Large Abscess of Buttock Drained (It’s a Biggin’)

Large abscess being drained from buttock.  There is a lot of pus and blood flowing from the large incision.  WOW 10 days with that pulsing and hurting…..I have been there and I know this is not fun!!  I needed a donut pillow… I bet she will too!! I hope you enjoy!!

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“This poor old lady came to us with swelling in her left buttock for 10 days.She had history of injection in her buttocks two weeks back. She developed painful swelling and redness in her left gluteal region with difficulty in walking.It was diagnosed as injection abscess left gluteal region which needs incision and drainage under local anesthesia.”

Proper Drainage Of Large Abscess in Gluteal (Buttock) Region” published to YT on Apr 27, 2012 by sankaqm5

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  1. 3cysterscafe says:

    Good gracious good golly, that was amazing! What a find Winnie! That poor woman must have been in tremendous pain. Thank goodness she went to a professional for treatment! Mighty river of pus she had! Thanks for posting this gem Winnie!!

    1. My sentiments exactly!!! How in the world were they able to sit down – before and after it was lanced? I – N – C – R – E – D – I – B – L – E!

  2. That was impressive. Woah!!

  3. Excellent find! I love the chunk at 2:01. And I bet she felt sooooo much better afterwards.

  4. I’ve seen this kind of problem. I hope I’ve never been the cause of it. There are IM injections (intra-muscular) and sub-cutaneous (in-the fat) if IM serum gets into the fat..this can happen, and visa/versa..if serum meant for absorption in the fat, gets into the muscle…

    three inch needles are usually used for IM injections, they seem huge! It’s very important the med. is injected in the tissue intended. A healthy human has at least 2′ adipose cover in that area..

    Great pus flow, poor painful…

    Another winner, winnie!

    1. Nice info MotherE…
      That was a great vid,good find Winnie ;)

    2. I agree, MomE! I’ve seen some lousy technique over the years with IM and SQ injections, but have yet to personally see something as bad as this one. Winnie, you found a treasure chest full with this one! I don’t know why it still surprises me so much every time to see how much stuff comes out of these bumps, but it surely does! Thank you, Winnie, and also, thanks MomE for distributing good education material where needed! This one’s got 5 stars from me!

    3. comedoness says:

      Thanks, MomE!

    4. Well said, MomE. A lot of hospitals/clinics/offices don’t even stock 3 inch needles which is a huge problem, especially as the size of the average person gets bigger.

      I had a small abscess form on my hip after surgery from IM pain meds. (years ago, pre-internet, pre-PTZ) I was lucky that warm compresses helped it to drain on its own. I was in so much pain after the surgery that I didn’t even care what it looked like, which isn’t like me at all. If I hadn’t been in so much pain I would have taken the nurse up on her offer to show it to me using a handheld mirror.

      1. Gee guys, thanks!

        Decided to look again after a coupla days….my friends make me feel all warm and mushy….You all are the best!

  5. WOWzzzzzzzzer!!! Oh my, what if she sat down and it burst open?????

    Hope she is better

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      I’m guessing that if she sat down on a hard chair she’d decorate her drawers………..

  6. so this was awesome. But i damn near passed out when he stuck his finger in there.

    I was not able to get video of my own abscess lancing and drainage during my trip through the er today. Wouldn’t have been able to post it as it was in the pubic region. I was very disappointed that i didn’t have rivers of puss like that. Even with the numbing it was still pretty damn painful and I damn near kneed the Doc when he use forceps to break up the abscess and then again when he was packing the wound. Thank god for painkillers.

    1. I hope you feel better! I get ingrown hair cysts in the same area and I know how painful those are to pop. Luckily I have never ended up with an abscess!

    2. KnittingDragon says:

      Those can be the worst in that area! Painful, annoying, and hard to deal with some times unless you are a contortionist. Had one not long ago that squirted a good 2′. Too bad that area is a no no for uploading. It was pretty awesome.

  7. That was a good one! LOVED it!!! Thanks Winnie!

  8. WHOA dam buster. That would have been a throbber. Is it just me but I hate watching the injections of local. It makes me whince, I’m fine with the stabbing of razorblades though.

  9. I imagine this lady feels much better now , that was a lot of pus coming out of that , I wasn’t really expecting that much, What bothered me the most was when he stuck his finger in the incision , good thing this woman was numbed up pretty good , or that would have killed her

  10. unclelarry says:

    Wow! Whatta payload. When the doc inserted his finger into the cavity, it reminded me of fishing for loose change in a payphone. (I’m showing my age). Great post Winnie. Thanks!

    1. Sock Monkey says:

      We have two payphones in our house! They are great conversation pieces. Little kids love the rotary dial!!

  11. puss in the cavity ,,,, indeed

  12. Gives a whole new meaning to “rip another a*$hole”!!! Lol! But still…OUCHY-WA-WA!!!!!!!

  13. The good Doctor didn’t waste any time getting to the I&D! It’s been a pus full morning today!!! Couldn’t ask for better!!!
    Classic find Winnie!!!

  14. All I can say is…ouch! That must have been one painful son of a &*@#! I was wondering if she had received a dirty needle and/or incompetent medical care re the injection, but Mother Eruption explained it very well above. Thanks ME, and thanks Winnie for the vid!

  15. woe is she………great post

  16. dr. you did a great job on that lady.

  17. Paula Hayes says:


  18. What’s scary is that the ad on the side of my page is for “Cheap Botox Injections”. I kid you not. Um, yea, no thanks….

    Fantastic find, Winnie!

  19. I am not a doctor just a popologist but it looked to me like he could have cleaned a little more pus out before packing and it looked like there was some cyst wall inside, antone else agree? good find, Thanks

  20. comedoness says:

    Major flow, look at it go!!!
    It skeeved me out watching him insert his finger, and run it around inside the incision, however.

    Good video, lots of pus!

  21. That’s an impressive abscess.

  22. I’ve had these before and they’re horrendously painful.

  23. Sock Monkey says:

    Did the doctor really think that one piece of gauze was going to be enough to absorb all of the drainage? Is seems they always have such high hopes for that little piece of gauze when the rest of us are screaming, “Use the kidney-shaped bowl!!”

    Thanks again, Winnie!

  24. Bubblez1281 says:

    I get regular hormone injections and let me tell you,These things hurt, I have had 3 of them and Im sure im due for another. I hope that poor woman feels better

  25. diamondgirl says:

    WTG again Winnie! That one surprised me!

  26. evil zitlover says:

    Yummy. ^,^

  27. Sock Monkey says:

    Did anyone else notice that thing was shaped like the continent of Africa?

  28. Another excellent packing demo. Great find.

  29. Is this Dr. Y or Dr. J speaking?

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