Yep, It Happened Again!

Volume Adjustment May Be Needed, Be Aware.
Some Blood in Explosive Popping.
As Always, Watch by Choice and Comment with Respect –
Above All – ENJOY!

Great BTE but they did it again to us my Friends! Ended it to soon Dang! But I still love this video because it shows a lot of some good ole pus-age lol! And if that paper towel was canvas, I bet someone would have bought it as priceless artwork, ha!

YT Commentary:

“Pimple explosion! Gross! Beware! Bloody and gory pimple”

RUNTIME: 1min 10sec

TITLE: “Squirting an unknown pimple”
YT INFO: Published on Sep 9, 2012 by ant0nia823

25 Comments on “Yep, It Happened Again!

  1. M. Papeziam Dabaruschko says:

    I don’t know what it is that makes these cysts on the back side of the ear lobe so explosive; but they never fail to provide some great entertainment for those of us who are sufficiently twisted to admit that we love to see ‘em explode in all directions. Thanks to poppintime for posing it for our viewing enjoyment.

  2. Boy, this must have been sitting around on Halph Staph’s desk for awhile, if it was posted back in September, and I’m only the second commentor?
    Oh, who cares? Great chunks on the poppers’ shirt! And, unless I miss my bet, he was about to ask her to get another shirt so’s he could keep that one for show (I’m guessing, of course)
    He was definitely the one most impressed by the proceedings! He’s hollering AWESOME and I’m thinking how AWFUL for the popper!
    WUNNERFUL projectiles! We poppers can’t let ourselves be held back by the threat of explosive gack! I really don’t mind any of it except that bloody-greenish MRSA kind. EWW(I give myself a thumbs down for even mentioning it!)

  3. C’mon Now!!! She’s a cute little lady, but I came to watch the pus!!! Back to work kids!!!
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

  4. This was definitely a sleeper. It didn’t look like this would be much of anything but surprise, surprise. It really did look like a piece of modern art on the piece of paper towel.

  5. DIdn’t see the white stuff come out – looked like lots of bloody pus at first. GREAT find and BTE explosion!

  6. Yo, poppin, doncha just love to see a group of friends get together for a down-home pimple-poppin’ party? I enjoyed this one immensely!! Keep ‘em coming!

    1. Wish I knew friends who had those kind of parties! :)

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Nice surgery hat on nurse Ratchet too…………

  8. WARNING :Pressure in the ear lobe..I repeat (nah I wont,lol)

    That was a good one poppintime ,Tnx ;)

    1. Sorry…My post was supposed to be ;

      WARNING : Pressure in the ear lobe…I repeat (nah…)

      But with the “:” and the “P” (maj),it made an emôticome…Oh well…
      I learn EVERYDAY on PTZ… hahaa

  9. canipopthat says:

    Nice pop! Also,
    Goooo TEXANS!!! hehe. that is all.

  10. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    This one is better than the video preceding this one!!

    It was surprisingly good compared to the size of it and only a pin hole!!

    Love those BTE Vids. Another great find Popintime!!!

    1. Thank you @Gliss-PussBliss :)

    2. The pressure behind it was like a pressure cooker – all it needs is a tiny little crack and BOOM!!! :) :) :)

  11. 3cysterscafe says:

    Woo Hoo! It made me jump and say “$hit”! I Don’t know why, but I really wasn’t expecting that! Lol Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself and thank God nobody was watching me!
    That was Hilarious! He was mighty proud of that and splattered her shirt really good! She didn’t seem to be too grossed out by it! Me, I would have been ripping my shirt off for sure! Lol
    Fantastic post Poppintime! You’ve done it again girlfriend! I know it’s going to be a good one when I see your name attached to it!! {{{{hugs}}}}
    Thanks for making my day! :)

  12. love hes attitude,in my book hes cool

  13. A new spray paint color.Great video

  14. Priceless artwork indeed….done by none`other than Van “Goo” himself!!
    (Did I hear someone groan? He-he)

    1. Think it could become a “painting show” on PBS? I’d definitely watch and sign up to take a course in how to learn to paint using BTE contents!


    Just had to mention the T-Shirt…ya know, since I live in Houston and all…

    Good one Poppintime!!

  16. Pretty good but would have loved to see it finish!

  17. Normally I hate the screeching… but I gladly tolerated it for that pop.

  18. now that was a money shot

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