The World’s Biggest Pimple Gets Popped

Yeow, oww, oww, OWW! I wonder if the big pus filled boil/abscess/bumper was just part of an overall problem? Almost looked like potential Hiderantis Supperativa – regardless, definitely painful!

The young man is a total good sport about the popping session – watch his face when he crosses his eyes… funny as heck! VOLUME: You might guess, very L-O-U-D. So if you want to listen, ya probably want to keep it turned way down.

Another hit for the Cochore Files. Nice one!

TITLE: The world’s biggest pimple gets popped
YT INFO:Posted by MrCDAVIS7 on March 14, 2012

80 Comments on “The World’s Biggest Pimple Gets Popped

  1. That hurt to watch. *shudders delicately*

    1. lol…can’t resist a comeback on this…Here goes! I can’t “shudder delicately”…I must shudder violently and usually this is accompanied by the sound of breaking glass and cats yowling. OK…headed to my corner now…lol

      1. diamondgirl says:

        Went right over my head mookz…please explain to me like you would a pre schooler? LOL

        I think I know, but don’t want to speculate…

  2. unclelarry says:

    Whatta big ol’ honkin’ boil. That had to hurt like a sum-bitch. You got to give this young man credit. He gritted his teeth and got through the agony and took care of business. Nice payload too. Beautiful post Cochore. Into the faves.

    1. I agree Uncle, that had to hurt like nobody’s business! I don’t think he had much choice though, looked to me like military folk practicing 1st aid 101! : -)
      Great post though, and definately one tough dude!

      1. He was a man about it and watching it without the volume was hysterical,,,did you see the faces he made…wonderful cochore!

      2. 3cysterscafe says:

        This video was painful to listen to but funny as hell to watch! I watched both with and without sound and it was great either way! Thanks for posting!

    2. That’s a grab the end and squeeze as if they are strangling it. That or to a doctor to slice it open. He handled it well – no cursing whatsoever.

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        Agreed, he should have follOwed up with his G P though! Let’s hope he did!

  3. I surprised he didn’t pass out….I almost did <-:)


    1. I totally just left me hanging.. but what was there is great.

  5. Oh Jesus,,the initial smile, had to be nervousness..His eyes looked like they were about to pop!

    Someone open that thing and give the poor kid a break!

    was he loud?

    great vid Cochore, I have no sound but his face said it all!~

    1. Yes, I suppose he was…just read the commentary.

    2. I agree they should of sliced that thing open and they would’ve saved him a whole lot of pain and got it all out!

  6. Cheese Dip says:

    Oh, armpit boils are sooo painful …… do that young man a favor and slice it open and go deep. There is no way the “hard rock” in the center is going to be released out of that tiny hole. It probably opened up by itself from pressure, but now it needs help to let the contents escape. Squeezing is for pimples, not painful boils. Good luck to this brave, beleaguered boil-bearer and hopefully he sees a professional to drain it.

    1. You are so right. There were too many people involved who didn’t know what they were doing. The beautiful young man was incredibly brave.

    2. Very well put.

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    One Trillion nerve endings must have all come together to that spot waiting for a squeezer to appear.
    Wish granted !

    1. gimpysgirl says:

      You have a gift, P_T_P for commentary. If HS ever needs a break, I vote for you!

      1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        Thanks GG, but no one can hold a candle to HS when she gets on a roll………..

  8. zittylover says:

    with an incision or at least a pair of tweezers to get the sack, it could lead to a real gusher of smelly pus as we love it
    but … it is still a dream …

  9. The crossed eyes about about the .50 mark……classic :)

    1. princesspustule says:

      Sorry, didn’t mean widh, I meant wish. TYPO.

  10. princesspustule says:

    I wouldn’t widh this disorder off on my worst enemy. It is very, very painful as you can tell by his reaction. The only way to get rid of this is to see a Dr. This won’t go away by popping them. I wish him luck and hope he gets better.

  11. I am not sure what else was going on there, but I agree with all the other comments, Made me shudder just to watch.

    I certainly hope this young man got the appropriate medical care he needed.

    1. Forgot to say, not sure gloves shouldn’t have been worn to pop that one…

  12. ooey gooey fun says:

    A little slice would have provided a lot more drainage with less pain. That had to hurt!

  13. This young man is a SOLDIER and buddy I am PROUD of you!!!!! How he did not scream bloody ( justified if he did) murder is beyond me. He could probably stand someone cutting it open but they mentioned going to the doc. I hope they did him a mercy and got him to a doc’s office or ER so they could numb him up and care take of business <3

  14. 3cysterscafe says:

    My teeth hurt from watching this one! I think I may have popped a vein in my neck too. I was trying to help! :) Wow, that must have hurt like Hell! Love, love, love his expression! What a trooper!

    Thanks for the post Cochore! You rock!

    1. Yeah I had to make a conscience effort to relax my jaw watching this too :D

  15. I really wanted to be there with that group. Looked like fun people!
    And yeah, a little slice would have been helpful! :)

  16. I just love it when the whole dorm has a project to work on!!!
    Excellent find Cochore!!!

  17. All ya’ll are freaks LOL!!
    GR8 find Cochore!!!

  18. I love how he sings to take his mind off the pain

  19. pashion4popin says:

    fuuuuuunnnnyyyy stuff, so good! another magic moment made.

  20. Nice find Cochore!! That had to hurt quit a bit. Too bad they did not lance it more and gave a good squeeze. Still was worthwhile.

  21. Wispers_69 says:

    Poor dude. I bet when it finally popped it hurt like hell and felt so good at the same time.

  22. Crypto Dentist says:

    Sometimes a loud audience is annoying, and sometimes it’s just hilarious. I like how the woman is freaking out like an ER doctor and the dude’s just singing.

    Also, they’re going to the doctor, thank goodness.

  23. What was all the other white stuff around his armpit hair? Deodorant residue? Tissue clumps? Skin flaking off around the NASTY ripe boil?

    1. I thought the same thing. WWhat is all that white, pus,deoderant? Sometimetimes the dark spots look like blackheads or scarring or is it matted hair?

      1. diamondgirl says:

        I would say that the white clumps was deadorant a solid kind no less that was stuck and lumped up in his pit hairs. The deodarent could have something to do with that bump too. My mom used to get bumps like that under her arm and she bought a stone from the healthfood store and this was like 35 years ago. The stone was suppose to be deodorant, it was like a big chunk of salt from a salt mine…

  24. cant imagine, wont. toxic waste but all in fun,that is to painful

  25. I can’t imagine the pain this poor guy was in but he sure took it like a man. Thanks Cochore.

  26. Sweet Squeezer says:

    If only they’d sliced that open, it would have come out quickly with a whole lot less pain. He really took it like a trooper–loved the crossed eyes… said it all!

  27. WOW that looked like it really hurt. He was a great sport though and he was very funny. Thank you Cochore for the great video!!!

  28. OK, I am now convinced that I was adopted as a child (and also bleached, apparently) because these folks share my soul! I LOVE them! Great, GREAT video! Thank you!

  29. i gotta think there is a link between anti-perspirants and these under arm boils

    it’s not natural for the body to not sweat and especially with all those chemicals in those anti-perspirants

    1. I agree. At the least I hope he tries a new deoderant.

  30. comedoness says:

    Nasty, painful boil! He certainly was a trooper, and his responses were great. Yes, the singing and crossed eyes were classic. I’m glad to read that he’s going to a Doc.

  31. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    cut it ffs. torturing the poor dood

  32. MOOKZMOM….What do you mean? you were adopted and bleached? because these folks share your soul????

    This is another video that I wish the popper had gloves on! you know that hurt!

  33. I love it…..the comments about this video are better than the video itself…funny!

  34. Wow!!! That must have hurt!!!!

  35. mind numbing pain.great vid

  36. Uncle Carbuncle says:

    I felt bad for that guy. You know he wanted to stop, but the peer-“pressure” wouldn’t let him.

  37. Alexandrina says:

    I think this poor man has Hidradenitis suppurativa :( What it looks like to me anyways from what I can tell.
    But what a trooper, those armpit boils can be so sore given the right spot.
    Good find.

  38. OOhhh it’s sooo angry looking! Cut it open!!!!

  39. My best guess would be that it was originally an ingrown hair which got infected due to it being in the human armpit, which harbor bacteria’s favorite conditions: Warm and wet.

    I hope the popper washed his hands thoroughly before hand and that he didn’t have any cuts on his hands since that thing was most def. infected. I also hope that he washed his hands for the popee too to not risk any further infection.

    I’m sure the popping part relieved A LOT of pressure but I don’t think that boil will go away on it’s own without the aid of some antibiotics.

  40. Armpit boils = maximum ouch! I gotta give this a 5/5 just for that young man’s pain & suffering. If this was a court case against his ‘friends”, he’d definitely get a huge settlement. Great find!

  41. We should give out “Purple Zit” medals like the Purple Heart for courage and bravery while under “attack”. The crossed eyes made me laugh and his singing showed he was a positive guy willing to go with the flow. What a cute trooper of a kid!

  42. Loved the loud, excited group. Great party atmosphere.

  43. The pimple/cyst/third nipple thing was good but what I want to know is what is up with the rest of his armpit??

  44. His face…when his eyes crossed. I hit the floor laughing xD

  45. popitlikeitshot says:

    Wow. Boils are ‘ fill in the best word possible for painful’! The faces he made were just a riot! God Bless him, however, the hold’em down and squeeze method by his ‘friends’ was a little harsh…don’t ya think?

  46. He looked in pain and having a little fun …maybe…was it just my eyes or did he have other scars or huge black heads behind or next to the boil…thanks for the gumball mickey :)

  47. pollyesther says:

    He needs to change dedorants, looks like the one he has been using doesnt like him, checimals in the deodrants irritate all the pores…..

  48. yankeedoodlepus says:

    what is it about armpit zit/boils? they just suck.

    i was clenching my hands watching this and wanting to squeeze it to death.

    I love this video!

  49. why do people even start these things without tweezers? he is a strong man.

  50. lennyg4362 says:

    OMG! If you’ve never had a case of Foliculitis of the underam you can’t even imagine the pain this person is going thru. I had a pretty good case of it in 1998, not quite as bad as this, and just touching it was almost unbearable. There is NO WAY I would have allowed someone to squeeze it like that!! Holy CRAP!!

  51. Haha that’s funny. I would’ve loved to have seen the rest of that treasure but oh well, any pus is good pus.

  52. omg… omg… that hurt me! pretty sure thats a form of torture in some places.

  53. rainbowdust919 says:

    I’ve had this happen to me twice. It was painful, BUT it was the COOLEST thing I’ve ever had!

  54. diamondgirl says:

    This is out of the ordinary in my opinion. There could be something in his lymph node/gland…I really hope he went to the doc about this one. That thing was too red and too soft for there not to be much action..

    Would be nice if we could get an update…

  55. Oh my gosh! He looked as though he was being milked. My heart goes out to this kid and may he receive some strong pain pills. Just wow! Thanks for posting Cochore :)

    1. Oops *post

  56. Poor guy! I give him credit for his bravery under fire. His friends got the job done…

  57. PapaLurker says:

    Nasty nipple looking zit. It is under his arm pit. Has the whole room full of people squealing. I quit. LOL

  58. Well, Cochore, I thank you for the great post! I sure hope the patient survived until he could get to the doctor – seems there was more infection left inside.

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