Behind the Neck Cyst Squeezed

A man hag a big cyst behind the neck squeezed pretty fast! I might be wrong,but the poppee (patient) looked to be in some kind of facilities, like an hospital…But like I said, I’m not sure at all! Enjoy!

FYI NOTE: Yes, the poster stated in a comment that the poppee is a patient in a medical facility, and was bothered by the cyst that had been there for 5+ years. It had developed a whitehead, so draining it was probably the better option.

YT Commentary:

“Draining a huge cyst by squeezing it”

RUNTIME: 0min 47sec

YT INFO: Uploaded by Jeremy Davison ,on October 23,2012

20 Comments on “Behind the Neck Cyst Squeezed

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    ……………………….. more to come?

    1. What PTP said!!!
      Excellent find Plush!!!

  2. cyst for sure!! hope there will be a part 2!!! tyty

  3. string cheese I bet the smell

  4. haha…There was SOOOO much left in that cyst.
    I’m sure it was hurting the poor guy…tremendous pressure against the “neck”.
    It was HUGE too…
    lol,filming a popping at work…god bless the cell phones! ;)

  5. 3cysterscafe says:

    Oh yeah, there’s a lot more in that bad boy! That was a pretty big cyst! We can only hope for a part 2
    Great post, thank you!!

  6. Thanks so much for your post, Plush. I assume cell phones have a very limited recording time, so perhaps part 2 will show up soon!!

  7. Loved it! Great find @plush !!!

  8. I don’t think they got more than 5% out of it. It looked like they were not medical professionals but care takers in a facility for Adults with Impairments. I hope someone can remove it as it must hurt the neck.

    1. You are absolutely right NMGAPAOH!
      They even said so them self…”he had it for 5++ yrs…”

      But everything’s difficult with them (by them,I mean “Adults w impairments….my english let me go sometime). Sometime they dont want you to touch them and you have to put them under…some of them cant go under because of other medical issues!!!

      But this one have to go…against the nerves …We dont know how deep it is!
      Awesome comment NMGAPAOH ;)

  9. Hopefully they get something more useful than a paper towel that looks like it’s literally made of paper!

  10. Nice expulsion of a cyst. Thanks plush!!

  11. that was a monster hope to see video 2

  12. This is a great “pop”, but what bothers me is the fact that this is taking place in a care facility of some kind. Where is anything resembling sterility. “Oh look, you got it all over the chair”. Where is some gauze – why are they using an old “shmattah” (rag). These facilities have to be extra careful about cross contamination as many of the residents don’t have the capability of maintaining cleanliness when it comes to wound care. That is what the staff is supposed to do. Did this staff even notifiy a physician that they would be “de-zitting” the patient or get an order for the procedure? Did a doctor even see this cyst prior to its attempted removal? However, they certainly got it onto YT lickety split. I hope that the patient doesn’t develop an infection or that some other patient doesn’t get an infection coming into contact with the pus – particularly if they are immune suppressed or just “weak”. Somebody will recognize this patient and then people’s jobs could be on the line. If this was done without a doctor’s order, those involved deserve to lose their jobs. Whoever was squeezing in this video was definitely not a doctor. Sorry for the rant – there are days that I just can’t keep the nurse residue that is left in me under control.

  13. Wow! What an incredibly large cyst on the neck!! There was a lot more in there and I’m depressed I didn’t get to see it expressed :o( because I think it would have made me quite the happy camper! Ah well what we did get to see was awesome, thank you plush. I do hope they found something a mite softer than that awful “paper” towel they were using on the poor fellow’s neck! That had to hurt almost as much as the pressure build up inside from that big ‘ol bad boy! I do hope expressing it, gave him some relief and if not, I hope he sought some medical attention and at the very least some antibiotics. May he be better now and no longer have a cyst the size of half a baseball on his neck!!

  14. It almost appears that this man isn’t all there mentally. Like he was resisting what they were doing and then he rubbed his hand into the glob of pus…I don’t know about this one…but it was a nice pop for sure!!! Thanks Plush…Great find!! :)

  15. are they in a waiting room? well i guess they couldnt wait, lol. theres more in there though!

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