Getting Rid of That Sebaceous Cyst!

A “How To…” video – not a bad looking doctor, who does a more than fair job of excising a small but decently packed sebaceous cyst from his very cooperative patient’s back.

I just love it when they use the punch tool!! Originally a biopsy implement, becoming quite the “in” thing for cyst removal – sebaceous, pilar, and even abscessed cysts!

Did I mention the doctor is handsome? Almost distracted me from the procedure – GASP!!!! Breath in, don’t faint from shock!!

YT Commentary:

“This guide shows you how to get rid of a sebaceous cyst
Watch This and Other Related films…”

RUNTIME: 2min 56sec
(Actual Procedure begins at 1m:00s mark)

TITLE: “How to get rid of a sebaceous cyst”
YT INFO: Published on Jun 5, 2012 by videojughealth

36 Comments on “Getting Rid of That Sebaceous Cyst!

  1. Wow , that was a nice little pop , and a nice presentation of sebac puss coming out , I liked it a lot, I also would love to get one of those tools that punch out the middle of the cyst and then you can really squeeze everything out nicely, In any case nice pop !!!!

    1. My thoughts exactly but they need to be stitched up::(

  2. unclelarry says:

    Nice way to start the day. I had to laugh when he said “don’t try this at home”. Good find poppintime.

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Don’t try this at home!
      You should ONLY try this procedure in Blimp Hanger !

  3. The early bird gets the worm springs to mind. Loving the punch tool technique. Good find.

  4. That was simply delightful!!!
    Great ind poppintime!!!

  5. lovely and clean:P

  6. mrtasteless says:

    How delightfully civilized. Please pass the Grey Poupon while you’re there will you? Thank you.

    Now, WTF was that amazing stamp gizmo? Wow!

    1. Aussie Cyster says:

      Do you mean the punch tool that took out a hole of skin? Also used to do a biopsy. I feel a bit ripped off when they use that, I prefer the hearty squeeze myself.

      1. Mmm-hmm. A bit too clinical and controlled for my tastes… where’s the spa-a-at?!

    2. Aussie Cyster says:

      Here is a close up of a punch biopsy being used. Interesting if you have not seen it before and this is a great video (IMHO).

  7. Very well done, but I had to chuckle at the runner – DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! HA HA HA

    1. After watching people remove cysts with coca cola bottles in a recent video – I know why the disclaimer.

      1. HAHA!

  8. Aussie Cyster says:

    Pffft. he sure doesn’t know what he’s talking about…..

    ” You don’t want to have these done by someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing, because there’s a high risk of recurrence”

    Aaagh, don’t tell people that. I want them to come back.!! ;)

    Thanks Popintime, great post :)

    1. @Aussie Cyster Hahahaha that is exactly what I was thinking! LOL!

    2. Yeah Aussie C,I’m with you!
      That was a really poor argument!Especially coming from a Doctor…smh… I dont think Hippocrates is laughing right now!! ;)

      Good find @poppintime ,tnx ;)

  9. The doctor’s major inhale between sentences was distracting me from what he was saying.

  10. He didn’t mess around with the punch tool. Pow! and he was done with it. I always hate seeing vids where the person cutting doesn’t use enough pressure to do it right in one solid cut.

  11. Brilliant removal technique!
    I’m with you AC I love the old fashioned 4 finger squeeze till you get sebum all over the place!

  12. Yeah I prefer the good old squeeze n’ pop over the popping puncture tool, BUT the fact that the doctor was handsome made up for it!

    1. Sock Monkey says:

      I must agree, merricat! Either he works out or he is wearing a bullet proof vest because that chest was pure beefcake!! Yeow!

  13. Sweet Squeezer says:

    Great pop, however his definition of a tiny, tiny hole and mine are two entirely different things!

  14. yankeedoodlepus says:

    It was so neat and clean and so…..orderly.

    I do want a punch tool. Has anyone checked craig’s list?

  15. comedoness says:

    Two thumbs, and two big toes up!!

    1. Sock Monkey says:

      I hope you aren’t referring to the big, crusty toe that was oozing the lemon Jello! ;)

  16. I’m now hungry for some cottage cheese. Just like shopping, I should eat before watching.

    1. You are as funny as your namesake!

      1. Sock Monkey says:

        Uncle Fester is always a joy to have around!! Just looking at his sweet face makes me :)!

  17. crazy4cyst says:

    That was a very good video

  18. I loved the hole punch, what a great idea. I also could listen to the docs voice all day.

  19. I love me those punchies!!!

  20. I love the punches but on one like this….I don’t know I think I would have rather it been incised and the heck squeezed out of it….maybe it is the size or location I’m not sure which it is…..I think the punch biopsy tools should be used for cysts on the noggin……use your muscles on the ones on the back. hehehehehe Great video though….thank you for sharing poppintime.

  21. Very nice! I’m a fiend for cheese. I’d really love to have that punch tool!

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