Introducing the Umbolith – A Black Stone… *FIXED*

Thats a first for me…The guy went to the Doctor because he a huge black “stone” in his belly button!

YT Commentary:

“This young man attended our OPD for health check up.On examination of his abdomen I found some interesting Unusual thing in his naval belly.First I felt as if patient has done naval piercing. But on close inspection , deep in his umbilicus I found it not a navel piercing,but some black mass popping his head out side.It was deeply buried inside the naval belly , black in color and difficult to remove.
Patient gives history of presence of this hard mass in his bally button for many years.He felt pain whenever he tried to remove it from his naval opening.
It is called Black stone or calculus of umbilicus .
Also called Umbolith or Omphalolith.
It is usually present as black mass in umbilicus but in small size.But in this case it was of 1 cm x 0.7 cm size black hard stone in his naval belly (umbilicus) which is quite rare.People those do not have good personal hygiene, who never clean properly their belly button , can develop these type of stones.
Chemically it is mainly composed of Keratin and sebum.It is called stone as it is hard in nature.
Patient may remain asymptomatic or may present as pain,swelling and discharge from umbilicus.”

RUNTIME: 1min 39sec

TITLE: “Black Stone / Calculus (Umbolith) From Umbilicus Getting Popped Out”
YT INFO: Uploaded by sankaqm5 on October 6, 2012

79 Comments on “Introducing the Umbolith – A Black Stone… *FIXED*

  1. jordan1870 says:

    Holy Moly! A black belly button stone?!?!?! Maybe I’ll stop cleaning mine out and see if I can ‘grow’ one of these?!?!?!! :)

    1. Ya ,even the Doctor said the cause of this was poor hygiene !!! Wow I can’t imagine LOL

      1. That’s a new one for me… You always hear about other bad things that can happen to you if you don’t take care of your own hygiene , but this? Wow! I would assume you’d have to be pretty bad to manifest one of these in your belly button!!

    2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      You are all wrong. This was a Darenger belly -button gun prototype. It was going into production when the inventor accidently sneezed, shot and killed the production manager.

      PTP Certified ……………”True Story”

      1. I believe! I believe!

        ~ H.S.
        Subscriber to the Daily PTP Prophet. “When the truth just isn’t good enough… or any fun at all…”

    3. WhiteChocolateJesus says:


  2. Almost like mining for diamonds eh….

    I’ve actually seen a few of these. Really common in the elderly because they can’t get to their umbilicus very well to clean it and when other people bathe them they seem to forget to clean it, so you grow little lumps of coal.

    This one was a doozy though…nice size and formation.

    1. Cheese Dip says:

      If one spent a great deal of time pressing on their lump of coal, perhaps a smelly diamond would pop out one day.

      1. That gives a whole new meaning to the term “blood diamonds” … literally!

      2. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

        Belly Button Alternative Fuel Source Super PAC.

      3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        Are they still “a girls best friend” now?

      4. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

        Why do Blood Diamonds not ring the self righteous dinner bell and smegma doesn’t?
        Why does “smegma” set a bunch of gore-lovers over the edge, when it’s a word that so accurately describes the “goo” they love?
        Hypocrites at best.
        Here come the thmbs down…….

  3. That’s cuter than a bug in an ear!!!
    Good post plush!!!

  4. I am inspired to sing:

    Ebony and Ivory
    Live together in perfect harmony
    Inside the belly button
    Of the man with poor hygiene….

    I will never wash inside my belly button again.
    Maybe I can grow one of these things. Tee-hee.

  5. Neato burrito!

  6. gimpysgirl says:

    Low personal level of hygiene. He said it, not me.

    1. I wonder what the person said to the doctor’s diagnosis?

      1. Upon closer inspection, it looked like dirt encircling the naval hole. Very interesting.

  7. LMAO @ Lou-Pus

  8. i wonder what it smelled like?

    1. jordan1870 says:

      Probably fromunda cheese……..LOL. :)

      1. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

        & Smegma.

      2. It’s really no fair thumbing down WCJ. She’s likely right, it fits the very definition of “Smegma”. We’ll just hope he keeps his other smegma-producers a little cleaner.

      3. I don’t know what “smega” is, but I agree completely with spicycrispypuppy, WHY would WCJ get SO many thumbs down for the comment?? I think it’s because of past, badly received comments made by WCJ. I feel that way sometimes. Can’t we all be adults and judge by the content of the comments, instead of feelings for the commentor???

      4. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

        Why does “smegma” set a bunch of gore-lovers over the edge, when it’s a word that so accurately describes the “goo” they love?
        Hypocrites at best.
        Here come the villagers with pitch forks and thumbs down……
        Thanks, PuppyFriedRice and WitchyBabiesinLuv for having a gal’s back, esp SCPuppy- you love pus & humor.

    2. That was the first thing that popped into my head…”I wonder what it smells like?!!” ha ha ha. Also, I was just itching to see him squeeze it or cut into it! I know it was hard in the front black part; but didn’t it look a little cheesey and soft towards the back?!

      1. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

        Maybe he kept it and will cut it in half if we promise to click through and get him ton of hits.
        Maybe he’s waiting to post so we will beg.

        He loves these things like we do. He was probably compelled to slice it open


    3. Zit Obsessed says:

      I was just going to say the same thing – what a bad odor must have emanated from it!

  9. I am sorry but I just have to say…eew!

  10. 3cysterscafe says:

    That was pretty cool. If he grows enough of them, he could play a game of marbles with someone! I bet it was stinky! Eww! Thank you for the great post Plush!

  11. Another terrific video, plush! I must say if everyone develops perfect hygiene, what will they send us in the way of videos – pictures of everyone diligently scrubbing their spotless faces and bodies? How exciting would that be, huh? This, on the other hand, was positively amazing.

    1. Yeah…This one was “terrific” in every sens of the word!!! lol ;)
      Tnx poppy

    2. Yep, yep! Amazing! And even more amazing, finally a doc quoted saying it was from “poor personal hygiene.”

      I was having a flashback moment from Hot Shots…I think that was the movie…where an olive was popped from a navel to the girl’s mouth…maybe not the best visual here, but hey, it did come to mind!

      1. Great comparison!!!

      2. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

        No more dirty martinis for me!

  12. yankeedoodlepus says:

    I got it!

    lets have a contest! nobody clean their navel/belly button for a year and then we all take pics for next Oct 8th. we shall see who has the best ball of gunk!

    1. Yes! And maybe by then someone will have invented smell-a-vision (or a scent app).

    2. We can try…
      But IMO,it take a super-duper belly button to achieve that!!!

      This guy have a CLOSED belly button…so hes got an advantage

    3. What does one receive if they win the contest?

  13. Okay, tomorrow I’m taking a long, warm shower and cleaning out my belly button. eeeewwwww!!
    Gross and cool at the same time. But then, that’s why we all have gravitated to this site. We are like Andrew Zimmern, but with gross zit related videos. LOL

  14. Cool, and yucky all at the same time :D

  15. belly buttons are our own little lint traps, keep them clean!

    1. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

      Or we might start smegma fires.

      Settle down everyone who freaked over 6 letter word. Thumbs down are major cause of smegma belly.

  16. I always clean my husbands out because he has a beer belly. I can stick my pink in his belly button up to my first knuckle. I clean it usually after his shower with a couple of Q-tips. I make sure man is clean.

    1. I asked my husband if he’d let me clean his ears. He already lets me pick his zits. He refused! Can you imagine? He let’s me at his hind end with needles and tweezers, but not his ears.

      1. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

        My man let’s me go to town on his back once in awhile. i call it harvesting.
        He’s a little baby snot nose the whole time.

    2. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

      Germans and Japanese would probably pay to see that!

  17. Congrats dude…the first male to give birth!
    Watcha gonna call the cute ‘lil bugga?

  18. I said it befor, people are very dirty! Soap and vater shuld fix 50% of all movies here if they wash themself from the start

  19. this is why people need to wash there belly buttons,
    I do

    1. There is a YouTube video about how to clean your belly button. In case you feel the need to share this skill with others.

  20. I watched this one four times…before comment! So amazing…I know i could never work with in a facility for the elderly because i would be IN SO MUCH TROUBLE, always seeing, wanting, holding back and then I WOULD POP those (Oh I see something on your neck, let me get it for you, sqeeze). I would have the whole place swollen and red.
    That was the coolest rock, blackhead, fun, whatever…i want it, i want it, not in me but someone else…:) I should check craigslist for cna/medical asst. jobs…ROFL

    1. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

      you could concentrate on dementia patients. They would not remember: so no harm – no foul, right?
      What happen in Shady Acres, stays in Shady Acres.


  21. Wow…speechless…I love this doctor!

  22. I have watched a lot of zit videos since the advent of the internet. I have also assisted with countless zit removals while working as an ER nurse (loved when they would explode all over the physician), and I have never seen anything quite like this navel stone. It is like a work of art by Mother Nature – perhaps it could be on display in a museum or in a frame in the poppee’s living room. I wonder if the Guinness Book has a category for umboliths? If not, I think we should bombard their editorial offices with emails requesting the addition of said category. BTW, the info states that the patient only went to the doctor for a “health check.” I am well over 60 and in all the years that I have gone for a “yearly physical”, I have never had the doc examine the inside of my navel. Has anyone else had a “navel exam”? Just curious.

    1. justsqueezit says:

      @pusareus, check online for the Mutter (sp?) museum; they have some seriously odd medical anomalies there. Maybe they have the biggest umbolith – I know they have the biggest colon there…

    2. I love ya, Shekky.

      I have indeed had a navel exam, twice. Once after my laparoscopic tubal ligation (one trocar goes through the umbilicus) and once after my open-abdomen ligation reversal. I am happy to report that it was clean both times.

    3. Pusareus, I just had my yearly physical 2 days ago. While I can honestly say that my doctor didn’t check my belly button, she did press on my stomach for about 45 seconds. If there was something that huge and black in my naval, she would have seen it which would have prompted her to squeezing and taking samples.

      Plush, EXCELLENT find! This looked like a locust that mummified inside the shell. I bet that thing smelled horrific, just think of how the unclean belly button smells and multiply that by 1000! That smell would have cleared out a room full of people! Going into favs!!

  23. WOW now that is some big time belly button lent……lets all make sure we are paying close attention to our buttons while bathing or showering!

  24. PUSAREUS….My doctor dosent check my belly button either but that thing was probably poking him in the eye!

    1. popitlikeitshot says:

      lol ;)

  25. That came out a lot easier than I thought it would.

  26. Excuse me. Must go check my belly button now.
    Cool post!!

  27. popitlikeitshot says:

    I keep my button clean like I’m getting paid to do so! Awesome though! It looks like a newborn’s ‘stump’ never fell off! I wonder if this guy has running water where he lives? I can’t imagine….

  28. unclelarry says:

    Fascinating vid! I’ve never seen anything like that. Somebody can mount that on a ring and wear it as fine jewelry.

  29. Who knows what that smell was there in that studio doctor,you have to call office higiene to remove the smell ….. and it is very strange that a doctor you visit ombellico … or not?

  30. That was awesome., and gnarly. I bet that room smelled like dirty feet and BO.

  31. Oh my… I suggest we all go out and try to find more of these little gems and start a new category!!

  32. OMG. It’s like his dried-up umbilical cord never fell out and got all rubbed smooth. Blech :P

  33. WhiteChocolateJesus says:


    Poor hygiene remark was awesome.
    Poor hygiene in India is a national pastime; second only to cricket, soccer and being colonized.

    Angela aka WJC

    P.S. DId it seem like there was a little black pearl in there after the mbolitholith emerged?
    P.P.S. Did it remi.d anyone of ambergris? in case yo don’t know: Ambergris is from in the innards of the sperm whale and used in perfumes after it has been vomited up. It is sought after because of its rarity. Looks lke shiny black polished coal.

  34. Intriguing. A black stone in the belly button…the medic tries the pimple poppin method and gets it yuck how long did it take for that to build up? the screen graphics nail it – poor personal hygiene.

    1. (cue the music Pomp and Circumstance to play in the background; PapaLurker, in brilliant red robe, approaches the dais both nervously and expectantly. He reaches out his left hand to accept the rolled manuscript as his right hand shakes the hand of the robed presenter. PapaLuker takes the tassel on his mortarboard cap and moves it to the other side. After reading many posts of “the masters” and learning from their ways, of watching hundreds of both DIY surgeons and health care professionals, that time has finally arrived. Beaming, proud, PapaLurker has graduated – he has arrived. He is now CERTIFIED POPOLOGIST.)

  35. Zit Obsessed says:

    Imagine the smell…
    I would have liked the doctor to have sliced the umbolith in half so we could see the composition.

  36. Thats a darn shame! low level of hygeine he should be ashamed of himself! wow !

  37. @whitechocolatejesus I was intrigued by your smegma post and did a bit of searching – came up with this about a horse’s problem

    I am surprised that here there aren’t any videos, but there are any on youtube either…actually it is unisex!

    You didn’t get any dislikes, so apparently everyone here is sooooo kewl…

  38. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been thinking of this for two days now. I had to watch it. I feel better.

  39. I have had the pleasure of removing several of these. Perks of being a nurse!!

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