Milking Toe in the Desert! Burning Man!

~~~ WARNING! ~~~
Alcohol, Foul Language, Weirdness… In Abundance!
What Do You Expect?
Its “Burning Man”!!!!
~ Viewer Discretion Advised ~
~~~ WARNING! ~~~

Yes, this is an ER doctor. However, he is making do with the tools at hand. (uh-oh… I feel a poem coming on… wooo weeee!)
That is what you do, when you go to Burning Man!
Burning Man –
More than a Concert in the Desert.
Burning Man –
See the Dude Wearing just his Hair Shirt.
Getting baked in every way possible.
Getting injured is highly probable…
Burning Maaaaaaaaan!!!!
Celebration in the sand
Burning Maaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!
Something something I don’t understand.
Help! I’m really hurtin
Might be this toe that has an infection
S’okay if ya don’t have gloves
That GermX must be adequate protection
You just jabbed me with a knife!
(What in the heck was I thinking? I came to something called Burning Man?)

Enjoy, my friends and fellow Popologists!!!

RUNTIME: 4min 15sec

TITLE: “Lancing a Paronychia at Burning Man 2012″
YT INFO: Published on Sep 10, 2012 by smithtorreysmith

41 Comments on “Milking Toe in the Desert! Burning Man!

  1. wow and loved the poem!

  2. Burning Man…..snif,snif…was supposed to be there last summer but everything felt apart cuz my friends got a circus contract they couldnt refused in Italy….Anyway,I’ll go one day :)

    @ poppintime ,your poem was amazing!Tnk you
    And the vid was very good also!Everything’s dirty at Burning man,I hope I found a good way to make a bandage…
    And these boots to walk and dance more than 72hrs non-stop…Idk!
    I almost felt his relieve…

    1. *I hope HE found….
      and it wasnt last summer,it was summer 2010

      Ouf…I think it was my worst post ever on PTZ (grammar-wise,etc…)
      SORRY my friends

      We need an “EDIT” button or a “cancel” one.

  3. 3cysterscafe says:

    Oh man, I could feel the palpitations in my big toe when I saw this! That had to be so painful! They couldn’t have picked a better place to do that too, with tons of sand and all! Dang, not the brightest bunch but heck, they did make a sweet video for everyone, so I can’t knock’em too much! Lol Thanks for the post and poem Poppintime! Both were fantastic! (I love Burning Man and have always wanted to go! Maybe some day!)

  4. Wow! Am I the only one who thought they were effin sexy??? The toe was the cherry on top of a couple of scoops of hottie cream!

    1. totally cutie… almost got distracted from the toe!

  5. I want to go to Burning Man!

    Nice find, poppintime! And nice poem, too.

  6. poppintime, oh to be young again. That was delightful eye candy…and the procedure was fine, too…good-looking man toes as well. What more can an old broad hope for!!!

  7. invisible zipper says:

    I hope their next video isn’t an amputation with that same dull Swiss Army knife. But the patient’s blood alcohol level is probably high enough to kill any bacteria.

  8. LOL Can’t stop laughing. They did a perfect Honey Badger Imitation. Great video…sounds like a really fun doc.

  9. Just to clarify:

    Burning Man is a huge outdoor music event in the desert. It is not to be confused with a “rave”. These guys were probably either drunk, high, tripping or hippy flipping (doing all three).

    You take GermX because the porta-johns always run out >_> No matter if you are the first to break the porta-john cherry, that port-john will NEVER have sanitizer. “Going to BURNING MAN…”

    I’m so jealous. I wanted to be at Burning Man this year but I had classes. *sadface*

    Also, for purely funny purposes:

  10. Funny stuff, great find.
    Hope his toe didn’t fall off.

  11. Looks like “Doc” knows a thing or two about infected paranichya ’cause he made short work out of that toe!!!
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

  12. A haiku

    In the desert heat
    An oasis does prevail–
    Rivulets of pus.

  13. Best Chuckle on a video in a while!! Kudos to the camera dude, the patient and the doctor with the Swiss army knife! I’d take him camping with me any day!!

    Thanks for the great post! :D

  14. Good video and Iggy and The Stooges playing in the background, can’t beat that.

  15. Buford Pus-er says:

    Great find Poppintime!! :-D Gave me a good laugh this rainy Wednesday mornin! :-D When he ‘stabbed’ that infected toe with that Swiss Army knife I felt pain from my toes to my head!! LOL This video was hilarious …. And painful!! :-D I’m with ‘tickledzitless’ on this one …. I, too, would take him camping with me any day!! ;-)

    1. That knife was SHARP and got the job done nicely and he said pain free :)

  16. Awesome find!!! Thanks Popintime!!!!

  17. spicycrispypuppy says:

    We’ve started to hate Burning Man (which WAS a counter-culture event, until the yuppies thought it would make them cool) as much as we hate Hot August Nights. Motorcycles everywhere. Trust me, Burning Man is not nearly as amazing as it purports to be.

    1. motorcycles? sounds like my kind of place!

      1. Yep. Street Vibrations happens in Reno right around the time of Hot August Nights, the classic car show. Even out where I am, 2 cities away from Reno, the bikers are like a plague of locusts. They’re everywhere. The lifestyle bikers are great. It’s the 9-5 button-down office drones who don the assless chaps and “Biker B****” shirts who are the troublesome ones.

  18. Idon’t know if you all picked up on the last sentence but we should have a motto and it should be, “Pus is good”!

  19. ZealousZitZinger says:

    Survivor Man….PTZ Style!!

  20. For this video, I was listening to Neil Young, “Old Man.”

    For those still playing.

    1. Then moving into David Bowie’s, “Fame.”

  21. Fantastic find poppintime!

    My husband had one of these recently. It is surprising how much pus could be tucked away at the base of the toenail. We didn’t film it because we thought there would be very little pus, if any, and then the thing went boom and exploded onto his foot. A lost opportunity for an exclusive ptz video. Sigh.

  22. Those guys were great and a bit of a laugh. That stuff could have been put in the car years ago in case it was ever needed. Even though it was expired it could have been the best thing they had at the time.

    Great find though

  23. ..I bet that smelled really bad….

  24. I have to say, I think Poppintime has one of my favorite avatars here. It’s so pretty, and makes me feel calm. Where did you get it, P?

    1. @spicycrispypuppy I got it off google! Thank you I am glad you like it I was thinking about changing it but now I think I will leave it up!!! It’s kind of like my Trademark now lol!

  25. Mama Cheese Fiend says:

    Wow, could you be any dirtier? By the way, cool vodka, bro! Ha.

  26. Great find.Loved the haiku Lou-Pus. Hope the patient didn’t lose his toe

  27. OMG Ouch id scream him just Jam that knife in there.

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