Cyst on Bottom of Foot

To me this looks more like an infected sebaceous cyst. I thought Ganglion Cysts had clear liquid in them?? This is definitely pus and blood. But hey, what do I know, he’s the doctor. I guess I learned something today. Hope you like it! :)

YT Commentary:

“Decompression of a large ganglionic cyst.”

Title: Ganglion Cyst Pop
YT Info: uploaded on June 1, 2012 by: nyfootlaser

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  1. Oops, how do you undo a rating?? Instead of clicking the link, I accidentally clicked the second star!

  2. Popthatpus says:

    This was definitely a ganglion cyst. Sometimes the fluid in them isn’t completely clear, and may be yellowish, as in this case. He definitely had more blood in there than is common in ganglion cysts, but I imagine it’s because he probably damaged the cyst wall, because of having to step on it all the time!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      You’re right. I looked at the video again more closely and the fluid is clear and more gel-like. I did learn something today! Haha! I always thought ganglion Cysts were on or near a joint too. Turns out that’s not always the case either. Well, I guess I’ll just have to keep coming back to PTZ so I can learn some new stuff! Lol :) (like I’m not here every day anyway.) Ha ha……

      1. Well, the foot is made up of joints where the Tarsals and Metatarsals all meet, so you might not be wrong in your first thought.

      2. I agree with Gerell, there is a primarily stationary joint in the middle of the foot at the top of the “arch” where two sets of bones meet. Some people can pop it like popping knuckles :D

      3. A Jelly Roll!!!

  3. Thanks, 3c! I wonder how these things form?

    1. Sock Monkey says:

      Ganglion Cyst Causes

      The cause of ganglion cysts is not known. One theory suggests that trauma causes the tissue of the joint to break down forming small cysts, which then join into a larger, more obvious mass. The most likely theory involves a flaw in the joint capsule or tendon covering (sheath) that allows the joint tissue to bulge out.’

    2. 3cysterscafe says:

      You’re welcome obsessed! I don’t know, but looks like sockmonkey has a great answer. Thanks sockmonkey! I love learning stuff on here!

    3. well isn’t it obvious? The cyst fairy brings them in.

      1. Sock Monkey says:

        sjhamn-I double dog dare you to add that to wikipedia! :)

      2. What do I have to do to get a visit from the Cyst Fairy?

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    What is worse… Having a ganglion cyst on the bottom of your foot, or getting an injection of Lidocaine on the bottom of your foot?
    Hmmmmmm ……….

    1. Sock Monkey says:

      I had that injection before getting a planter wart removed from the bottom of my foot. “You will feel a little prick” didn’t exactly prepare me for the pain!

      1. Sock Monkey says:

        Oh, I forgot to mention that the wart came BACK and they had to cut it out again!

      2. SoulCysterr says:

        i was taught NEVER to say ‘you will feel a little prick’, cause one of my patients said, “i haven’t felt that in a long time”, lol, so i always said “big stick” and stuck’em

    2. 3cysterscafe says:

      I’ve had to have blood taken from the top of my feet many times because my veins are so $h¡tty. I know they don’t like to do that but sometimes you just do what’cha gotta do. OMG, that hurts so friggin bad!

      1. Sympathy for that. I have had the nurses at my old doctor’s office try both arms and both hands before sending me to a specialty lab for a blood draw. I’m lucky that needles don’t bother me. I did look funny leaving the office with 4 different band aides.

  5. dontbesogullible says:

    That was weird to see what came out of it…texture wise

    1. Sock Monkey says:

      Type “ganglion cyst” into the search field and you will see this type of goo is what sets them apart from other cysts. They are a bit disturbing because you are used to seeing yellow pus come from a cyst instead of hair gel!

  6. This reminds me of the commercial for the gel foot cushions–The dude was gel-in’.

    1. LOL for some reason it won’t let me like you comment, but I laughed when I read it! :D

      1. Well, tickledzitless, let me make it up to you by liking your comment. And thanks.

    2. NMGAPAOH says:

      I wonder if he felt like it after the surgery. Amazing it slid out with a couple of pushes.

  7. Under the feet!!! Definitely a first for me.

    That has to hurt! Anybody knows???
    And it was huge;the amount of “pus material” coming out of it was incredible.

    Awesome find 3cc ;)

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Thank you plush! It’s one of my favorites!

  8. Totally awesome! Reminds me of a jelly donut!

    1. Thinking the exact same thing!

  9. That was awesome!! I love the grip the doc had when pressing to get all the yuck out of it. Can you imagine trying to walk on that….I would have never made it to the doctors…that would have been one messy DIY lol!!! Thank you 3cysterscafe for sharing such an incredible find….one of the best I have seen!!! 5 stars and into my favs!!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Wow, thanks Winnie! Yes, I totally agree, this was definitely the best ganglion cyst I’ve ever seen! That Doc had some mad squeezing going on too! Ha ha!

  10. wicked cool!! I have never seen a ganglion on the bottom of a foot? wonder how often he has to have it drained? I think we all agree, it must be tough walking on that.
    thanks, 3CC, that was the bomb!!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      You’re very welcome my friend! One of my favs too!

    2. Ditto Curious! Thanks so much for the post 3CC! 5/5!!

  11. Sock Monkey says:

    These are also called “Bible” cysts. From Wikipedia: “The term “Bible cyst” (or “Bible bump”) is derived from a common treatment in the past that consisted of hitting the cyst with a Bible or similarly large book. Striking the ganglion cyst with a large tome is usually sufficient to rupture the cyst, and re-accumulation is uncommon.”

    I would not recommend that treatment myself especially on the foot! :)

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Can you imagine the pain ? Gives me the willies!

    2. I “busted” a ganglion cyst that was on the tendon going to my middle finger and it came back a few months later..bigger than the first. Had to have it surgically removed. Doc said they sometimes come back.

  12. That was cool, music wasn’t, sounds like something some Jersey Shore type jerk of a doctor would have blasting away in his convertible with the top down on Hollywood Boulevard to get attention.

    1. I’ve never watched Jersey Shore, but the music was bad. Better than screams tho!! Very cool video!

  13. I’ve been limping around for months cause of a bone spur on the bottom of my heel. I can’t imagne having to walk around on a cyst that big. It’d be like having a ball in your shoe.

  14. Now there’s something you don’t see every day, a ganglion cyst that acts like a sebac!!! Has to be a ganglion because there are no sebaceous glands on the bottom of the feet!
    Excellent find 3cc

  15. comedoness says:

    I see the jelly coming out, so it is a ganglion, but much more interesting than they usually are. Nice find.

  16. I like the sebacs over these, but that was one dandy ganglion….

    1. Def the best ganglion I;ve seen. Nice!!!

  17. NMGAPAOH says:

    Yikes!!! How ever did they work on walking on it??Q!

    1. Similar to walking on a water bed :)

  18. Mr. McPimple says:

    Other than the awful music, a very decent video

  19. phillip jackson says:

    i have never seen one on the bottom of the foot what a payload. great find 3cystercafe.

  20. yankeedoodlepus says:

    I have had the displease of multiply foot surgeries, and steroid injections.
    Never NOT cried. This made me cringe. I feel bad for the person.

  21. Zitgoddess says:

    That’s freakin’ crazy!!!!!! It looks like he’s got Jello Shots coming out of the bottom of his foot. Good stuff but it looks just weird. Interesting but weird.

  22. jomercer says:

    The doc milked that sucker dry!

  23. hey!! who put them gummy worms in his foot?

  24. I have bubbles of eczema under my feet and they hurt like hell. This poor guy must have cried of pain and after cried of relief.

  25. It was like Jelly! And Dear God, something like that on your foot would hurtttttt

  26. So thats where he was storing all his toe jam!

  27. Now I want some Jell-O Shots

  28. phillip jackson says:

    looks like the foot is giving birth.

  29. For all the gook the doc got out of there, it must have been tickling his tonsils…I agree with the others that was the best ganglion cyst I have ever seen…Nice find 3c

  30. 3cysterscafe says:

    Wow, I can’t believe this video has 4000 views already!! That’s awesome!!

  31. it amazes me the different textures of substance that comes out this one came out like some hair jail makes me wanna sing greece lightening lol great find 3cysterscafe smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  32. i had a ganglion cyst removed once. i imagine that cyst filled back up in 2-3 days. you need surgery to get rid of them, except in exceedingly rare cases. i had mine expressed twice, but to no avail. minor outpatient surgery…

  33. Long time watcher first time commenting. I am prone to staph infections and cysts that get infected so I’ve personally seen some interesting things, but I’ve never seen anything like this one. Is it supposed to look like jelly?

  34. Sock Monkey says:

    This was left by the surgeon on YT June 13, 2012 in response to the question “Did you get it all out?”:
    “Well , I did get all of the Ganglionic Fluid out, the challenge with these is the high recurrence rate and their depth. The patient will likely require a complete surgical excision of the cyst. This was to alleviate the patients pain. I’m glad you found it as interesting as I did.”


    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Thanks for the update Sock Monkey! It’s always nice to get some feedback or follow-up! You’re awesome!

  35. diamondgirl says:

    How can I view on YT? it has been removed from here..

  36. diamondgirl says:

    I saw it…that was very impressive..even if I had to view it over there…LOL

  37. Melted gummy bears!

  38. I’m usually not into these kind of cysts , but this was awsome!! I watched it 3 times already. It going right into my favorites. If it does fill again or if the doctor surgically removes it , I hope he vidios it for us. Please :) thanx

  39. Brigette Bertelson says:

    I’m in the mood for ketchup and mustard!

  40. 3CC, what could I possibly dream up that hasn’t already been said so eloquently!!! Thanks so much for finding this one. I hate the idea that it could very well come back, but at least the patient left feeling better.

  41. great squeezing technique…satisfying!

  42. I can’t even e machine the feeling not being able to walk,cause if a person did walk on that it would for sure pop and infection would set in.

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