COMING SOON! Dr. Yadav’s Best Blackheads Part 4!!!!!

He Said He Would Do It…
He Told Us There Would Be More…
He Sure Wasn’t Lying…
Tommorow, July 26th at 11:00AM EST!!!
The BEST Blackheads Video EVER Part FOUR!!!!!

In case you are confused, we never posted the real Part 1 – which was a short video showcasing the nose with oh so many super big blackheads or comedones liberally peppering it. But, since the wonderful Dr. Vikram Yadav will be continuing the series, we have opted to use his numbering method, and hopefully alleviate any future confusion.

…if you aren’t even more confused now, that is… ;)

Thank You, Dr. V. Yadav!
~ The Entire Staff and Community of PTZ!

From Dr. Yadav on YouTube:

“Boom…Part 4 of black & white heads on nose is about to come…only 26 hours left, it will be live by 8:30 pm at Indian Standard Time on 26 July 2012…Here we will explode few cysts, extract comedones from ear, chest, back, etc…”

RUNTIME: 0min 12sec

TITLE: “coming soon…”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 25, 2012 by shaziajafrey8

45 Comments on “COMING SOON! Dr. Yadav’s Best Blackheads Part 4!!!!!

    1. Me neither!

  1. Oh boy! Can’t wait for more of the brilliant Dr. Y and his fascinating patients. :-)

  2. Dr Vikram Yadav says:

    Hi Meg Or Halph Staph
    I have replied to your mail that you sent at my youtube account, I have mailed it to your yahoo ID as you have applied contact block to your youtube Channel because of which I was not able to reply there…
    Dr Vikram Singh Yadav

    1. Dear Dr. Yadav,

      Thank you so very much for making these videos available to us. I certainly appreciate the time and effort you’ve expended. I have truly enjoyed viewing the videos.


    2. PoisonIvy says:

      Dear Dr. Yadav- thank you so much for taking the time to post these videos on PopThatZit. The entertainment factor is there, for sure, and I have learned many things I never knew from watching them! I know you must be a very busy man- thank you again for taking the time to provide these videos!

    3. Dear Dr. Yadav, Your the man! Keep those great videos coming. We all appriciate the hard work. That must be hard making those videos trying to pop and hold the camera at the same time. Do you need an assistant?

    4. Dr Y – that was a black head and not a cyst? Unbelievable!!!

      THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU for sharing with us!!!!!

    5. comedoness says:

      Dr. Yadav, thank you for taking the time to make these videos, we truly appreciate your time and diligence. Please thank your patient also, we appreciate his cooperation during the filming.

    6. Dear Dr. Vikram Yadav,
      Like everyone else, I am a huge fan. I have a request though. Do you think you could do a video where you completely emptied out one blackhead before moving on to the next one? It’s so hard to watch them not be completed. I’d also love it if you could maybe clean off the extra gunk a little bit more so we can see your handiwork. But really, just keep up the great work.

      1. Girlpupe, I absolutely agree with you.
        A similar request I also sent to doctor via Youtube channel.

        We are not pus lovers (as somebody thinks), primary we love to watch and learn cleansing the human body from such things.

    7. Hi Dr. Yadav…

      I echo what everyone else has said. Thank you so much for sharing these fascinating cases with us! I have never seen such amazing blackheads as the ones you have shown your patients to have.

      Thank You!


  3. unclelarry says:

    Christmas is coming early this year!!!

    1. justsqueezit says:

      This is better than a pony!

    2. That will be the 4th Christmas this yr alone….

  4. I don’t care how they are numbered, I’m just excited that we get another one!! Thank you, Dr. Yadav! And thank you, Halph Staph!

  5. I’m giddy with anticipation just thinking about it!!

  6. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    This is gotta be GREAT!!!!!!!

  7. I wonder if he is as excited to make this for us as we are waiting to watch it :)

  8. Dr. Y – you are such a FLIRT <3 Is there a missus in your life – if you don’t mind us asking. Then again your website woud be flooded with marriage proposals as well as “popping” proposals ;) Can’t wait for the next installment!!!!!

  9. I’m so excited!! I’ll be here no matter what time Dr. Yadav’s Indian Standard Time translates to my time!! Thanks for the heads up, Halphi! poppy

  10. OMG !!!! I don’t think I can take the waiting , Dr. Yadav is so freakin awesome !!!!!! I love this guy he’s so cool

  11. Cheese Dip says:

    Oh Dr. Yadav, you are a dream come true.

    I watch Blackhead Video 3 every night before going to bed even though it makes my fiance really mad.

    I am counting the hours until Blackheads and Whiteheads (So Many) Part 4 is posted.

    1. My excitement CAN NOT be contained!) :):):):):)

  12. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

    pure white perfection! This is bliss!!

    Thumbs up Dr. Y…

    1. I would have thought it was a cyst given the amount of stuff coming out of it!!!!! Can you IMAGINE????????? WOWWO!!!!!

  13. HE REALLY LUVS US!!!!!

    1. Better! He understands us and really loves us.

  14. My expectations are sky high Dr. Y. I expect to be utterly blown away by part 4.

  15. FedkaTheConvict says:

    I really like Dr. Yadav’s videos (especially the 3rd one in the blackhead series) but I think they could be even better if he worked methodically on an area instead of moving around randomly.

  16. many, many thanks to Dr. Singh for his exceptional videos. we would also like to thank “the patient” for sacrificing his nose on our behalf. :)

  17. Dr. Vikram…IS THE MAN!!!!! he is an artist with the blackhead tool…..
    I am thinking of giving away all I own and follow DR. V as one of his deciples….lol Can’t wait to see part 4 but I hope that is not all, I hope this is the start of a long relationship.

  18. Mama Cheese Fiend says:

    Can’t wait for part 4!!!

  19. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, I am so excited! What a great teaser!

  20. I now have something to live for!!!!!!! LOL!

  21. comedoness says:

    He put out a teaser, I love it!!!

  22. Yes sir Dr Yadav!!! Will that include a Master class in the proper use of an extractor? I hope so!!!
    Thank you Dr. Yadav!!!

  23. If I could do a back flip I would! Oh the anticipation!!!!

    1. PS. Can we call this a documentary? With a little production I think they would be worthy of a TV medical special. Dr. Y is a star!!!!!

  24. I’m channeling Carley Simon…. Anticipation, Anticipation, is makin me late, it’s keepin me waiting… And tomorrow we might not be together. I’m no prophet, I don’t know natures ways. So I’ll try and see into your eyes right now and stay right here cause these are the good old days.

  25. Hi everybody fm Italy… Wonderful Dr. Yadav

  26. coming soon… in stereo where available

  27. I would like to know why Dr. Vikram does not put the video in original format and not mounted that
    it would be much better to go to whole is much more satisfying.
    Please Dr. Vikram do it for all of us. Thanks

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