Nasty Business, This Back Cyst Popping…

~~~~~ WARNING! ~~~~~
thank you.
~~~~~ WARNING! ~~~~~

This post is a place holder for a revised edition of the video – with the, ahem, audio track removed and replaced with a more soothing and PTZ approved musical number. Then it make room for a brighter, cleaner and perhaps *GASP* happier version.

(and I was running on insomiac time and forgot exactly why this video wasn’t already posted to the site… which it is… in the Forum… where we decided to replace the soundtrack… Yup, my bad. Sorry Poppintime!!!! :P!! ) Enjoy folks!


Q: Why did the popper only use one hand?

A: Because there was only one glove!

The question then becomes, do we applaud their standards of sterility, or at least as good as an attempt can be made in a home setting, or do we still lambast the video due to one-handed awkward yet somewhat still successful popping method?

As a decent Popology community, I would hope for the former, given that complaints of “No Gloves!!! Arrrrgggghhhhh!” seem to be louder and more numerous than the sharp outcries condemning the 1-hander popping stylists.

My mind turned this video over and over, front to back, sideways, longways, L-spaceways, nullsetways, fridays to sundays, walkways, safeways – and I still couldn’t locate it in the Archives or Pending – nada, nothing, nyet, nein, zilch, zero, nonexistent, nope, narf – in other words, nowhere.

If I have committed the inglorious and heinous infraction of posting a repeat offender, may I receive my one hundred lashes with an al dente style cooked linquine noodle. Must be fresh, none of that boxed crap. Have some class, my friends, really. You are the best, demand the best! No one just hands it to you, they save it aside in the hopes the request is not forthcoming, therein securing for themselves that tastiest treat, shiniest stone, softest silk, or fragrant flower. Can’t let it go to waste now, can we? This is their small justification they repeat to themselves until it somehow becomes truth, thus replacing the unmistakable fact they are jsut as greedy as the rest of us chumps clinging to this madly spinning mudball which is but a speck, nay the merest mote of particulate matter in the great crowded scape which is the Universe.

Ummm, where was I… oh yeah! Hope this isn’t a repost, have fun enjoy, and don’t forget – tun the volume down and crank up Beethoven’s “Coriolan Overture” which will make viewing much more… enlightened.

Pop On!
~ H.S. (And don’t forget to look for the new and improved version, to be posted shortly!!)

YT Commentary:


RUNTIME: 9min 33sec

TITLE: “Nasty Zit Pop, Incredible, Must see!”
YT INFO: Published on Jun 13, 2012 by D0N0TSUBMEASSH0LE

48 Comments on “Nasty Business, This Back Cyst Popping…

  1. Now we clearly know why doctors use a numbing agent before they attack these things. I wouldn’t want to be cut open with an exacto knife with the sharpness of a butter knife. Still the screams of agony seemed excessive: “I’m not even touching you dude!”. Too funny!

    1. He’s just like my husband when I squeeze his zits. Hurts when they wipe, but not when they squeeze? Makes no sense.

  2. Points to the popper for the improvised glove & bringing in the tweezers towards the end. But I must say the screams from the “pop-ee” were a bit excessive.

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      I couldn’t agree mOre! He was kind of a wimp. They should have waited until they had the proper tools needed to get the job done! It was a good video though! Would have loved to have watched until the end! Thanks for posting Poppintime!!

  3. That guy sounded like a big sissy.. He would probably be crying out in agony if he had a little tiny sliver taken out.. That dude needs to grow a pair and stop being a whimp.


  5. There are lots of things you can do one-handed. Squeezing a zit ain’t one of them. Still, loved it! Thanks for posting.

  6. This video is just annoyed me. I understand that using only one glove for no other. But they do not realize that they will have a better grip if wipe the blood.
    Very bad, this is the second time that I can not decide how rate a video here, so I will not.

    I muted the sound of how is recommended in the introductory text, just imagine how I would be extra annoyed with sound on. ;)

  7. Aussie Cyster says:

    By the look of the shiz coming out of that thing I would be worried the cutter nicked his bowel. ouch and yack.

    great post HS thanks :)

    1. Thanks, Aussie – but credit really goes to poppintime – you wouldn’t believe how muddled your brain becomes when under intense stress and not just an inability to sleep, but a fear of going to seep! But, it will get better. ;)

      Thanks for the post, poppintime! Looking forward to the re-edit!!!!

      ~ H.S.

      1. I’m there too.

      2. Aussie Cyster says:

        Sorry Popintime. I must have read H.S at the bottom of the blurb and thought it was her post,


  8. My first question was “how many beers did these guys have before they thought it was a good idea?” He is going have a serious bruise on his back after this attack.

  9. Hey CO!!! Get A Tripod and Step Back!!!
    Poppee: Shut Your Yap and Let The Popper Do His Job!!!
    Popper: Good Work Son!!!
    Excellent find H.S.!!!

      1. Thanks for that, BT, I almost feel “healed” from watching a lesser quality of one-handed-pop. I didn’t even have it in my faves until now!

      2. Oh yeah, HOW THE HECK can there be a thumbs-down rating on that comment? Either someone has an “axe to grind” or, a twitch when they hover over it–either way, totally uncalled for. I will now cancel it out with a thumbs-up!

      3. comedoness says:

        Definitely gold!

  10. I’ve used bread sacks for gloves before but not a zip lock sandwich bag that he had on his other hand :)

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Surgical bread sacks?

      1. Yes, in case there is a very deep cyst to dig out :)

  11. A box cutter? [shakes head]

    At least you can mostly sterilize an Exacto knife, but a box cutter? Might as well just smear sewer water on the thing.

  12. Lovin Squeezn Mama says:

    Note to future pops, use a fresh, SHARP, blade! Better yet, to to the dr. OMG, what did they do, use that thing to cut carpet before using it on him? I felt sorry for him but then he did probably ask to get it done. wow….

  13. That sucker was in dire need of a good old fashioned four finger squeeze! Imagine the glorious explosion that could have been!

    1. Yes – who was doing the squeezing the camera operator or the cyst owner?

  14. crazy4cyst says:

    that was nasty.Great post

  15. Silence of the pus lambs:

    “Don’t wipe it, Clarisse, daaaaab it!

    Don’t wipe it, daaaaab it!”

    That thing had the color of putrefaction to it.

    1. LOL so true!! Too funny Silence of the Lambs

  16. I loved this one….I don’t know why I just did. Maybe because the poppee sounded like my ex-husband. The popper needs to remember one thing if he ever has the opportunity to squeeze another of Dude’s cysts…..a BALL GAG!! I never heard anyone scream like that over a cyst that size, I think he was a little over dramatic. La did better than he did…..remember La? LOL…..we have seen them cut out with steak knives for crying out loud…..I laughed every time he screamed dab it….dab it…..just dab it….lmao….thank you for sharing poppintime, it made my day!! I loved it!!!

    1. The video was deleted :(

    2. Lovin Squeezn Mama says:

      omg omg omg, Winnie, BALL GAG!!! omg i cant stop laughing! bahahaha oh, thoughts of a whiny Winnie-ex screaming thru a ball gag and Winnie WINNING as she stands over him whining…oh I totally forgot about the whiner in the video! Having vengeful ex moments here and Winnie, you ARE WINNING!

  17. crylittlecyster says:

    Anyone else want to push the guy out of the way and do it yourself??? I did !

  18. Not too shabby given what they had to work with. I do hope that next time they’ll take the time and money to get A) a new clean blade and B) a full box of gloves so the popper can have a nice useful matching pair.

  19. Poor execution. I muted the whole thing so I didn’t get a whiff of the witty banter others have referred to. This could have been much more interesting. At least the popper wasn’t holding on to the camera too.

  20. Lindsey Lucas says:

    It hurts my feelings when people treat cysts and pimples this way.

    1. You are a true pus-emo.

  21. 3cysterscafe says:

    Reminded me of a couple of circus clowns! One sad face complainer and one happy face joyful guy! They just fumbled their way into not getting the job done! Lol thanks for posting!

  22. the popinator says:

    He needed to wipe away the blood to get a better grip on it and use four fingers. Kept trying to squeeze it at a north-south angle with miniumal results but squeezing it east-west was much more effective.

  23. my question is: if getting rid of it was so important, why couldn’t they use the two sandwich bags in the first place, let alone get some 1 dollar gloves? the video Big Tull recommended is a gem…..

  24. comedoness says:

    yeah, he used one hand, and yeah the audio left a lot to be desired, but I found the contents of the cyst to be very interesting, such a dark color.

  25. popalicious says:

    Fav. quotes:
    “DAB IIIIT!”
    “*yack* I have to go to the bathroom right now, too!”
    “It’s not a tumor!” (poor Arnie impersonation.)

  26. Dab it! What is it make up wuss! To the person doing the dabing manup u know what u have to do!

  27. That zit is laughing at both of u !!!!!

  28. cybersharque says:

    This would have been so much better if our ancestors had discovered whetting stones with which one can sharpen a blade. Or even better had our ancestors discovered “money” with which one can go to the hardware store and buy fresh, keen blades. Simple butchery, one star would be generous.

  29. Comon’ it takes two hands to handle a whopper. I’d have done that in thirty seconds…flat!

  30. I don’t know why people have to make videos with dramatic, over-the-top audio. They may think it makes the zit look bigger or that maybe it fools people into thinking that it produces more pus and after-product. But for us highly experienced zit voyeurs it simply makes the audio absurd. Zit’s, blackheads, boils and other cheese-fest producing growths speak for themselves. A good video doesn’t need sensationalizing. If it’s a good enough video we could care about the audio anyway.

  31. I almost always mute these vids with the exception of medically narrated ones so sound was no issue for me. However, this was so boring that I wanted to shoot myself in the foot just for the distraction.

    I also detest one handed squeezing. Go to the drugstore and buy a 99 cent pack of gloves. I also wonder when people will figure out that blood+gloves=SLIPPERY! They slip, slide and repeat so much that more tissue is damaged by the excessive and ineffective squeezing than the damage the actual cyst may have caused.

    Easy to solve: get 2 gloves. Put them on. If bleeding occurs put some pressure on it for a few minutes the wipe goves and resume attacking target. If gloves get bloody, lather, rinse, repeat. -Avie

  32. pusloverCCTX says:

    I actually kinda found the commentary sumwhat amusing. Anyways, that was a pretty good cyst, alot bigger than it looked. Wish we could have seen what happened after that sac started to come out. I bet those guys freaked. I like when the people always think that it is skin or meat and they say, “Diude its like attached to your body.” Happens every time.

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