Dentist Loves Cysts – Lol! *Hot and Fresh!*

OK, I am so enthralled by this video that all my creativity was taken over by my sudden addiction to the play button. It was so pretty – I just had to click on it dozens of times. Moral imperative, as someone close to me says. I just know you will all enjoy this one!! Oh yes, you shall love this one!!! Every bit, every molecule of pus, in close-up and perfect view…. and I don’t know what that tool is, but man do I want one!!! (And then I want something to use it on!!!!) WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

YT Commentary:

“This is incredibly disgusting and graphic video of a giant zit that keeps erupting.”

RUNTIME: 4min 20sec
(It actually ends at 3:10, and the last minute is the final still shot… allowing you to regain your composure after watching awesomeness?)

TITLE: “HUGE Volcanic Zit!!! (Warning!!! GROSS!!!)”
YT INFO: Published on Sep 19, 2012 by CherryHillDental

67 Comments on “Dentist Loves Cysts – Lol! *Hot and Fresh!*

  1. poppintime, wow, that was a gusher.. no doubt about it!!! I hope we see more from this dentist!

    1. There was a 12+ minute video of this but they took it off and replaced it with this one :-(
      I wish they would have stuck with the longer video because it did tell the story in much greater detail :-)
      The patient is the doctors Father and the cyst was above the nose right between his eyes. I guess the cyst has been there for along time. The dentist said “Wow this stinks” lol!
      Another part of the previous video the dentist said “can you
      hand me the sucking tool” I thought what is he going to suck the cheese out lol! Anyhow, they redid the video and did show the best parts hehehehe!

      1. Thanks for making every thing clear and filling in the missing info. Very helpful. Fantastic video!

      2. Do you have a link to this awesomeness ? “Embedding disabled”

      3. Brigette Bertelson says:

        I was wondering why a dentist was cutting into a cyst. It was neat to see them using dental instruments. I’m going to school for dental assisting, so I was able to list off the instruments! This was an awesome video! Great find!

      4. diamondgirl says:

        Wow!!!! That was awesome Poppintime!! That was a 5/5 and into my favs!! If there is ever a contest on the best of 2012, this one HAS to be in there…it just HAS to be. I haven’t seen anything this good in a very long time! Oh yeah, I have a hard time figuring out where the bumps are sometimes, but I figured this one out, bullseye, right between the eyes!! Although, I may be a bit weirded out by the sucking thing at the dental office from now on and I am having alot of dental work done too? Dang it!!

        This was great…absolutely the best I have seen since the lady with the pus filled belly and nasty bandaid!! LOL

        Woo HOO!!

    2. This video was very cool, I loved how they showed a lot of the puss and then sucked it up and started again , nice find

  2. My eyes bugged out right before the end. Wow. and that looks like a shaping tool, the kind they use to shape fillings. My question is, why is a dentist doing this?

    1. I wondered why a dentist was doin the procedure until i read poppintimes last comment about the guy being the dentists father- he probably did it for free instead of charging….. i dont know, how much would a doctor charge to empty a cyst? Great video btw poppintime!

  3. It is addicting!!! I’ve also decided that I like suctioning better than Hyper-wiping!!!
    Classic find poppintime!!!

    1. Yes BT, suction beats hyper wipers hands down, also the last suck of pus then abrupt end of the video was funny!

  4. exactly what part of the face was this on? close to an eye but cheek or forehead?

    1. I was trying to sort out what body part this is too!! The skin on the left seemed to be pulsing with the heart beat. Neat O eh?

      1. MistressOfSqueeze says:

        That’s his eyeball moving about under his eyelid.

  5. Was that on someones throat? On a senior person because of the thicker skin. Almost below their Adams apple? Like maybe they were swallowing that was the movement we were seeing? Chest would be to the left ,head to the right? Comment anyone? Oh yeah cool video?

    1. I guess I was WAY off on that one!

      1. Okay I will just blame the fact that I didn’t figure it out on lack of sleep for the past two weeks. Changing sleep medications. Yeah that’s the ticket! ZZzzzz….

  6. The Tooth Fairy brought him a great present!!! I think he gave into temptation and HAD to squeeze at the end rather than allow the tool to push sebum from the opening :) :) :) I can’t blame him, I’d do the same thing. Always AMAZED how snowy white it comes out certain times! Great find!

    1. Agree fully NMGAPAOH about the pus being ultra white, the shades varying between green, yellow, grey and white and everything in between are rarely the same. it all adds to the excitement of the pop!

  7. What a great video!! Thanks for the post! Sooo much fun!

    1. And right to my favourites list!

  8. Right towards the end at about 2:55, the camera pans left a bit and it looks like the edge of an eye blinking. I think it might be just above the bridge of the nose. Notice all the other pores erupting during the squeezing that look like the type found on a nose. It’s just a best guess on my part.

    1. I agree Gerell, that’s what I thought too :)

  9. Amazing, wonderful, five strars, right to the fav’s, etc.

    Thank You, poppintime!

    I have no complaints, except that I want more of this.

    And yes, that’s exactly between the eyebrows, the right of which we can see almost the whole time.

  10. O yes. O yes oh YES!!! Just up my alley! I love the way that dry-ish chunky ball ‘o wax-like-cheeze-like schmaltz practically turns itself inside out as it births. The generous ” episiotomy” he made to facilitate the crowning greatly improved the experience.

    Hurray for midwife/dentist popologists!


    1. crowning, ha luv it Jiffy!

  11. Beautiful sebac!! I love this vid. It’s going right into the faves. Thanks Poppintime. Awesome find and post. :)


  13. A classic,for sure! I think it was near an eyebrow. I do wonder why the dentist went after that sebac. Is he just a nascent,frustrated popologist who seized a golden opportunity? Maybe he’s a full service dentist who went above and beyond the call of duty. I don’t know what that tool was,but it looked like sime kind of mini retractor used in microsurgery.I also marveled at the power of the suction,as that sebum was pretty thick and in large quantities! Over all a GREAT post! Thanks for digging that one up!

  14. Awesooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Thank you so much for finding and sharing this with us.

  15. I love it, I love it, I LOVE it!!!!!! From the peppy music to the interesting use of dental tools, including suction, this vid has everything to keep a popper happy. I would love to see more from this dentist. I would say, however, that the poppee was likely a member of the popper’s immediate family. I wouldn’t think that a dentist would be doing this type of work on his/her patients.

  16. There was a 12+ minute video of this but they took it off and replaced it with this one :-(
    I wish they would have stuck with the longer video because it did tell the story in much greater detail :-)
    The patient is the doctors Father and the cyst was above the nose right between his eyes. I guess the cyst has been there for along time. The dentist said “Wow this stinks” lol!!
    Another part of the previous video the dentist said “can you
    hand me the sucking tool” I thought what is he going to suck the cheese out lol! Anyhow, they redid the video and did show the best parts hehehehe!

  17. dontbesogullible says:

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :(…

  18. ZealousZitZinger says:

    One day I will find one of these….one day I will and I will pop it and record it and put on here and I will have fulfilled a dream. One day……

  19. Did it hurt?

  20. That was so much fun to watch! Love the pus being sucked up and not a kleenex in sight. I also wished I’d seen the 12 min. video but alas I’ll just watch this 3 more times in a row to get my 12 minutes. Thanks for posting this.

  21. BRILLIANT! One of the best! Absolutely nothing to complain about with this one! Everything about this extraction was simply perfect! From the filming to the opening to the squeezing to the sucking, All of it was fantastically beautiful! Poppintime, you are the best! I always look forward to your posts! Thank you for brightening my day! :)

  22. Loved this! I’ve decided that I like vacuuming much better than wiping. The vacuum doesn’t get in the way of the camera. I also liked his scoop and press method, he got a lot of junk out that way. He even gave the cyst a good squeeze at the end! ;-)

  23. What a beaut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  24. …is that someone’s nose???

  25. WoW….Beautiful!!!

    Dentists loves Cysts….So do I @poppintime :)
    What a small world we live in .
    Tnx a lot poppintime….You are zitting good..loll

    1. You are so funny @Plush ;)
      I emailed the people to see if they will put back up the 12 min. video. Keep your fingers crossed lol!

  26. Embedding disabled, which means I am again unable to view this
    Video, this is occurring much too often for me…..I get all excited then BAM …embedding disabled. Does anyone have a link please ?

  27. For this song, it was Heart, “Barracuda.”

    1. No, this is definitely Jailhouse Rock. No question. I always know my Elvis.

  28. Great music-was he a jailhouse dentist?

  29. pashion4popin says:

    wow i cant fathom how long that lady let that cyst grow right between her eyebrows! i would have fainted to see her in the store without offering to bust it open right in aisle 5! sweet video doc and thank god she let u finally release that beast :)

  30. Very nice find, poppintime!

    I love the scooping! Very nice.

  31. The tool looked like a scoop, and the sebum like my favorite ice cream flavor: coconut. Then, when the blood mixed in, it was like coconut with raspberry syrup. Yum!

    1. Yer a sick puppy Lou-Pus! (But we love you anyway)

  32. I’m trypophobic, so the guy’s enlarged pores on the hump creeped me out more than the pus, which, by the way, looked more like wax.

  33. Wow. Just wow. That was unbelieveable! And, unbelieveably beautiful, as well, the way it “flowered” up outa there!
    Thanks Poppintime, you never fail to delite!

  34. * Grabbing up his jaw after watching this video*

    OMFG, what a big cyst! And the stuff that came out, pfew!
    I have one tiny comment to make: please, no more sucking.
    I wanted to see the stuff together on a tissue.
    But from me a 5-star rating. Loving it!

  35. dontbesogullible says:

    Not wanting to be picky but I do think this is right on the nose…why else would the part the cyst is on be elevated?

    1. From the comments above, it says it was located just above the nose, right between the eyes…….. It was da bomb!!

  36. Why use the tool instead of squeezing? It seems the latter would be less painful. And pleaes, make it a rule that the camera operator focuses on the action… no panning around.

  37. White Gold! So pure…so irresistible…

  38. *sniff, sniff* That was so beautiful that it brought a tear to my eye!!! Bravo!!! Love it!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  39. I want it to continue!!!

  40. After he finally squeezed it, it looked like something out of one of those old Godzilla movies!!!

  41. popitlikeitshot says:


  42. Awesomeness!!

  43. diamondgirl says:

    I forgot all about this jewel! Thanks again for posting it poppintime! This has to be a contender for #1 of 2012…Unless y’all have compiled that already. Love it!! LOVE IT!!

    1. Coming Soon to a PTZ Site Near You…

      In other words, we haven’t done it yet but we will be, oh yes… we will be… muwah ah ha ha ha… :D

      ~ H.S.

      1. diamondgirl says:

        OK, you are cruel, mean and tortureous (sp?). How could you HS??? Lead me onto the limb and just leave me there dangling, crying out for help…HELP!!!!!! Alright, I am shuttin’ up and waiting like everyone else…UUUGGGHH!!!


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