The BEST Blackhead Video – The SEQUEL!

Dr. Yadav Has Done It Again…

Blackheads…..glorious blackheads.  I love blackheads and these certainly got my attention, my undivided attention.  They are aged…..some are so old…they are golden….aged like a fine wine or a good cheese…speaking of cheese…wonder what all of those coming out smelled like??  I would love to work with Dr. Yadav…..he always has such interesting things going on in his office.  I hope you enjoy!!

YT Commentary:

“Till now you have seen 2 cases of black heads extraction from the same old man, you can see ample of black and white heads on nose. These black & white heads are formed after a long span of time in decades around 2 or 3 decades. So here we are removing them, extracting black heads with the help of comedone extractor, here we have used the ring part of comedone extractor, the procedure is quite simple stretch the skin a little bit, apply pressure over nose with the help of comedone extractor and you can watch out the zits getting popped up. So you can pop that zits very easily, effectively at home. More series to come on …”

RUNTIME: 4min 06sec

TITLE: “Black & White Heads On Nose Part 3″
YT INFO: published on Jul 19, 2012 by shaziajafrey8

261 Comments on “The BEST Blackhead Video – The SEQUEL!

  1. 5 stars, this is the blackhead video that all others should be judged by, .

    1. I could not agree with you more !!! This video should have received 5 stars !!!! I thought it was freaking awesome. I loved this video, it made my day totally, I can’t wait for the next one he puts on here.

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        So far, it’s the highest score I’ve seen! We’ll see! I think we got 2 top contenders for our 2012 top 10 videos, both in one day!! Lol

      2. Lindsey Lucas says:

        AWESOME!! I agree I watched it and was so satisfied I didnt even have to watch it three or four times. I did though!! LOL

      3. I ‘ve got to say , since I watched this for the first
        time last night , I can’t stop watching it , over and over again, I’m addicted to this video !!!!!

      4. It;s funny at the end of the video, when the Dr. says thank you for taking 4 minutes to watch this video, I’ve watched this so many times now I think I’m up to 320 minutes now hahahaha
        I just can’t stop watching it , It’s fascinating to me

      5. cheezewiz says:

        FANTABULOUS I’m in heaven! I don’ think I blinked the whole time. I agree with you about his 4 minute comment. I could watch for hours! I’m fascinated by what comes out of the human body.

      6. mrtasteless says:

        Epic in every since of the term. Dr. Yadav does exquisite work with that extractor! And the photography is so excellent as well… clear and crisp with every pore crystal clear.

        I’ve watch these so many times it’s driving my wife nuts!

        Also – I think I have a new “beep” sound for my computer: him saying “blackheads and whiteheads” with an optional sound byte of “a classical case of zit popping.”

      7. I have a question ??? If this man’s nose looked like this , and had all these wonderful blackheads on it, I wonder what his back looked like??? Wow I could only dream ………………..

      8. I’m new here and I can’t get enough of this guy’s work. I would absolutely love to have his job – no matter what case he gets. They’re all so good!

    2. What COULD he have in store for Part IV?!?!?!??!?!?

    3. I concur! I’m a tough grader but this one is 5 stars all the way baby!

    4. Completely agree!!! This is the most satisfying and enjoyable blackhead video ever!! I was starting to get bored with ptz, and not really into the cyst and surgery stuff. I am simple and like pimples, but black heads most of all. I can now die happy seeing this video!! Exquisite!!!!

    5. Dr Vikram Yadav says:

      Thank You Friends For Liking My Video…the series will continue in different parts…

      1. Dr Yadav

        It is the PTZ family who need to be thanking you for all of you educational and entertaining videos. Thank you for taking your valuable time to narrate and upload your procedures. You are a wonderful doctor and a great person. I have read a lot of your commentary and pray for health and wellness for you and your family and hope you find the life partner you are seeking. Thank you again for bring us joy. You are amazing.

        Your devoted fan and friend


      2. Dr. Yadav ~

        As part of the PTZ crew, I wanted to publicly say Welcome! and Thank You! for the endless entertainment and education you have provided to us all. I am not sure there are words to adequately describe how much we are looking forward to seeing more of your videos, especially in this particular series. I hope that we at PTZ can provide a good home for your well crafted videos, and perhaps in the future, we may do even more together?

        You certainly have quite an avid following amongst this wonderful community, so we are truly blessed to have you become a part of it. Please, let me know if there is anything I can do for you, now or in the future. Again, Welcome, and may your stay with the PTZ community be long and fruitful.

        As we say – Pop On!
        ~ H.S.
        Site Admin.

      3. cheezewiz says:

        Dr. Yadav, you are my hero! What you do is so fascinating. I would really love to see the extracted comedones. I caught a glimpse of a couple hanging off of the ring extractor and they were most impressive!

      4. justsqueezit says:

        Dr. Y, this is just fantastic that you will share your wonderfully satisfying job with us! You are making a large group of individuals very happy with your, and your patients, efforts.

      5. Thank you! Your videos are great. I am looking forward to the next one.

      6. I just wanted to say Thank You for taking the time to make these impressive videos for us to see. They are greatly appreciated , and I know so many people like them as do I
        Thanks again

      7. Dr. Yadav, I am mesmerized by this case. Thank you for making and posting the videos.

      8. I just wanted to add my own thank you Dr. Yadav. Not only for the time you take and the great vids but especially for leaving all the “goodies” there as long as possible. I eagerly await your next post.
        I hope you get a chance to enjoy the rest of our site and our community.

      9. We LUV the video and ANXIOUSLY await all videos to come!!!!!! Thank you ever so much for sharing!!!

      10. Dr. Y – have you had patients with more blackheads than the nice gentleman who agreed to share his medical procedure with us?

    6. H. Brailsford says:

      There needs to be a part 5. :0)

    7. I can tell you what it smelled like….Hot Curry and Hell!!

    8. I really like this Dr.. cant wait for more.. It makes me want to get in there… Aarrrggg! :)

    9. I Love This!!!! Thank you for posting!

  2. DR `Vikram is the Guru of the blackhead spoon, and I am one of his disiples,
    If this video dosent get 5 stars god does not exist

    1. The spoon seems to be kinder and a lot less painful as well.

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        I would have loved to see him dig in with a couple of fingers though! That’s ok, I’ll take it as is, cuz I love it!!

    2. He is the Zit KING of the world!

  3. Spoooooooon! Love this, just epic. Pure awesome. 5 stars all the way!

    1. OK – I will post this in the forum too –

      Who is *seriously* up for a potential PTZ Group Trip to India to visit a couple of our very favorite Doctors??? I have always wanted to travel there, and meeting someone like Dr. Yadav and Dr. J. – well, dream come true!!!

      So depending on how many possibly interested “Yes me”‘s I get, I will research the potential cost, tour set-up, etc. This really could be amazing!!!

      Warning though, I may not want to come home…. ;)

      ~ H.S.
      “Spoooooooon!” <— clap your hands if you know where this comes from….

      1. justsqueezit says:

        How about a contest to sponsor a member to go and assist the doc? I’d buy a raffle ticket!

      2. cheezewiz says:

        @justsqueezit. I love that idea! Like a chance to go with the BIG E or a site representative. I would so be in.

      3. I would go if I had the financial ability, but I don’t. : (

      4. 3cysterscafe says:

        I seriously would like to go! No, let me rephrase that, I seriously would love to go! I just saw this note, and I really hope I didn’t miss out?!

  4. Sock Monkey says:

    WOW! I am glad you had the honor of posting this, Winnie! Those faces are mini documentaries of hard lives. Don’t you wonder what these people thought about being filmed getting filmed while their noses were being excavated? How could you ever explain PTZ to average person in India? I hope they were paid to be the patients because they brought a wealth of pleasure to my life. Now I am off to watch it over and over until I have it memorized! :) I heart Dr. Y!!

    1. Sock Monkey says:

      (If you notice, this video is described as “Part 3″. Part two is on PTZ and part one was a very short clip on YT of just the noses with blackheads where nothing was popped.)

      1. I-Am-The-Booger-Man says:

        I just watched it again and I have a couple of extra comments (of course)

        1) Those eyes creeped me out just like someone else said
        2) Holy zit… that is one huge schnoze. I’m not trying to insult the gentleman but man oh man…. no wonder there were “ many blackheads and whiteheads”…did you see the amount of landscape they have to *pop*ulate.

    2. The spoon seems to be kinder and a lot less painful. I also hope the good doctor is paying them for their pain, indignity and our curious pleasure.

      1. Yes, Linda- I was just beginning to feel a tad guilty when I saw the condition of parts of the nose after the extractor was used. The poor man must have been in pain part of the time at least. I hope the dr. would have done the extraction even if he didn’t have a waiting audience in us. I am going to put this into my favorites either way, tho!

      2. 3cysterscafe says:

        There is no doubt in my mind what so ever! He would have done it for himself anyway. He’s already shown our PTZ community that he is one of us! He’s an awesome person and an amazing Doctor!!

      3. I’m saying this objectively as I can but I honestly believe that that dude either has lost all feeling in that nose or it’s extremely sensitive due to the inflammation built up due to years of sebum growth.

        I’m leaning to the former since the guy didn’t even make a yelp or anything. It’s natural for all people to start losing feeling in their extremities when they get older.

      4. Yep TheRza82,
        It seem like the old man nose has a layer (a thick one too;abt 1/2 cm ,IMO) of sebum (bh/wh) ALL over his nose.Its incredible,lol.

        He could put that comedone extractor ANYWHERE on the nose and get a huge extraction.
        And his “tool” was going so deep into the sebum that it left scars (superficial ones).

        As for the man’s dignity,hes not even recognizable on camera,and maybe he is for his VERY close family but even then,I’m not sure.
        Plus he was probably treated for free (which is,for some Indian ppl a GREAT gift) . No guilt at all for me,I was happy for the man;he needed it

        Tnx Winnie (and HS) for posting it ASAP ;it was awesome :)

      5. I’ve written Santa Claus already asking for a Comdone extractor set!!!! Wanna bet that beauty salons and stores that sell the extractor will see unprecedented upswing in sales this Christmas as a result of Dr. Y’s videos? :)

    3. Black and white head video royalties and/or syndication?

  5. Dr. Yadav has THE BEST JOB EVER! I know what I should have said when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Beautiful Video =’) 5 stars.

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      If only we’d have known, huh? I know my life would have been different!

      1. Never to late to learn new things!!!! I’d do it for free – just the sheer joy of getting to pop cysts and pimples!!!! I’d pay people such as the gentleman whose nose we are enjoying!!!

  6. I know I am going Ape Shit with the posts but everytime I see the video its like the first time, DR Vikrom needs to get in there with some fingervails, the blackheads are getting pinched off with muck more cheese tuber left in the pore.
    I want to see that damn pore screaming empty.
    I have seen the video’s of people squeezing tons of the cream cheese out but these
    suckers are old and dry, these babies have been festering for years…….PART 4!!!

  7. Mama Cheese Fiend says:

    This is AWESOME! A dream come true. I’ll be his assistant! Haha. Can’t wait for part four.

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Think that he’s had at least 4 offers for the assistant position, just from reading these posts! Haha!

    2. Dr Vikram Yadav says:

      Ok…I appoint you my assistant, If you happen to come to India, I will definitely give you this chance.

      1. justsqueezit says:

        Me too, please I have 2 medical degrees – does that move me to the head of the list? *hope against hope*

      2. What about skyping an entire work week for us to enjoy? We’d send $ for the server required to handle the traffic you’re fans would need!!!!

      3. 3cysterscafe says:

        You’ve got a deal Dr!! I am one who is planning on coming with the PTZ group. (I hope it’s still in the works) I’m going to hold you to your word! Lol I can’t wait!

  8. scanqueen15 says:

    One of the best top 5 blackhead vids EVER!!! More pleeeease!

  9. susie5343 says:

    I’m still in total awe of what I’ve just seen. Is this a dream? Don’t wake me…this was soooo over the top. This Dr. knows just what we like!!

  10. Thanks Winnie, I love these videos. Dr. Y thank you for knowing what we here at PTZ like to see. I got all excited when I saw that it was a new one from the good doctor.
    I am sure there are more to come just on this mans nose, can’t wait to see when he moves on to his face, I think I saw a few good ones there too.
    5 STAR!

    1. cheezewiz says:

      Sorry Haleigh I pushed dislike by mistake. Winnie ROCKS! Thanks for all the great videos.

  11. comedoness says:

    I believe that I’ve died and gone to Heaven…
    Dr. Y KNOWS what we like! I feel like chipping in to buy him a tripod so he can use both hands to continue his wonderful extractions. Now, please excuse me while I go and watch this video 12 more times…

  12. Gnarly nose noodles, Batman!

  13. There are no words alone that can describe the sheer pleasure of watching this video………I know Dr. Yadav likes to use his comedome extractor, but what I wouldn’t give to see him use both hands and pop those puppies.

    But I love every moment of t his video and will now watch a dozen or more so times. Please Dr, keep them coming, we adore you!!!!!

  14. Maybe if we take up a collection for that dear old gentleman who is suffering (it must smart) for our pleasure he will recruit others. YAHOO! I have died and this video is my heaven <3 PTZ Number 1 TOP POP FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Like patients in clinical trial studies?

    2. Zitgoddess says:

      I’m down with that idea. Perhaps we could start soliciting old age homes, where people have been able to grow comedones and blackheads for “DECADES”. I would pay good money towards this cause.

  15. zitsandgiggles says:

    How much do you think postage is to India so we can send a Biore strip? Wouldnt that be awwwweeesooome!

    1. Those black and white heads would scoff at a Biore Nose or Face Strip!! Got to think of something STRONG – remember those really sticky fly strips? That’s a start!!!

      1. Whattabout some duct tape strips–the GOOD kind of duct tape!

      2. zitsandgiggles says:

        LOL! My sister and I actually recently discovered if a person has access to a professional wax warmer like the kind beauticians use, the wax actually makes an excellent Biore replacement. I bet the thick, heavy duty stuff would work :-)

    2. cheezewiz says:

      I shutter to think of it! Total bliss :)

    3. But if you’d remove everything with a strip, there would be no more excellent extractions videos! As much as I like biore extractions, this man needs that wonderful Doctor! And so do we :-)

  16. I THOUGHT that I wanted to see this but after I threw up every time the video ran – I just couldn’t stand to watch it – had to turn it off – OMG 20-30 yr old white and black heads?!?!?!??

    My hat is off to those of you who can watch. I’ll take your word for the sublime experience.

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Not you!!! Come on, you’ve seen worse than this! Surely you have, no blood in this just straight up zits! Give it another shot. You’ll do fine! Slow deep breadths, that’s it…….

      1. I will imagine it vicariously from the comments people post :-)

      2. 3cysterscafe – I imagine the old gentleman’s face is somewhat frail and thin. Pushing would rupture the capillaries under the skin therefore it looks like it is bleeding.

        Dear Dr. Y – I’m sure you do but please make the patient is comfortable and doesn’t experience any unneccesary pain for our pleasure!

    2. You must be going soft N, I thought you were in for the long haul, as far as pus goes. Don’t tell me this bothers you more than some cow abcess?

      1. I started watching small portions at a time and worked my way up to the whole video. I had no idea what I was missing!!!!!

    3. zitsandgiggles says:

      C’mon, dontcha just LOVE when the exudate is both bountiful AND the color of ear wax?

    4. cheezewiz says:

      Maybe try again tomorrow. Some nights things I usually love gross me out.

    5. cowherdingjoe says:

      How on earth do you manage to watch ANY of the videos on this site? Nearly ever video features some sort of incision or open wound that is typically accompanied by loads of blood and pus and yet it only took a video of someone popping blackheads on a man’s nose to exceed your threshold and make you vomit? Blackhead’s are one of the most innocuous categories of videos on PopthatZit. I’m extremely surprised you’re able to watch anything on this site.

      1. justsqueezit says:

        Whoa there, Cowboy, pull in yer spurs. It’s kinda like art, every one has differing ideas about what is a masterpiece. Besides, don’t cowboys end up doing some rather distasteful things just managing the livestock, like treating abscesses, helping births, and neutering? All inna eye of the beholder, Mon chere…

  17. ultraworld says:

    Is it Christmas?

    1. It is July!! Stores finished placing their Holiday orders and it ‘s only 154 shopping days remaining!!!

      1. cheezewiz says:

        Okay, that wasn’t funny. I must go watch the video again to relieve my stress. Shopping…blech.

  18. He is like the old man of the sea. Check out the brows. However, if these were my blackheads, nobody but me would be picking them. WOW, what fun!

    1. Did you check out that eye looking at the camera? {{Shiver}}

      1. cheezewiz says:

        I never use this but he was probably thinking, WTF!

      2. justsqueezit says:

        Please, that was mean, Miss S. It looks like the poor gent has cataracts and wasn’t able to see the condition of his skin; but for the grace of a higher power, that could be you…

      3. Now lookee here, Squeezey–in no way was I being mean when I asked you to look at his eye(s). I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is the “wisdom of the ages” looking out at us, or perhaps a religious person who is simply above all this fuss–or maybe a poor old gent, slightly embarassed by his condition, (but hopefully, compensated) and willing to see it through. Ya see?

      4. justsqueezit says:

        Oh, please, Miss S, no “Squeezy” that’s what a friend calls female mammary glands! That makes me shudder! Maybe I am a bit sensitive since I have had my own cataracts done, and then you realize just how much you couldn’t see and that others have no clue just how lucky they are to have good vision…

  19. Cheese Dip says:

    Jesus, God, and Mary. I am sitting here with my mouth agape. Where do I start? Dr. V. you are THE MAN. That video was even better than the first!. You are getting better with every video.

    I am offering right here and now to come to India to hold your camera. I know you are popping and filming at the same time and I will assist by being your cameraperson. I know exactly what to do. I could also help keep your patient from squirming. Bless his blackhead covered face. Which brings me to my next point. Dr. V. , have you checked out his back for bigger blackheads, if that’s possible, or other morbid accumulations?

    Oh, Dr. V. I could go on and on – but I must stop now and watch again. What a masterpiece!

    Your biggest fan,
    Cheese Dip

    1. I recommend Cheese Dip for the Cameraperson job.

  20. Stones Throw says:

    Freakishly awesome! I loved the giant orange puss filled blackheads! Thanks Winnie!

    1. Those are the ones that consumed orange gatorade for strength!

  21. 3cysterscafe says:

    EPIC, EPIC, EPIC!!! (pretty good for someone who never uses the word) Omg, this was….was…..ummm…ahhh….was FANZITOLISHESAFUL!!!! Yeah, that’s the word I was looking for! Amazing Dr Y I love you! I’m your #1 fan! The very BEST PART IS…..#4 is yet to come!!!! I can’t wait! Isn’t it funny that it can be dusty dry for sooo long and then. BAM!! it’s raining EPIC pus & Blackhead VIDEOS! I will gladly go the dry spell if I knew these were going to follow! Winnie girl, I swear, everytime you post, it tops the last one! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!! Lol You are awesome Winnipoo!!

    1. How many steps/levels above “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” ?

  22. Now that’s what I am talking about!!!!

  23. unclelarry says:

    Pure zit porn. Awesome. Nuff said.

    1. Unclelarry….Only you would lable it that….LOL. I love it. You are right on the money with that discription. hahahahahaha!! Thanks I really needed a chuckle this morning.!!

  24. jordan1870 says:

    Amazingliciously beautimous!!!!! (Yeah, I know those are made up but this vie was sooooooooo awesome, I felt it deserved them!!!!)

  25. Simply epic! I’m stunned. All I can say is that if that were my nose, I’d never leave the house…I’d be in front of the mirror all day making my own videos to post on here.

    1. Have to scrape away the pus off of mirrors to be able to see where to drain those mean boys!!!

      1. Notice how there were MANY MANY more blackheads on the left side of the nose than the right? Same thing happens to me – more on the left than right.

  26. This video is similar to bot flies popping out of the skin. Both nasty and cool
    Thanks Winnie

  27. I had to take off my shoes while I was watching this video: I felt like I was standing on holy ground. Blessedness.

    1. That was very sweet, and sensitive, LP

  28. Winnie, another great post! I had to watch it on youtube, because I couldn’t get the video to play for me on PTZ. It happens to me once in a while, so I hope it’s not considered cheating… :roll: ;)

    1. justsqueezit says:

      It’s really only cheating if you enjoy it…

  29. invisible zipper says:

    I hope he got that old man’s permission. It feels a little like zit porn :)

    I’m kind of surprised this guy doesn’t have some relative who was like “Come on, grandpa, let me get those for you.” He could have a lot of fun at home, they come out so easily.

    1. You know, I see great potential on my 78 year-old father’s nose, but I’d never have the guts to say: Dad, please, please, let me pop those blackheads from your nose!!! I did, maybe 10 years ago, did a biore party with my parents and husband. Dad’s strip was amazingly gross.

      1. Is he just an old coot who wouldn’t think of allowing you to do it? Sounds like, if he was up for a Biore Party ten years ago, he just might be ready for someone to help him out again.
        Or else ya could just flip him upside down and say gently….Lemme get those for ya, Dad!

  30. utterly speechless ………………………………………………………………………………..

  31. This video has EVERYTHING!

    – Steady camera in perfect focus.
    – A treasure trove of the juiciest blackheads EVER.
    – A highly skilled extractor.
    – Building tension… “Wow, there will never be a juicier blackhead. 5 seconds later, Oh Lord, a juicier blackhea. 10 seconds later, you gotta be flippin kidding me!!!!!” One absolutely mind blowing blackhead after another.

    Hats off to all involved. Bravo.

  32. Uncle Carbuncle says:

    The way Dr. Y lovingly coos “Sooo many blackheads….” tells me that this is a man who loves what he’s doing. Godspeed, Dr. Y.

    1. cheezewiz says:

      I love the way he says ooze! He sounds as amazed as we are.

  33. this is amazing, no complaints, i want to see more.
    5 shiny gold stars from me.
    i am tempted to catch a plane to india just to assist the good DR V…..

  34. prunesquallor says:

    Wow. Wee. And there will be a 4th part too! Oh joy of joys. Makes me want to go down town to check out some homeless folks. I’m not making fun of their plight by any means. It’s just that they don’t always have access to soap and water. C’mon now. We all would like to pop a nose like this. And film it. Pleasant dreams everyone.

  35. Anyone who voted this less than 5 stars should be banned immediately!

  36. Wispers_69 says:

    Freakin amazing

  37. HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD. This is the end all be all of blackhead videos! No better blackhead video on the face of the earth! I have a feeling that if there is intergalactic space communication available, a copy of this vid should be sent to our nearby alien neighbors so they can appreciate our fascination with dermatology. Good ole waxy, thick blackheads (solar (senile) comedones are pretty much my fave… Winnie- you & Dr. Yadav have just made my day… no, week… agh screw it, you’ve made my year! Major props for your scouting, doc’s handiwork, and the blackhead-ridden gentleman! Thanks Winnie! (btw, if none of that makes sense, it’s because I took my Lunesta 2 hours ago lol!)

  38. I had my breath all sucked in watching that post all excited. Until I saw that blood on the nose of the poor old man …..darn. I felt sorry for him. But then I watched more and I loved it !!!! I feel so guilty. Like when I laugh at my husband when he trips and falls down. :o(

  39. juicysqueeze says:

    This guy could make a fortune hiring his nose out to popoholics to have a good squeeze !

    1. princesspustule says:

      You are right on the money when you said he would make a fortune. I would give him a fortune if he would let me get after those blackheads. Talk about a kid in a candy store. I wouldn’t sleep for days if I had a hold of that nose. The poor guy would be up until he just passed out if I had a hold of it. I know some of you other guys would pay a pretty penny to get that snout. Oh well, one can always dream .

    2. zitsandgiggles says:

      I call shotgun!!! :-)

  40. There is a God and He loves us, Dr. Yadaz just keeps proving it over & over!! My heart rate actually sped up & I was pushing in my mind right along with him. I’m telling you, give me 2 rubber gloves & 30 minutes with that old man & I’d be the happiest, most de-stressed, person on the planet. The comedone extractor would never enter the equation. I want to get my thumbs & forefingers into the action. I don’t think you’d ever at one time be able to get them all. By the time you thought you did, they’d be filling back up. Dr. Yadaz, you are so cool & you crack me up as you keep saying,”There are so many black & white heads.” Yeah, there are & watching you squeeze them out brings so very many of us pure joy! Thank you + please tell the gentleman he’s a movie star & he has fans all over the world! Please, please, keep them coming!

  41. Imagine that–all the cool vids of abcesses, and pimples, and pustules, and surgical operations on bulging cysts–and we’re all flipping out over an old man’s pitted nose.
    Nice job Winnie.

  42. It just boggles my mind how someones nose can be so completely covered in blackheads. I mean, the blackheads were literally running out of places to grow so there was literally mounds of sebum just being built upon older mounds of sebum.

    This guy most of not touched his nose once over the past two decades or even blew his nose since just think about the process of blowing your nose. Hold a tissue securely to your nose and then blow as hard as you can out of our nose, some people will do one nostril at a time, which would requiring squeezing down on your nose. The doctor really wasn’t not applying too hard of pressure, my guess is that just a gentle squeeze of the nose with your thumb and index fingers would be enough to cause 10 or even more blackheads/whiteheads to pop open.

    Also, I can’t tell if it’s just the way the camera looks but all of these guys with the blackhead infested noses seem to have like inflamed skin on their nose. The skin has become very leathery, even more so then what you see from normal aging. I wonder if all of the pores on these dude’s noses being clogged with sebum would cause inflammation and even pressure.

    I really don’t think I would be able to control myself if I saw someone with this condition in public. Consequences be damned, I wouldn’t care. I would pretty close to anything to get my hands on something like that. I’m talking illegal stuff that could get you locked up kind of stuff.

    1. He mention in some of his comments that they a form of Senile (solar) comedones that appear as blackheads quite commonly in elderly patients, especially those who have had a high exposure to sunlight during their life. Ultraviolet radiation damage to the dermis can result in distension of sebaceous follicles with keratin blockage and comedone formation.

  43. amazing.!a keeper!

  44. wy dont put the nose betwen a door and close

    1. Spike – Really, not appropriate. You may not have meant it as a disrespectful or suggesting a painful or violent act, but that is how it seems to be read by many individuals. Please give more thought to how you are wording your comments, and also remember to avoid foul language… Thanks!

      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin

  45. Put the little dainty blackhead tool down and reach for the melon baller!!

    He must have lost a kilo in wait after that epic popping session.

    I’m nauseous but can’t stop watching, pure fascination.

  46. Xmas in July.

  47. Dr Yadav is my HERO !!! This is about as perfect as a blackhead video can be. I will watch this over and over. My only disappointment is that he said only one more to come…Please Dr Yadav dont ever stop sending your videos. WE LOVE THEM !! Thanks for sharing Dr Yadav, and thank you Winnie for posting.

    1. Dr Vikram Yadav says:

      Oh my heroine …4th part will not be the end…I am planning for a series…What are the topics other than Zit poping should I cover ? specify that too…

      1. Thank you so much Dr. Yadav!

        Cyst extractions, more blackhead extractions, infection drainage, extractions of any kind… we’re not difficult! Everything is appreciated!

      2. Do you ever come across Cystic Acne? I have always wondered if someone with a severe case needs to have the cysts drained as well as the smaller comedones extracted.

        I’d love to see so many things – from funky feet to keratoacanthomas, seborrheic keratoses… I think I shall have to compose a list!!!! LOL. Over on the PTZ FaceBook pages I post a number of photos on different dermatological conditions, would love to hear your comments on some of those diagnoses!

        We do love eawax… ;P

        I think if I printed a run of T-shirts that said “I HEART Dr. Vikram Yadav”… they’d probably sell out pretty darn quick. I’d certainly proudly wear one!!! How about you, maloralw? :D

        ~ H.S.

      3. The good Doc Y – we are HONORED!!!!! Halph – the doctor who has brought us so much joy should automatically be a “SUPER DUPER certified popologist”. Doc – we love it all as long it is up close, in focus and nothing in the way of a fabulous shot! Thank you and thank your patients for allowing us into their world.

      4. i would love to see scalp psoriasis treatment, especially de-scaling. or seborrheic dermatitis.

  48. I love Dr. Vikram’s little idiosynchratic English phrasing and pronunciation. Of course, the blackheads are outrageous, epic, and extremely satisfying. Doesn’t the old gentleman know that he can just pinch them out? Does he even have a mirror? Is he blind? Where are his grandchildren? Doctor, please give us some case history. Thanks for a job well done…..everyone!

  49. CHRISSY46 says:

    Dr. Yadav, pleeeeeze get someone to hold those wrinkles open while you get to the big juicy fat blackheads between the wrinkles. There are so many wonderful squeezes and without help we are not going to get the full potential of the job that this video can bring! You are amazing to have found this old man and please also make the next video longer if you could.

    Keep them coming!…….. I can’t wait for the next one!.

  50. You remember that jump up and down hand clapping at the same time when you were a 5 year old? I got that feeling with this vid!

    1. cheezewiz says:


    2. Oh heck YEAH, BT! That is a very apt description!!!! Like a natural high – especially knowing there is more to come….. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!

      ~ H.S.

  51. Joachim Nyseth says:

    Someone give that man an assistant. What a great video! We want more!

  52. pashion4popin says:

    awesomeness at it’s finest! we bow b4 a great master blaster of nose plaster ;) keep ‘em squishin’ dr. v.!

  53. tallkool1 says:

    outstanding i have a new favorite video it dosnt get any better than this. keep up the good work WINNIE.

  54. I thought I already commented, but I guess it didn’t “take”. Anyway, I just thanked Winnie & Dr V!! I said that I love the way he says “Thank you for watching” several times when HE is the one who should be thanked. So, THANK YOU, again, Dr. V.!!!

    1. How can this video POSSIBLY get only 3 & 1/2 stars??? I’ve asked this before, but WHO rates these??

  55. crazy4cyst says:


  56. Poor old gent. Being tortured for our amusement! Lol seriously, ihave never seen a nose like that. It looked like a ginormous rotten strawberry with old seeds. You could tell from his eye squinting that although we, the audience and the extractor were having a blast, the extractee was less than enthusiastic. Maybe he was paid to sit still. Lol

    1. loll ,funny!

      But I’ve seen ppl,mens,in the US of A having their pilonidal cyst drained
      and they were also “less than enthusiastic”…

      The difference tho is that THEY PAID and had to “stay” still anyway,loll.

  57. What would you pay to get a hold of that shnoz?

    I know for sure, I’d cough up $200 if I could get my hands on that thing for an hour or two.

    1. Sock Monkey says:

      I am with you, Taka. I would do them by rows and slowly milk out each one. Maybe we should team up and split the cost. :) My dad is going to India in December. Maybe I should go with him and offer a free service of nose cleaning. I could wear a white coat so I looked like a professional!! ;)

    2. I am fairly confident that if you journeyed to India waving around 200 bucks in exchange for the scrump”diggy”iscous privilege of plowing through some octogenarian’s schnoz with a few archeological tools thinly disguised as “comedone” extractors, you yourself would be trampled to death under the wave of uber-rabid volunteers.

      On a more serious and far sadder note, that amount of money is probably twice the annual income of many families there.

      But wait! Another happee note to overshadow the serious and far sadder note: you would have so much business that you could possibly permanently improve the lot of several families with just your vacation munee!! And it sure would beat another trip to Disneyland.

      Indian Dermatology Office: the NEW Happiest Place on Earth!

      Good Nite

  58. Winnie & Dr. V this was epic!
    One thousand thank yous!

  59. 5 STAR VIDEO!!!!!!!!

    That would be a fun day of blackhead activity…….

  60. Simply amazing.
    This is better than porn!

  61. ok ok,i admit,i wanted to see all the blackheads come out,noticed a few that did not get extracted,rawr

  62. deadlybeautifulangel says:

    I think it was an awesome blackhead video. :)

  63. ooey gooey fun says:

    (Breathless and lighting a cigarette -even though I quit 15 yrs ago) ….that was good for me, was it good for you?

    oh my! my knees are still quivering!

  64. Are we saying that the perfect Blackhead video only exists in the mind is that why this only get a 4 of 5?
    I am thinking of wearing a Toga shaving my head, moving to India and wearing a Blackhead spoon/loop thru my nose and becoming a disciple of DR VIKRAM’s
    He said he needs an assistant……..
    When I watch this video I think of the movie with Jodie Fofter “CONTACT”

  65. ready to pop says:

    Soooo Cool!!! Up close the nose looks like a strawberry with huge seeds in it, lol….Deff one of my top two faves ( ;

  66. This is one to watch over and over… Lets run up and down the street asking people if we can pop thier blackheads (just to see the reaction when they look at you with the ” girl you need meds like now” promise you will bust up lauphing)

  67. We are all on this zit video high and it’s great!

  68. crylittlecyster says:

    I love this… That is so great! Thank you Dr Y!

  69. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    If this video is not a 5, I do not know what is?

  70. cheezewiz says:

    I would spend my vacation in India just to have him as a mentor for one day!

  71. OMG – this guy’s nose could keep me entertained for a year! I’d try to only pop 1 or 2 a night….Great post!

    1. justsqueezit says:

      Nope, couldn’t do it. I’d be laying there thinking – I wanna squeeze just ONE more, I’ll only do one tomorrow. Then run and squeeze them all like someone going off his/her diet, except there would be no starting fresh in the morning. =0[

  72. It’s like a peninsula made of craters. I can’t stop watching it. It’s just beautiful. SO many i wanted to squeeze that he missed, two next to his eye (HUGE) and one on the side of his nose. But otherwise… AH-MAZ-ING. *applaudes*

  73. Holy Heck! Even my beloved enjoyed that one, and he’s usually very superior about my zit watching!!!

  74. I’d use small tweezers and my finger nails. After I’m done, the old man’s nose would shrink by 50% after all the sebum is out.

  75. I’m telling you; what do we do without this Doc? He sure takes PTZ to the next level. He never, ever, dissapoints us hungry audience. Who could ever top this? Most likely only the same man & same Doc. But boy, what a Jewel Masterpiece of a nose. It looks like a moon landscape or fully loaded minefield; every single step you take…KABOOM! I noticed that some craters were still producing even though the wells looked empty, now that’s a hidden talent. It would be cool to save al those record-breaking blackheads on a silver plate and put it behind glass in a museum for future generations to enjoy. Watching all the empty craters afterwards is very satysfying as well. Forget Costa Rica or Thailand or whatever, my next trip should be to India. See the good Doc live in his Candystore, better than Disneyland and Universal Studios combined. It would be nice if he could get at this nose again in a few months or so and try a different method like squeesing or a biore strip. Oh…just think about it…

  76. zittylover says:

    Wow! I watch this video all the time! real teen #ZITATION# material! lol

      I hereby cancel your thumb-down with a VERBAL thumb-up.

      1. Nice move Miss Sunbeam ;)

        May be theres something I dont get…but 7 thumb-down!!!

      2. Sock Monkey says:

        It looks like this is the smoking section; put out the cigar, Uncle Larry!

  77. loismills says:

    I hope there will be more of these from the dr. I wish you would completely take all the stuff out of the big black ones though before you quit on them, but if you don’t it doesn’t matter, I still love your videos. PLEASE SEND US MORE. THANK YOU


  79. weeelllp theres really nothing to add to what y;all have said except I am very sad I’m not assistant material :(. my hands simply arent steady enough anymore to film.

    1. Rhi, don’t put yourself down – there is no reason why you could not hold the gauze to collect the wonderfully extracted material!!! With a whole *team* of PTZ assistants crowding around (and probably having to do rotations!) there will always be a job for you!!!! So join in, my dear, no one is going to let you miss out on the fun!

      :) :) :) & Big Hugs!
      ~ H.S.

      1. I love what you said to Rhi, H.S.! Besides it being SO nice, as someone who also has very unsteady hands due to CP and a tremor, it’s warmed my heart to see your kindness. Thank you…

  80. Well It’s official I am doing what I hate, I am posting 5 or 6 times on the same thread.
    I was also thinking that this blakhead video will never be bettered but I am sure someone will come along with one that will be better, I don’t know how but it will happen and I look forward to that day.

  81. 5 Stars!!!! A Standing Ovation from this viewer! It is going to my Favorites!

  82. Zitgoddess says:

    I can’t believe this video doesn’t have 5 stars. WTHeck? Anyway, glorious and I only wish I’d be able to get to a nose like that. I truly believe that this gentleman’s nose is an art form, not a problem. One man’s trash is another’s gloriously spent afternoon. I’ve gotta go watch this again. Toodles@!

    1. Dr Vikram Yadav says:

      I will make next video with some special effects, may be than I can get 5/5

      1. Xsqueezeme says:

        I gave it a million stars. Everyone loves it…I’ll fly to India if you need assistance witht this patient:)

      2. No matter how great they are, videos just never get a cumulative 5 stars Dr. Y. We have people who manage to find some fault, but also we have some people who come on this site just so they can dislike or poorly rate videos on purpose. Because it can be done anonymously, it’s very frustrating! As you can see from all the comments, your videos are VERY loved by most of the PTZ community

  83. Please use a BIORE strip, oh please, oh please, oh please use a biore strip.

  84. I just could not figure out what to write on such a good video, until today when the following occurred to me to mind:

    If this is read by one who has watched the above video less than ten times, then feel free to click on a ‘thumb down’.

    1. Xsqueezeme says:

      I watch it before I go to sleep at night… It is my favorite bedtime story.

  85. Question,…….Does DR Vikram know about this site “POP THAT ZIT” I hear him talking about leaving comments below and he talks about feedback he has got in the past.
    We need to hook up DR VIK as our official resident doctor and have him post directly here.

    1. Definitely on that one popper01, lol. Great minds think alike! So keep your fingers crossed, lets hope for some wonderful surprises down the road (or just around the corner!!!!)

      ~ H.S.

  86. Too bad I can’t prioritize my faves. This one would be on top. The best of the best! Thanks Winnie and Doctor Yadav.


  88. Can’t he just press on his nose and they will come out quicker? I bet he will have more for us to see! He said it has been 2 or 3 decades! wow!

    1. with a good two-hand squeeze I bet they would all come out!

  89. canadaeast says:

    Hello fellow Poppers,
    I am a long time PTZ viewer, first time poster.

    I love blackheads, everything pales in comparison to Dr.Y’s videos. Why do I curl my toes and grit my teeth when watching these latest submissions of Dr.Y’s videos ? Well, gotta go and rewatch them again for the 15th time.

  90. Every evening I come to PTZ to ck out the latest video. Since this one posted, every evening, it’s the very last thing I watch before I leave this site. This video is still as awe inspiring as it was the very first time I saw it. Sometimes, I’ll go to my favorites and watch #2 & this #3, back to back, just because I can. By the look of the patients nose & face, I bet we could have several more video’s to come. Our own personal Dr. Yadav Blackhead Library. How cool is that?

  91. My god! that second pop at the start of the video is the mother of all blackheads, I call it the “BFB” BIG FAT BASTARD” i bet you that thoes pores have pumped out more oil than most oil rigs….you have to admit that his SNOZ of a nose started looking better toward the end of the video but there was still tons of work left.

    I would have attacked it sort of like DR VIK did…A shotgun approch just ripping into the biggest blackhead I see just to get it out of my system, then I would do like others have said and setup some sort of a grid system to tackle the rest.
    Many of the larger blackheads were snapped off and have much more cheese to give up.

    People will talk of this nose for years, people will ask each other “where were you when DR Vikram’s video’s were posted”
    Grandfathers will tell there grandchildren about this video for generations.

    I am not afraid to say it, I say it without shame that I would go after that nose without gloves, just my figers, fingernails and the spoon/loop tool..NIRVANA!!!!

  92. Extraordinary! Up close, personal, divine on full screen. I’m watching at least twice a day!

    Thank you SO much!

    1. I actually think I prefer this video to the Part 4 sequel. More blackhead action here.

  93. neil rene conde says:


  94. chappiejen says:


  95. popitlikeitshot says:

    Bless you, Dr. Yadav! Just awesome!

  96. Have to drop by every day and get you blackhead high for the day………
    Go visiting the old folks home……….might be able to find a few to take the edge off……….LMAO

  97. diamondgirl says:

    What is it about these hard, dark and dirty looking worms that come out so effortlessly? Anywho, another great one Winnie! I would rather see a black head popped any day over those oozing infected globs of horrific infection being slung all over a room. LOL…Sometimes those are a bit too much for my old constitution!!

    Anxious for Part III!! And that nose…Goodness Gracious alive….never saw a shnauzer quite like that one! It houses blackheads very

  98. Mama Cheese Fiend says:

    Just bought one of these tools today :)

    1. Please let us know how it works out.. :)

  99. rainbowdust919 says:

    HOLY CRAP! How does that even happen???!!! I see old men with black heads like that, and I wonder how they get that bad and why they never through to take care of them.

    His nose was so malleable, it didn’t even seem real!

    1. rainbowdust919 says:


    2. maybe because it hurts. my ex had lots of blackheads, and wouldn’t let me pop his pores b/c it hurt. i’m sure the wives bring in these old gentlemen, b/c they get tired of looking at it, and the hubby won’t let them clean it up.

  100. weroniqque says:

    Omg! this is absolutely amazing job! love this. thnx

  101. 5 stars! 5 stars! 5 stars! This is my favorite video. I love watching blackheads being extracted. I love the huge cysts as well, don’t get me wrong, but these little buggers are the best.

  102. Well slap my arse and call me Brenda!

    That was absolutely amazing, definitely 5*

    I can’t believe what I have just seen and the abstractor can be bought at a local english shoppe!

  103. freidabob says:

    Oh wow! This immediately was added to my favorites! If this was my grandpa…. I would visit him daily just to clear those pores!!!!!

  104. masterblaster says:

    OMG……..The Blackhead Gods have been ever so good to us with this video!!! That poor man’s nose has been the source of SOOOOO much joy for me!!! Instantly favorited!! I just keep replaying and replaying!! Dr. Yadav is my new favorite!! That was AMAZING!!! Please, Dr. Yadav….keep them coming!!! What a beautiful job holding the camera and extracting at the same time!! Your camera work was flawless, and your extracting was perfect! Excellent multi-tasker! THANK YOU!!! And I thoroughly enjoyed the commentary…Doctor just kept saying, “Soooo many blackheads! SO MANY BLACKHEADS!” What else is there to say about that!! I, too, would jump at the opportunity to fly to India and be your assistant! It would truly be a dream come true! Thank you so much to Halph-Staph, Winnie, and again, especially to Dr. Yadav for this absolute MASTERPIECE!!

  105. I want one! (The nose, I mean!)

  106. Why don’t we all chip in and buy him a tripod for his camera?

  107. I’ve been a lurker for a while (amazing to learn others share my…shall we say…zit proclivity) but this video was so amazingly stupendous it prompted me to finally register so I could leave a comment. Oh, how I WISH I could find a nose like that! Thank you SOOOO much, Dr. Y and Winnie! I’m positively breathless…I think I may swoon…

    1. Welcome to PTZ, jennifer!!! Here is to a long and hopefully active membership? :)! Glad you made the leap out of the Lurker’s Closet, and I really do hope you stick around. So, ready to swoon about the upcoming release of the next installment? Oh yes, another one is on its way as we speak!!!! Tomrrow, 11AM EST.

      If you do faint, please steer clear of furniture with sharp edges and also kitchen utensils can be very dangerous for swooners. I highly suggest watching while either laying down in bed or at least sitting on the sofa or in a sturdy, not prone to tipping, chair (personal experience – some office chairs like to go over when you feint… or fall asleep… waking up with the floor closing in fast… not fun. lol)

      So, again, welcome, and congratulations on your very first comment!!!!

      POP ON!
      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin

      1. I will be there with bells on! (And make sure my swooning supplies are ready…lol)

  108. I think this man has Rhinophyma – that explains the rubbery nose! What an awesome video……

  109. I have this 78 year old guy I work with and I have to tell myself to stop staring at his blackheads on his nose. I just want to get one good squeeze on it.

  110. I love the doctor’s accent. It reminds me of a friend of mine in Dallas some years ago. He had emigrated from India to the U. S. to work for the United Nations as a specialist in African affairs. he had an undergraduate degree in political science and had a master’s degrees in both theology and counseling. He was one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. He’d also worked for the U. S. State Department as a specialist in African affairs. I wonder if George [my friend] is viewing this video? Doubtful; he’d probably be repulsed by my interest in things “sebum-ical.”

  111. Thank you so much Dr.

  112. loismills says:


  113. Dr. Y gets “The Gold” in ALL events! Fantastic!

  114. Mama Cheese Fiend says:

    I would pay money to get my hands on that nose

  115. for the extractor; they can be simple to use,be careful or you can leave some scarring or tearing of your skin,gets all the crap out of your face and anyone elses:)

  116. Help! Dr. Y ‘s videos won’t play! They freeze up or become distorted. Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! Help!!!

  117. Please feel free to make these videos longer and more frequent – they are so awesome!! Thank you so much Dr. Y. When can we expect the next one?

  118. this poor patient is gonna run out of nose space

  119. He has such a squishy nose. I also was wondering with all this work on his nose did he go home with only a few black and white heads left?

  120. I want his job!

  121. Is it bad I have large chunks of the good doctor’s dialog memorized? I just have to get my morning fix..

  122. How in the hell did his nose get like this????? I can’t stand to see a pimple on anyone, let alone looking in the mirror at this!!! Wouldn’t you just be sick to see it?? Why leave it alone????

  123. Becky Troxel says:

    I think I’ve watched this video at least 100 times. It is so AWESOME!!! But so unfair that I don’t know anyone with that degree of black headery!

  124. The doc is only taking them off of the left side of the guys face. If he keeps that up much longer, that old guy is going to start to list to starboard! His head will be totally out of balance.

  125. Brigette Bertelson says:

    I love watching his videos! Yummy!

  126. The videos that this doctor makes…they’re what dreams are made of! I seldom watch videos more than once or twice, but this series of amazing extractions, yep, worth several play-overs! Excited for the next one!

  127. I kind of wish they would have weighed every bit of pus/sebum/keratin/whatever, you know, zit stuff.
    I’d be interested to know if there was a noticeable weight difference to his nose before and after. That’s a LOT of blackheads they popped there.

  128. Dr. V – you are DA MAN! I’m not worthy, man!

    I swear this is the ugliest narliest nose I’ve ever seen. He’ll be producing these awesome blackheads for years to come!

    10 stars!! YEAH DR V!!!

  129. The doc needs his own drop down category!!!!! He’s awesome. Never fails to entertain.

  130. hopecandecieve says:

    This poor bastards pores are so unbelievably MASSIVE that they look like a flag-pole can be planted/stuck into them by some war-torn refugee so they could then claim and seek asylum on his face. lol

  131. I have one concern with the vids from Dr. V; I assume the old men he has recruited are living in poverty and, most likely, are not paying to have facials done…which leads me to believe that these kind-hearted old men are offered money, after being found on the streets, to come in and have their blackheads popped…which bothers me. It is likely quite painful and there is unlikely any follow-ups, in case of infection, for these men. There…as a pop-lover, I just had to express that.

  132. How do you rate these videos? whatever the highest number is? I rate this video at that number. I am suprised that Dr yadav even takes the time to do this stuff. I would think he is a very busy man. THANKYOU DR YADAV.
    Also whoever gave him a thumbs down? GET REAL PEOPLE.

  133. Poor guy! It doesn’t even look like a nose!

  134. stop saying “sooo many blackheads” yes i know its a negative comment, and it is, but im sure a lot of your viewers, are going insane with your constant repetitiveness of stating the obvious, and im pretty sure your patient is sitting there, thinking to himself, “yes, I know, I get it, “so many blackheads”” anyway, aside from that, i cant end without saying, these are kick ass “so many blackheads” video’s

  135. Please give this patient some soap and water; then show him how to wash his face/nose!

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