Bacne Blackhead Bustin’

One five-year-old blackhead on the back, and way too many cooks, I mean poppers, in the kitchen!

To avoid getting annoyed at the repeatedly spoken directives, I will sum it up for you here:

“Don’t use your nails!”
“Stick the pin straight in!”
“Use your knuckles!”
“Don’t use your nails”
“Stick it straight in”
“Make the hole bigger”…

Wait, that last one may not have been from this video… I get so confused sometimes…

Have FUN! Remember, mute is an option, not a requirement. But it does come highly recommended. LOL!
– bacne-up –

YT Commentary:

“5 year Old Blackhead get Lanced & Dug Out,..|”

RUNTIME: 9min 50sec

TITLE: “The “Real American PICKERS” part1 ”
YT INFO: Published on Sept. 18, 2012 by NASCAR48ist

43 Comments on “Bacne Blackhead Bustin’

  1. Oh man I hope they all wash their hands before they go back to serving! :) That was a wicked amount of work for that payload! A real group effort!

    Thanks for the posting bacne-up!

      1. I hope they wash their mouthes out.

    1. Christy Richards-Marovich says:

      I loved the ermagerd in there lmao!

  2. What was it? A lot of cooks for one side dish.

    1. To far away on the camera work

    2. A kerkatin disc rather than a blackhead – very much like the one the gentleman removed from the granda]fthr=er’2

  3. bacne-up, another great one. I took your advice on this one and watched on mute!!!

    1. Awww Popfiend, you really should go back and watch it with sound. It is quite funny listening to all these people giving their advice on what should be done. It sounds like a lot of chaos in the kitchen! I’m sure you’ll love it! Te he he!

  4. Yup!!! Too many poppers for the young ladies good!!!
    Great find bacne-up!!!

  5. witchey woman says:

    Great find Bacne-up! Another one in a fast food place….YIKES!! The commentary was hilarious.

  6. A real team effort! I thought the blackhead was going to be humongous with all the work involved. But the payload was not what I expected, a little disappointed. But the team effort was awesome!

  7. The anticipation was very stimulating! The end result was worth the wait! How does someone get such a huge blackhead in the lower back like that? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. The commentary was simply hilarious! I loved it! Thanks for sharing bacne-up, great find!

  8. This is how I imagine a bunch of first-year residents would sound/be at a birth!

  9. Austin: I don’t know who you are but you seem to be just as annoying as the people in the video. You could have told us in one simple sentence that you didn’t care for the video. It was not necessary to shout your opinion in 3 separate postings peppered with profanity and unneccessary comments about the intelligence of people who are perfect strangers to you. You talk about a lack of common sense – well, people who live in glass houses, etc.
    This is PTZ not some other website. If you want to make obscene remarks please make them elsewhere.

    1. I second that Pusareus! Please Austin go to another site with the disparaging remarks and filthy language. if you can not abide by PTZ’s rules, I for one will ask Halph Staph to ban you from her website.

  10. I can’t remember the name of that type of blackhead that forms a disc shape rather than the usual cylinder like blackhead. It was a big one! ;)

  11. I keep dreaming that one day one of the freckles/moles on my hubby’s back will fester up and reveal it’s secret identity as an old growth blackhead…*sigh* I do find, and I’m wondering if anyone else has discovered this as well, that the deep ones come out easier if I make my poor hubby contort himself so the area is more taut…especially since he has a little chub on his back. I’m so happy he finds my fascination with this kind of thing revolting. I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate me spilling all this info about him, lol ;-) I thought the payload was worth the frustration on this one, although it does give me pause about visiting a fast food restaurant anytime in the near future, hehe

  12. Well It’s nice to see the entire staff working on a zit while people who are PAYING for the time to eat instead of this stuff, a time and place for everything- come on…. This is why your orders are always wrong, your drinks are empty and this is TOTALLY unsanitary for this endeavor. The gravel voiced bitchy woman makes me actually want to reach through the computer and smack her (I do not hit women btw- I do question her/his/it’s gender….. This is why I give big tips to good servers and crap to the ones who pull crap like this… If she was the manager she needs to go with the zit. Sorry to rant but come on, would you like your plate being handled by them after Sebum seasoning was added to your food by proxy of any of them? If they did it I doubt they cleaned up given the entire content.

    1. Again be respectful or leave

  13. It was good but needs the mute button!!! Thanks Backne-up!!

  14. How annoying is she…..Don’t use your nails…..HAAAAAAAAAAA!

  15. @Austin NO one on this sight talks like that be respectful or leave.

  16. Blackhead squeezing by committee…
    A very frustrating video to watch.

  17. @Austin, you seem to have some serious anger issues. I see from your “blackhead bomber” ranking that you are new to PTZ, so let me educate you. We pride ourselves on avoiding the immature, toxic comments seen on other sites such as You Tube. Perhaps you would feel more at home over there. You see, we want to encourage folks to shoot video and put it on line for all of us to enjoy. Not all of them are cinematic masterpieces but we always appreciate the effort.

  18. haha…even my 7 yo just came in here and commented on how annoying those people were. Sheez…it’s a blackhead, not rocket science.

  19. While the amount of stuff they eventually dig out is nice…. I could not stop thinking….. if this was a light bulb how many people does it take to screw it in the socket?

  20. I couldn’t figure out what the folder with the money was, and then I realized, “OMG, they are *servers* and this is in a restaurant.” OMG. I hope they wash their hands.

    Great find!

  21. Well if anything she’ll have a nice festering infection for them to upload later! :)

  22. Oh god, that poor girl’s back!!!

  23. I remember back in the good old days when this site was fun before it was hyjacked by my mom and her book club…..I didn’t get a chance to see Austin’s comments they must have been really bad to get erased erased but I did get to see this video I don’t know what all the fuss is about it wasnt that great of a blackhead.
    someone commented about a post from someone named Austin that contained alot of crude language, I have to agree there is really no point in that. then I watched the video and the language was terrible!!!!.

    Hello “PUSAREUS” I was a little confused by your comment ” This is PTZ not some other website” you need to wite a list of topics and words other people can’t say on this site so the rest of us won’t step out of line.

    I have said this before, lets not take ourselfs to serious, we are all member of a site that posts pictures and videos of people popping cysts, zits and boils, we enjoy watching pus and back cheese exploding in the air. but that being said we should try to avoid overly harsh comments about the people in the videos even if they are foul mouthed tools….

  24. This video has the dumbest people…..don’t think any of them have spent time with a blackhead…..LMAO

  25. who is austin? any way all they had to do was take a big grab of skin on either side and squeeze That blackhead would have popped right out no digging no tweezers

  26. all they had to do was grab a big chunk of skin on both sides and squeeze it would have popped right out It was a comedy of errors

  27. Hands up who’s glad about their family right now… :)

  28. This video was quite frustrating as the females didn’t know what they were doing. The only one who knew how to do it right was the guy in the background who they weren’t listening to. The older gal was very frustrating as she was bossy and wrong!
    Just squeeze it already! Get it over with for the poor patient!

  29. OMG, that poor girl had to endure such pain and torture. That one bossy lady was ticking me off. She kept yelling directions but she had no idea what she was talking about. “Don’t use your fingernails” over and over. Then guess what? When it was her turn to pop she used her fingernails. I wanted to reach through the screen to B***** slap her. LOL

  30. prunesquallor says:

    This video is all about the ever on going battle of what is acceptable and what isn’t on this site. For my own two cents, we are all adults and all of us have heard these “slang” words in the past. However, this is a public site that asks us to be respectful of the people in the video and too the commenters. Again, we all have different degrees of what is acceptable language. We have no control over the words being used in the videos, however, I think most of us know how to talk in a public place without offending people. I think we should use the same judgement and restraint in the comments we post. There are a couple of well know PTZer’s that seem to get off on vulgarity for its own sake. They try to get a rise out of people they have found to be overly sensitive. Just because of the type and degree of content in these videos, they seem to think anything goes. Maybe because pus rhymes with cuss? Content and words of profanity are not one and the same. They are not interchangeable and the one has nothing to do with the other. I wonder why this concept is so difficult to understand. On another topic. Because we are not able to see austin’s comments, I have to assume he is history. Well, that is my soapbox for this week. Thanks for the video backne up. Keep ‘em commin’. Pop on People.
    Caio Prunesquallor

  31. hopecandecieve says:

    Its a damned shame that the camera was so damned far away that you cant even make out ANY DETAILS of the thing AT ALL…

  32. OMG, safety pin, bobby pin, tweezers …. just get in there and squeeze! Arggggg!!!

  33. It takes a village.

  34. Man, that blackhead looked like it was big time deeply embedded in her back! And why was that girl ordering people to not use their fingernails because she said they will break the skin? No more than the tweezers, safety pin and bobby pin were! DUH!

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