Butt ……. Butt ……. Butt …….

Doctor lancing and squeezing abscess on young man’s butt. I am sure I could have gotten more out, I believe it needed a few more two handed squeezes!!  What do you think?  Personally, I feel good ole doc could take a few lessons for any of the Popologists on PTZ!!!! There was sooooo much more!!!  I hope you enjoy!!!

the grossest abcess ever” uploaded by leonajean1 to YT on Nov 2, 2011

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  1. 3cysterscafe says:

    This is a great post Winnie! One Hell of a pimple/abscess. Doc seemed a little bit rushed. Great mining, keep it up, thanks!

  2. IMO,that thing was still full of “pus”…am I wrong?
    Plus the packing was “minimal” at best.

    I really dont like to be negative in my comment…butt(!!!),thats what I saw!

    It was nice to see nonetheless,thats for sure!!
    Tnx for the post Winnie ;)

    1. comedoness says:

      Have to agree with you, I’m sure he could have gotten more out. maybe he was nervous because he was being filmed.

  3. I agree plush, there was still more to be squeezed out. The Doctor inserts the hemostats to break up the cyst instead of squeezing after this, he inserts the packing????

    1. Yes, there are usually lots of pus in pockets. Putting all the packing is the method to get it removed? Never heard of that. He must have had something to do and he wanted done

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    We usually see a pimple like this squeezed on a kitchen table in a trailer by someone with 3 first names, like Billy Bob Joe ……………..

  5. I too, thought I must have blinked and missed something–or they had cut some of it out, when he started jammin’ the tape in right after the blunt dissection! ‘Spose maybe the doc was nervous at being filmed and….dare I say….(since we all know docs are perfect)….FORGOT?
    Thanks anyway Winnie, for the interesting post–always good to have something to stir the grey matter around .

  6. unclelarry says:

    I too thought the doc went for the packing a little early. But the payload we saw was nice. Thanks Master Miner Winnie. Keep them coming. :)

  7. I couldn’t agree more with all of you!! That’s why I said the Doc could take a lesson from any of us. I’m sure the patient is on antibiotics but they work much better if most of the infection is drained or squeezed out. I would be pissed if I were this patient and the roc left me in that shape!!

    1. Agreed – I will not be taking the community college course delivered by this doctor!
      Very professional and discreet presentation and a good dose of lidocaine. BTW, the name of the video BUTT….BUTT….BUTT should be sung to the tune of BAHN….BAHN….BAHN…AUTOBAHN….(just so you know) The doc admonished the patient to “stay right there – don’t be wiggling around” lol The payload is bloody pus. WOW, seemingly, extraction of pus is foregone in favor of packing the wound. I guess this will allow draining over days as opposed to immediate emptying of the wound? Mom seems concerned about the pain but the kid had a good dose of lidocaine. He is to come back tomorrow. Butt wounds take forever to heal. Patience patient.

  8. pashion4popin says:

    either that doc was lazy or didn’t like popin’ …so incomplete – shame doc …tres tres shame. the pus should be evacuated as much as possible to assist the body. not to mention we missed a bunch of fun.

    1. That’s the impression I got also! The Doc must not like abscess excision!!!
      Great find Winnie!!!

  9. At least, and I do mean the very least, he did say that he needed to see the patient again tomorrow. That abscess was so loculated and full of puss. Poor guy…Butt….Butt…Butt was a perfect title for this one. Thanks Winnie…

  10. Maybe it’s greedy private doctor who wants to earn more by making that patient will more often coming to him.
    Yeah, we got it! 8)

  11. Pussy Dr. …Come back tomorrow so we can charge you again…Oh I mean take the packing out…Is this what everyone says Obama care is?

    1. Why you gotta try and inject (infect?) this lovely site with thoughts of politics?
      I’m not disagreeing with your point, I just think you should stick to the subject and not go off on weird tangents like that!

  12. I did say p u ss y Dr.

  13. The doc did say that he was leaving it open so it could continue drain.Not the way we would have done it, but, he is at least going to see a doc again the next day. Another good one, Winnie.

  14. I think that was the “no insurance” version of the surgery. That poor man did not get cared for properly. What was up with the stabbing? I’m sure any of us would have done better :)

    1. Nah. If he didn’t have insurance, the doc would have done it all at once, because there’s no guarantee he’d get paid for a second visit.

  15. We had a storm system come through here earlier, and my computer wouldn’t let me play this, so I came back, cause Winnie has the BESTEST mining ability! I can’t believe how many of these we’d missed somehow, but Winnie’s finding them! COOL! Anyway…I agree with the above statements…the thing sure looked like it could’ve been drained more completely before packing…but *sigh*….I don’t get to be the doctor. I’m just glad the guy sought out medical care, and likely took antibiotics too. Hope his heinie is all better now, and Thanks , Winnie!

  16. pussbuster says:

    I’m going to come at this from a whole different angle.
    I think the doc was uncomfortable squeezing a mans ass, or maybe just that mans ass.
    In the beginning he holds his hand up joking, like he doesn’t want to see the butt.
    I think that’s what he’s doing.
    That’s the kind of thing guys would do to each other.
    I don’t know maybe I’m crazy, but I think that’s why he did so little.

  17. Quick on to the next patient MORE MONEY! Nice find Winnie!

  18. Im thinking this doc might leave the infection to oral atbs. Seemed he cleared just enough exudate to pack the wound. oh well, different docs use different techniques..

  19. For all that pain, you’d think there would be more payoff.

  20. Winnie, I also think it was packed way too soon. I’m sure we’re all hoping he healed up good as new.

  21. Oh my gosh owie!!!!

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