Kitty Cats and Chin Acne

A PTZ Showcase Gallery: Kitty Chin Zits!

Yes, kitty cats frequently (shock!) suffer from blackheads and zits on the chin area. What follows in this PTZ Showcase Gallery is a series of the condition, ummm… shall we call it CCA? Cat Chin Acne? Anyways, there is also a few links to videos on helping your cat if he or she has signs that make you think your fuzzy baby might have blackheads.

Hope this is enlightening, and interesting!

Just Pop It!
~ H.S.



Because you know having a wonderful series of teaser pictures but no videos to show what it really looks like? Now would we do that to you? Well, not everytime, we wouldn’t. Believe me, we wish that every picture out there came with a video, too!!! *sigh* LOL! Enjoy!!!

Video #1

“PTZ School: Cat Acne”

Video #2

“Obi’s First Facial”

Video #3

“Kitty Lip Zit!”

7 Comments on “Kitty Cats and Chin Acne

  1. Hey, how did I miss this post? And how is it I don’t see any other replies yet, and it’s on page 2? Oh well…some snafu is my gain! I found it,and thank you, Ms HS! I loves the kitty ones. None of my cats is comfortable with me applying the monthly flea drops between their shoulder blades, much less popping zits on their faces…but more power to the ones that can and do! I don’t think my kitties have problems like this, but this IS very interesting to me! Thankee!

    1. WhiteChocolateJesus says:

      I know. I can’t imagine a cat putting up w/ that for a sec without being knocked out. Surely, I am not the only who wanted to get the weird hair on chin of last cat and then pop that cluster of perfectly little round black head.
      Thhey lick downtown so much that is probabaly not sebum, keratin, etc. Just little scops of ecoli. Would need jumpsuit, gloves, mouth mask and goggles.
      I just grossedmyselg out imagining lonf thin ropes of semi-moist scat snaking out each hole. Brrrrrrrrrr.

  2. I don’t get the no replies either. I loved it.

  3. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Pizza-faced pussies??

  4. The kitties chins looked like infection not pimples. They need neosporin. Hope they are better.

  5. Both dogs and cats suffer from acne in that region and most of the time, the reason why is because of their feeding and drinking bowls. Make sure you only buy metal or ceramic feeding bowls for them. The Plastic Bowls become breeding grounds for bacteria growth, leading to these type of infections.

    I suppose glass bowls would work too, but then again haven’t seen too many…or well, any glass pet bowl.

  6. I have had cats for years. But, it wasnt until a couple years ago that I joined my now husband’s Smores with mine (Rayna). I have usually had darker brown cats, so perhaps it was something I never noticed on them. However, my buddy Smores is a food hog. So, I ended up purchasing an automatic dispensing food container (to control his calories, etc). It came with a plastic bowl attachment. I began noticing numerous big black scab-type areas on Smore’s chin. When I would pull one off, sometimes it would bleed slightly. I thought it was some allergy or other major issue. My vet told me it was cat acne. She said to change to metal bowls, and to rub his chin once a night with witch hazel or rubbing etoh. She said not to “soak” the cloth or sponge I was usuing, but just to make sure I rubbed it down very well. I did as she instructed….acne is gone. Now I just wish his big belly would go away just as easily!! (18 lbs!!! Thats even ON special food!! Time to call Jenny Craig……)!

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