Another Super Epic Zit… Neverending!

To round out the SuperEpicTimes Collection, and in preparation for a surprise and never seen before video by these avid poppers (and wax removers!), here is a full Sixteen Minutes of BTE Pus Popping Action!

Enjoy, in your own Super way! :)

~ H.S.

YT Commentary:

“This one takes awhile to pop..
Around the 2:30 and 4 minute mark it starts to explode.
how to safely remove the pus using gloves.”

RUNTIME: 16min 23sec

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TITLE: “How to pop a never ending zit ”
YT INFO: Published on Oct 18, 2012 by SuperEpicTimes

29 Comments on “Another Super Epic Zit… Neverending!

  1. Worst video ever. Can’t say enough negative things about this one. Couldn’t even finish it. Ugh.

    1. Those gloves look a bit big on him, hm?

  2. OMG I have never been SO frustrated watching a video that could have been epic.
    1. Pin the hair back out of the way
    2. Get rid of the massive oversized gloves
    3. Make the hole just a tad bigger
    4. Surround that ripe little grape with 4 fingertips and SQUEEZE THE BLOODY HELL OUT OF IT.

    1. that WAS hard to watch for all the reasons already stated

    2. Agreed. My chief complaint with many poppers – make a small incision before starting with a lesion like this. There appears to be a blackhead like punctum on the lower side which could have likely helped as well. I feel sorry for the patient. That entire ear is going to be sore for a while.

  3. Oh good, I’m not the only one who doesn’t like this video. I couldn’t watch it all the way to the end either. One thing I can’t stand is super close ups that are either jerky or fuzzy or both. If the camera man would just back up 1/4 inch it would make a much better movie.
    BTE are my favorite vids and I have most of them on my fav list. Not this one.
    HP, it’s not your fault, just this video was poorly made.

  4. Whew, the first few commentors have said exactly what I was going to say and saved me a ton of time. Too bad the video didn’t do the same. I will never get those 16 minutes back – I think I had best learn how to budget my time better.

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Wow, I guess blonds DO have more fun……

    1. LOL…you are too funny!!

      HS…no reflection on you hun because you ALWAYS deliver, but there is something about this vid that doesn’t look real to me. The hair looks like doll hair, really bad BAD doll hair. On the zit, it looks all wet and sticky. Just terrible, I was thinking this would be a huge pile of icky, ends up someone got their old doll and rigged up some cream cheese coming through a hole in a balloon. LOL

      Other than the above, all was perfect!! :)

  6. Something about the whole scenario in all the videos, just strikes me as off.

  7. justsqueezit says:

    Was this selection on Dante’s levels of hell – to watch this looped over and over? I think an adequate frustration and punishment for the sinful zit lovers of the world? A little editing would have been nice is all…

  8. Halphie, ya know I always appreciate you for bringing us a new post. That said, this one made me feel like I’d spiked my coffee. Either that or I need to get my eyes checked!

    I’ll go check out some of my favorites and all will be good with the world!

  9. It put up a hell of a fight, didn’t it?

  10. I think this situation is one of those in which a pair of duck-billed pliers would have worked out quite nicely.

  11. I’m sorry, I couldn’t finish this video it was just way to frustrating, I know I am going to get many of the thumbs down but it was like watching someone tring to pop a really good zit using there feet and blindfolded.

  12. Medic8or was right on with his comments

  13. hey, its still a video showing good stuff, just fast forward to the good stuff!! tyty for posting it!!

    1. Agree, still a BTE, they are always special. It was massively awkward like watching someone run a race in flippers. TAKE “EM OFF!!!

  14. Super Epic Zit?

    Naw, Super Epic WRONG!

  15. Oh to be the popper, we would have all done so much better!

  16. Call me when you lose the Barbie hair and the oversized gloves.

  17. popitlikeitshot says:

    I had no sound for some reason, but in my experience these seemingly benign little cysts smell the worst! Great find! Thanks!

  18. Ok pus action but reeeally drawn out

  19. It was an Olympic wrestling match!!! The monster tried to get out of the sleeper hold. WOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW

  20. get some sound, then get under it and GO, just go!

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