!!

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