No Can Sit, Please Help…

**** WARNING!!! ****
Surgical Abscess I&D on Buttocks. No Anal Orifice…
Sensitive Viewers, Please Be Aware.
**** WARNING!!! ****

Imagine a world in which you could never sit down. Even then, the pain must be excruciating. My momma always says that there is someone who is worse off, and they person definitely has my sympathy. Video contains a full set of abscessed buttocks. Be ye warned.

YT Commentary:

“Anal fistula is a notorious disease to tackle and cure. If neglected it can travel to nearby tissur particularly where the fat is abundant. I have been treating such a case step by step. It needs utmost patience to both surgeon and patient.”

RUNTIME: 2min 49sec

TITLE: “Complicated Ischiorectal fistula spreaded to gluteal region”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 29, 2012 by PRAVEENSURGEON

72 Comments on “No Can Sit, Please Help…

  1. OUCH :( I’m giving this one an “X” rating because I found it too painful to watch. One cyst on the buttocks is hard enough to deal with but multiple – UGH!!! I hope the poor soul got some relief ASAP.

    1. It’s times like these that I am thankful that we don’t have smell-o-vision.

      1. yeah but it makes me hungry

  2. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    That is the largest and nastiest Anal fistula I have ever seen!!!
    Plus it runs from one Buttock to the other.

    Don’t they usually remove the tract and all the bad tissue in the Fistula??
    Then there is a huge open hole that takes a long time to heal??

    That has to be quit painful !!!!

    Nice find gimpysgirl !!!

    1. Oh my! That poor person! I hope they healed quickly becausej that was one nasty looking infection! Prayers For a speedy recovery!!!

    2. Have you seen alot of Anal Fistulas, Gliss? You MUST be in the medical field because this was a first for me. I was just going to comment that it HAD to be VERY painful before, during & after. I just hope all is well now! Thanks for sharing, “G.G.”

      1. Gliss-PussBliss says:

        wbinlv, I am not in the medical field. I am just going on the videos I have seen on PTZ over the years. If you go and watch some you see how they usually cut the whole tract out.
        Thanks for the compliment? I am sure most PTZ ers
        know this.

      2. Gliss-PussBliss says:

        I was just wondering why my reply to wbinlv was hidden due to low comment rating??
        I was just stating that I knew the information I said in wbinlv’s reply to my post, was learned from watching similar videos on PTZ.
        I was not being nasty, negative, ferocious nor arrogant.
        Oh well, everyone has their own opinion. That is why this site is as great as it is.

  3. Man was expecting to see more of the draining. Man what place to get infections. Hope he is better now

  4. popitlikeitshot says:

    I’m not much of a ‘pray-er’, but I’ll be sending a few his way. All the best to this poor guy and thank God he has such dedicated and caring doctors. Thanks for posting!

  5. WOW, talk about being up close and personal , but in all seriousness this person looks to be in a whole world of pain ooch !!!!!

    1. Buford Pus-er says:

      OH YES SANDY …. A whole UNIVERSE of ouch!! :-D Great find Gimpsysgirl!!! :-D BTW Sandy, I think I saw in the ‘shoutout box’ the other day that you moved to Kville from Boston?!? And you said you wish you knew someone near you?! Well, girl, guess what?!? I LIVE NEAR YOU!! :-D I live about 20 – 25 minutes east of you!! :-) So if you like, you can give me a holla! I’ll send you my email to your message box here (if I can figure out how to do that! Ding dong blonde here!! Ha ha!) :-D And you’re welcome to email me anytime!! :-D

  6. popitlikeitshot says:

    I wonder if there is such a thing as a ‘gluteusectomy’. I’m only 1/2 joking; what are your options in these cases for a normal life?

  7. DAYUM!!!! That’s all I got to say about that!!!
    Excellent find gg!!!

    1. unclelarry says:

      I’m right there with ya BT. DAYUM indeed!!!

  8. Thanks for the great find, gimpysgirl! I shuddered all the way through it. I hope the patient was able to have a complete recovery.

  9. justsqueezit says:

    Oh, wow, that poor guy. Wonder what past life sin he’s paying for now?

    1. the infected says:

      Sloth, perhaps?

  10. My own buttocks clenched tighter in response to that…

    1. Right there with you, piece of coal between my cheeks just become a diamond

  11. spicycrispypuppy says:

    This may sound silly, but the worst part of this vid, for me, is when they pull the needle out and that blood and pus starts going down… then slips all the way, THEN the doc puts the towel on. All I can imagine is how yucky that feels.
    Told you it was silly.

    1. That bugged me too. My other thought, giving their laxity in “mopping up” was he warned to bring another pair of trousers?

      1. spicycrispypuppy says:

        Can you imagine the feling? Butt in the air, hurting like hell, and then the indignity of them letting in run down your crack and all over the “nooks and crannies”. It makes me squirmy. It’s like when you’re in labor and the doc decides to puncture the amniotic sack.

  12. 3cysterscafe says:

    I just kept repeating, in astonishment, OMG, OMG, OMG!! That literally took my breath away! I feel so utterly bad for this person and what they’re going through! I would not wish this on my worst enemy! That looked like “Old Faithful” at Yosemite national Park! I pray to God this poor soul heals quickly and without pain! Thank you for posting this gem GG! You been doing grand in the posting department! Keep up the good work!

    1. Oh my, oh my waht terr

  13. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    i think boils on the butt were common back in the day

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      “Back in the day”……sure, but what about today? This was just posted not too long ago. You would think there would be something out there to prevent this! Apparently not, unfortunately! God bless, this is just awful!!!

  14. jordan1870 says:

    Oh my! That looked SO terribly painful!!! Not only on one ‘cheek’ but on both??? Oh, goodness, that looks so tender. Wow!! I hope this person got some relief after this ‘surgery’. Makes me so very thankful that we have readily available healthcare here. Yikes!

    1. Ok – you saw the one on the bottom of the right cheek as well? I wonder if the patient is diabetic and this part of the diseases’ attacking tiny scratches and turning them into raging infections within hours? It looked terrible!

  15. unclelarry says:

    Talk about a jaw-dropper!! That is incredible! I can’t imagine the agony this person must have endured. Great post Gimpysgirl.

  16. MistressOfSqueeze says:

    Ay yi yi… I’ve heard of junk in the trunk but this is ridiculous–and certainly Painful!

  17. WoW,that was a painful thing to watch!!!
    Multiple abscess on the buttock ….OUCHHHH!!

    This is the third surgery where I saw the Dr pass “string” in the sinus to rely one to another (to keep them open).
    And all three of them happened in India! Maybe an Indian procedure,who knows!
    Or maybe its because most videos we watch come fr India!

    Poor guy,I sincerely hope he’ll be all right.

    Awesome find gg. Tnx a lot

  18. Ouch! Yowza-makes me grateful that the only problem w/ my backside is that there’s too much of it!

    1. Traci, your mint, i love your sense of humour, right up my street!

  19. Wait a second….isn’t Dr. J. an ENT doctor? Where does the hiney match into the Ear, Nose and/or Throat?

    1. OOOOooooops. Sorry. I was still under the influence of the sinusitis video. My bad.

      1. spicycrispypuppy says:

        It’s a reasonable assumption in an election year. Most politics keep the entire ENT area firmly inside the buttock area.

      2. spicycrispypuppy – your ARE a wicked soul and have explained the entire political process to boot :)

  20. Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!! That poor man. That kind of runny pus turns my stomach but for once I did not really notice because I was too busy feeling sorry for the guy. The numbing shot alone was probably torture.

    I’m sure this problem will be a very long time in healing. The booty shot did not bother me; I can comfortably view all parts of the human body. To me it’s an amazing organic machine that I can never get enough info on.

    In my next life I’ll be a doctor. :)

  21. What a terrible condition to have. The softest cushiest part of the body you use all the time is the most painful.

  22. Ok, I admit it…I let out a little scream with the first explosion. It caught me of guard. Did I miss something though, what was the orange stuff?

    1. I think it was the iodine the packing gauze was soaked in, PeeWee.

  23. Sorry if this has already been mention, as I didn’t read all of the comments, but does anyone know why they’re packing it prematurely? From the admittedly limited amount I know, I thought all pus had to be expressed before the wound was packed.

    1. There is a break in the recording. That is betadine exiting the surgical wound during the packing.

  24. That was an excellent fountain…Nice find gg.
    However, what bugs me is when you have an abscess this size on the butt and it is being videoed for you tube and all the world to see, all modesty is gone…so take the pants off completely to avoid them getting ruined & saturated…pack some gauze or sponges in the butt crack to sop up that infection…

  25. The doctor was
    Doin’ da’ butt, hey,
    Ouchy, ouchy,
    When you get that notion
    Put your scalpel in motion, hey,
    Doin’ da’ butt, hey,
    Juicy, juicy,
    Ain’t nothin’ wrong
    If you wanna drain the pus
    All night long…

  26. zitsandgiggles says:

    Oy! That is no good. So sorry to that patient.

  27. That was a fountain that sprayed out that poor chaps bum. I sure hope he heals well.

  28. It appeared there was scarring so there might be a history here of other such lesions – how terrible. I saw only one of these here in the US to this extent (actually worse) that wasn’t cancer and radiation-related and the woman was a severe diabetic. She was cat scanned and then the fistulas were explored and treated in the OR.

  29. where is the morphine pump? for me,lol

  30. YOICKS! I jumped when that pus first shot out. So widespread and painful!

  31. That poor guy, that pain must be so nice to be realist from

  32. Yowza! It looks as if he has had this problem for quite some time as the tissue seemed to be rather hard like scar tissue. Not to sound mena but I wonder if all that hair is part of the issue as well, I have seen some hairy ones before but not as hairy as this guys! OUCH! I bet he carries a donut to sit on wherever he may be going so he can maybe sit on that. Anyway~ I hope he has a speedy recovery and gets some help for the future. :)

  33. Wow, just wow. What a horrible infection. It looks really painful, and the fact that it’s spread bilaterally…wow, just wow.

  34. I had a pionidal cyst and that hurt like hell. This must be that times a billion!!!!!

    1. You have my respect for having been through a pilonidal @molly !
      Never experienced it myself,but I know how nasty they can be!!!

      No re-occurrence?

      1. Nope, My doctor wanted the area to be laser-ed for prevention. Its been 6 years and no recurrence:) If one ever does return, I will video it and immediately upload it:p

  35. Oh my my my! What causes this condition? The buttocks didn’t bother me, I just wish the doctor would’ve protected the patients “crevice ” before draining. I did read in the intro though that the doc has been working with this man. My heart goes out to him.

    1. @Cheezewlz – totally agree. The three pushes we saw was just the beginning of what was in that abscess. I’d bet there was 10 oz of pus that we saw in the video.

  36. Dr. Len in Hoover Alabama says:

    You know…sometimes you just have to wonder…..why? Why do some people have to suffer so horribly? I just don’t understand. Just like the young lady who is the ONLY ONE to have this odd disease. The one where her hair folicles are producing human nails. I mean, finger nails/toe nails growing out of her face! Her armJust so sad.s! Her legs! Her genitals!

    THIS is the horrible part of medicine Doctors have to deal with. And these are the times where we feel so so helpless. Sometimes we can do all we know and it’s still nowhere near enough to bring comfort. And we only get one life.

  37. Anal fistulas can take years to treat and have high recurrence rates. In many cases, the cure is worse than the disease.

  38. This appears to be a horseshoe fistula, but I’m sure there is probably an anal fistula present, as well. Without ultrasound, it is difficult to trace the sinus tracks. We saw the doctor in this video using saline to trace one track. As cases like this often present with multiple abscesses and fistulas, you often just treat the worst the things you see until you can get a grasp of what’s going on. The contributing factors to these cases are most often chronic in nature (diabetes, Crohn’s, paralysis, nonambulatory).

    1. Thanks for the info, Sean. Much appreciated!

  39. That poor dear.

  40. You can tell how much infection there is when the doctor makes the first incision with the scalpel, and the skin is so fluctuant. I sincerely hope that this patient gets the condition under control with the help of his surgeon and doctor’s. That’s just not a place where you want bacteria or excessive white blood cells accumulating. Best of luck to him! And thanks for sharing the fruits of your painful labor

  41. Ouch! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so horrific, that poor soul! My heart just goes out to him/her. I do hope the treatment works and they get some relief! It looked so incredibly painful, even when they got the freezing it looked like it must have been so painful, I’m amazed they didn’t scream!! Either that or it was blocked from the video. I have watched many a video here on ptz and online and most don’t bother me, but this one made me cringe. I do hope the person heals quickly and thoroughly. Hopefully with no recurrance although as I understand it, those types of abcesses do tend to be recurring. One can hope though that they have suffered enough!! Gosh that was just awful.
    Nice find/post, ty. I learn a lot watching these videos but sometimes I think I learn more than I need to! lol

  42. That was NOT pretty. Huge cyst got its lidocaine. oh my word – puncturing it with the scalpel resulting in the dam being burst – huge flow heavily edited next the doc was packing it.
    End of story.

  43. Poor guy. I too had a pilonidal cyst and I can tell you, Molly is absolutely right. It was so hard to sit or stand or walk. Once I finally had it removed surgically, it grew back and I had to have the surgery all over again. But even if I had three or four of those, it wouldn’t be as bad as this. I am so glad he got help because this is the kind of infection that could easily kill you. I hope all is healed and this person is now able to use his butt the way God meant it! : )

  44. Bet he prayed for his whole rear end to just fall off – that’s what I sometimes wished for with the Pilonidal…uggggghhhh

  45. What causes anal fistulas? I thought that they only occurred in people who had limited mobility, but based on people’s comments and own stories, that does not seem to be the case. Is it an ingrown hair or pimple gone terribly bad?

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