Dr. J: Endoscopic Extended Nasopharyngectomy

*** WARNING ***
ENT Surgical Procedure!
Viewer Discretion Is Advised
*** WARNING ***

BigTull Presents: Dr. Janakiram’s “Endoscopic Extended Nasopharyngectomy”

Another great procedure by the esteemed Dr. J. Nice to see him again, and H.S. says she will start posting more of his recent videos for everyone to enjoy. And I can assure you – I have done my part to collect them up for her!! So, ENJOY!

RUNTIME: 11min 22sec

YT INFO: Published on Jun 28, 2012 by ENTENCYCLOPEDIA

27 Comments on “Dr. J: Endoscopic Extended Nasopharyngectomy

  1. Wow….. Very very very impressive!

    1. Wow, dr, you are one of the few in the world that can make a difference for a person, that they are thankful for, the whole rest of their lives!

      1. Dr. J is the best —
        He is why Dr. Y is a little hard for me to take.

  2. BigTull, as always, I am in awe at this gentle doctor’s skill and demeanor. While I do not possess the skills to understand his procedures, I know he will prevail. Even when the patient took a turn for the worse, Dr. J remained calm and repaired the damage. We need more doctors like him.

    1. Christy Richards-Marovich says:

      I wish I wasn’t so squemish about stuff like this. I really love cleaning things out (of the body haha if that makes any sense) and I’ve always had an interest in being a dermatologist to deal with people’s acne problems and cystic problems…even a esthetician’s licence would be great. But a whole DR like this man? I tell you. If I ever had to have anything done to my sinuses again, I don’t care where I’ll have to fly to, Dr. J is going to be my new surgeon!

  3. I have been sitting right on the edge of my seat and feel as wiped out as the surgeons must have felt like. These surgeries were absolutely works of art by medical magicians. The fact that they could plan out such an intricate surgery to buy this young man a little bit more time is commendable. This is what real medicine is about. Hard to believe that some docs spend their careers giving botox shots and changing breast sizes – how can they gain anything but great financial satisfaction from that. What these fellows do allows them to sleep well at night and know that they have earned that sleep. The world is a much better place for people such as this. As for the young patient, listening to what they did during the scheduled procedure and searching my brain for anatomy classes taught several decades ago, makes me believe that this could possibly be his last intervention (scheduled). With the work done to his carotid artery, he will probably need to wear a soft neck brace for the rest of his life to protect his carotid artery. He may even need to wear a bike helmet to protect the thinned out bones of his head and face – and the possibility of seizures could exist. His hearing may have been affected due to the work on his eustachian tube and his ability to speak may also be impaired.. All in all, it is not a good situation and he is living on borrowed time – that has been given to him by these good docs. If I or any member of my family were ever, God forbid, in such a situation, I could only wish for doctors with these skills and compassion.

    1. My father died of pharyngeal CA five years ago so this brought tears to my eyes. We had access to the best docs in the country – he was Emeritus at Penn and my sister was at the NCI – but all we could do was buy time and we did so with the non-surgical route. He had a good year, a true gift, and as a hospice/palliative care nurse, I was able to be there that last year with him every step of the way in a dual role as care giver and daughter.

      Dr. J is brilliant. This was a surgery that I believe was only palliative but conserved function and dignity. Perhaps with good XRT and/or chemo he will buy enough time for a newer better treatment and God-willing a cure.

      Wonderful post.

    2. Dr. Len in Hoover Alabama says:

      Pusareus…I mean NO disrespect when I say this, but when you hold another human being’s very life in your hands and your next move could either kill a person and ruin their family for life, OR you become that family’s hero for the rest of their lives, the stress of that period of time, until the threat of death passes over can in NO way, shape or form be equated with the adrenaline pumping sensation of watching a video of that surgeon who is ACTUALLY going thru those emotions for real!

      And lastly, don’t forget that the surgeons that make millions, “changing breast sizes,” are the same plastic surgeons who put a woman’s body back together and make her feel like a woman again, after a horrifying, disfiguring, automobile accident or some other freak accident has robbed her of those parts of the body that make her feel like a woman. These surgeons are to be commended, not berated! One should know of what they speak before making such judgmental and character defaming comments!

      Let’s just hope YOU don’t need a plastic surgeon some day who takes a day off from implanting breast packs to reattach your face!

      Doctor Len!!
      And PROUD of it!!!

      1. Dr Len:
        I don’t want to start a debate with you because I regard your comments and contributions to this site , very highly. I was an ER RN and had many contacts with high aderenaline situations – and, yes they are totally different than watching a video. The docs do what they think is best at the time – if they are able to do anything at all. Sometimes in the aftermath of these “do or die” situations, different solutions are thought about and may or may not have been tried, had time and planning sessions been on the patient’s side.
        As for docs who spend their lives doing nothing but cosmetic procedures, there are plenty of them where I live. The world is a far better place for the plastic surgeons who care for burn victims, re-attach amputated body parts and rebuild breasts, etc. But, the docs I was referring to are the ones who exclusively practice cosmetic procedures – hair transplants, laser resurfacing ,botox, and various surgeries. Many docs here, will not see anyone who has a traditional medical need. You are lucky that there don’t appear to be any like that where you live, but there certainly are here. Now, these docs have the right to practice whatever kind of medicine they wish (as long as it is legal and Medical Association approved), but I wonder if, at the end of their lucrative careers, they have had any sort of personal satisfaction from their career.

        Nurse Pusareus (and proud of it too)

  4. Best of luck to this young men!!! He probably had cancer before that because Dr J talked abt him getting extensive radio or chemotherapy (dont remember!).
    Dr J never stop to amaze me…And this time he literally saved this men’s life cuz if Dr J wasnt at the clinic at 12am….who knows.

    That was such a great find BT…tnx

    1. He would have probably been at home and called in. The staff have to be able to get to the hospital in 20 minutes or less. Kudos to the whole team from the porters, nurses, O.R. techs, docs and house keeping. We can’t do our job unless some one else is doing theirs.

    2. Christy Richards-Marovich says:

      That looked like angel wings in the side of his maxillaries around 3 mins in!

  5. That is amazing.
    I wish there were little arrows pointing to what he’s talking about.
    I hope for the best for the patient.

  6. Wow! — Poor man.

    Dr. J. saves the day:)

  7. Ya had me til the chisel….*FAINTS*…..

  8. 3cysterscafe says:

    Dr J never ceases to amaze me! This was So captivating and interesting that I couldn’t stop watching! I was literally hanging off the edge of my chair! Wide eyed was I when he said the paient was in trouble! God had a plan, everyone was where they needed to be for thus young man! Bless you all!! Thank you BigTull, great find and post!

  9. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Dr J, is the best !!!
    He always amazes me with his surgical skills.

    Thanks Big Tull for posting!!

  10. Holy cow man, amazing work Dr. J he has earned his rewards in heaven no doubts.

  11. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Poor dude looked like he didn’t have 2 liters of blood to lose……

  12. First time watching a video where the person came within a hair of passing away. Wishing his last days are pain free and spent with family.

  13. that was a close call

  14. This video makes me appreciae the ENT team I work with. Absolutely phenomenal work they do. Magic hands with tiny instuments.

  15. YAY Dr. J!!!! This just goes to show that he isn’t just a pretty face who cleans packed ears and sinuses!! Thank you so much for sharing, Big Tull!!

  16. Wow! I always appreciate Dr. J’s work, but this video made me aware that he doesn’t just make patient’s live’s better, he also saves lives! Literally!! I don’t think I was quite aware of that until this moment. Go Dr. J.!! He really works his butt off for his patients. Not only is he still at work at midnight, but he manages to save a man’s life trying all sorts of surgical procedures to stop the bleeding … lucky fellow to have such quality care. I hope he gets to enjoy his final time on earth with relative good health and with his family and friends. I hope he knows what a treasure he has in Dr. J. because I sure do! I hope if I am ever in need of a surgeon, that I get one as skilled and compassionate as Dr. J! :) Thanks Big Tull great post!

  17. Love Dr. J. —

    Informative, respectful, and compassionate.

  18. uh, do not understand it. Cartilage does not grow. Or yes? Maybe I should translate what he says :D

  19. Oh wow – slow start but then very very impressive. Had to vacuum that stuff out.

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