Pus Fest No. 6: Crank up the voLUME!!!

The title of this one is ‘Popping Pelvic Abscess’.  To be honest I’m not sure if it is a abscess, ingrown hair or a black head that has gotten infected.  This is a super short clip and it pops at the speed of light… try letting another of your senses experience this one by closing your eyes and listen to this beauty!!  CRANK UP THE VOLUME!!  I hope you enjoy.

“Popping pelvic abscess” published to YT on Apr 17, 2012 by Jane Doe

52 Comments on “Pus Fest No. 6: Crank up the voLUME!!!

  1. mrtasteless says:

    Oh, snap! ;-)


    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Loved it! Ha Ha!

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        I actually let out a “Ohhhh” loud and deep! It was automatic, didn’t even think about doing it, it just came out without warning! You know, like a natural reflex. Boy, did I get some strange looks!! Lol

      2. 3cysterscafe says:

        I just realized that was a butt cheek!!! Lol!!!

      3. @3cystercafe – Ditto, me too :)

        That was an ingrown hair!!!

    2. Or in this case, ” Oh, S – P – L – A – T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      1. hard to tell what it was took some effort, then splat you are coreect – got a big blood spat

  2. unclelarry says:

    Thar she blows!! Nice cannon there. Thanks Winnie!!!

  3. egioescand says:

    That was Awesome…..

  4. Loved it!! Good job, Winnie!!

  5. wanderingpopper says:

    Well played. Nice eruption at the end.

    ——– WP

  6. Great vid, short and to the point! Great sound too.

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    It’s a “Talkie”….

  8. That one brings back the memories of the cysts I would get on the inside of my thighs!!!
    Classic find Winnie!!!

  9. Music to my ears. Nice one!

  10. It makes noise! Ahhh! Awesome. That was pretty gross.

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      And really loud! Wow!

  11. crylittlecyster says:

    It was a great zit it was a mighty zit.. it had its own cannon salute

  12. KaBLAM! That was wonderful! and the filming was skillfully done to hide the naughty bits while maximizing the area needed! You hardly ever see anything done this well, much less HEAR it too! Bravo, Winnie!!!

  13. Not quite sure why the line “Crack that whip!” from that DEVO song popped into my mind upon watching this, but… Totally awesome sound F/X, fer sure!

    You found another one for my faves, Winnie, thanks! =)

  14. *giggleswoon*

    There’s just something about the audible pop that gets me every single time.

    THANK YOU, Winnie! :D

  15. @Winnie ,I’ll start to call you WINNER!!

    -And…there it goes!!!Get the zit out of my wayyyyyy SPLAT.

    Tnx for that amazing find ;)

  16. witchey woman says:

    I have to say I just love it when they have an audible pop! Another great find Winnie!

  17. It looked like a place on his arm because I saw one above with an open site about the size of the one that blew out and cracked like a whip!!!!!

  18. Love the sound sometimes more than the pussage! great find W!

  19. I am going to make that my ringtone…over and over!

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      @dripper Hahahahahahahahahaaaaa…….

      Best ringtone EVER!

  20. the snap and pop :) sweet

  21. infortheshow says:

    Hands down, a thing of beauty! Deep sigh…

  22. I love when you can hear the pop!

  23. Brilliant!!!!!

  24. phillip jackson says:

    that one made me duck. nice find winnie

  25. NMGAPAOH says:

    That is something to catch the huge ingrown hair coming out with a splat!!!

  26. totally. sight – no good, but listen – great splush sound
    verrrrrry short, great sound though.

  27. My new favorite :D

  28. Hollywood could use the sound to dub a camera click or a car door slam!

  29. Had to play this one over and over just could not believe the sound it made great!!!!!

  30. Great!!! one of my favs!

  31. OMG instant classic in my books. Loved it wayyyyyy too much

  32. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    Great Splat!!!!!

  33. *Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… This video rules! Hehehe! ;) !…

  34. Mama Cheese Fiend says:

    Wow, had to watch twice! Love the popping noise.

  35. Snap, crackle and pop – remember them, baby boomers? First thing that came to my mind on this beauty!


  36. I love this post Winnie & it’s been in my fav’s since I first saw it on PTZ. If I need a quick pop fix, this is the one! Perfect pop complete with sound effects! Classic! Thanks Winnie!

  37. Like a crack of a whip! Looks like one had already been popped. Wish they would have shown the plug contents :(

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