The Ultimate Sebaceousness Whoo-Hoo!

Y’all Wanna see some PUS Well I FOUND YOU SOME PUS My PTZ Family!*

Nice video close up (Very little camera shaking/out of focus parts) but the person filming this video was probably in shock as well as the Doctor hehehehe!
Doc has his gloved hands in the way in parts but that does not ruin this video OH NO you still SEE it ALL! HUGE Sebaceous Cyst! I think the Doc was in shock seeing all of this cheese that just keep Coming and Coming and Coming!
WEEEEEEEE! Hehehehehe!

YT Comment:

Operation: “Kill George”…
After 20 years of carrying a sebaceous cyst on my back, I un-affectionately named it ‘George.’ Today, his free ride came to an end.

Sit Back & Enjoy!

*Note: Due to the massive amount of pus that exudes out of the cyst named George, this video goes to the head of the line… its one of those “Can’t wait for everyone to see it!” videos. May you enjoy this many, many times!

BIGGEST CYST ON THE PLANET | Operation “Kill George”
Uploaded by ProjectKillGeorge on Mar 1, 2012

Now This Is A Proper Pus Pile! Spoon, Anyone?

266 Comments on “The Ultimate Sebaceousness Whoo-Hoo!

  1. I’m only two pus-filled minutes into the vid–I just had to take advantage of being the first to coment on one! Thanks EVER so much. Now, back to the vid. Oh yes, 5 stars and onto the faves list!

    1. WOWSER! Everything you promised, and more!! Bless you Bless you. Didja get the feelin that the doc was even looking forward to “George” coming back? I mean, he made only a half-hearted attempt to remove that one little piece of the membrane that was sticking out. Almost had to wonder if he has a blood problem or something…..ahhh, I wish I smoked! That WAS a proper pus pile!

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        It’s in my top 20 l list’ I’m lovin it!

    2. Why, oh why, are they so quick to wipe away the goodness and mush it all up in a napkin? Can’t they save it on a plate, or something? I want to see the total quantity in one big pile of oozy, gooey, pussy, creamy, yummy-ness.

      1. I was thinking the exact same thing. Wouldn’t it be cool if they sucked it all up into a jar or something so you could take it home and show it off? Just sayin… Great video!!

  2. Great vid! Would have been better if the doctor’s hands and the gauze wasn’t in the way half the time but it was still great!

    1. Granted, there was that, but I say, picky picky picky

      1. neetersb112 says:

        For me the joy is seeing it come out and not actually the pus pile after so the hands and gauze in the way was disappointint. Even with that frustration this was a great vid.

  3. Quick, someone pinch me. I want to make sure I’m not dreaming

  4. bighandsbigzits says:

    Yeah, a minute in and I was screaming at the doc..”get yer hands out of the way ya dumb schmuck”

    1. I have to agree with you on that. I loved what I saw…truly…but it just was not enough. Great find tho pop! Not your fault the cam man was clueless!

    2. Someone tell me why you would give someone a thumbs down to a comment that if different than yours. They are not racist remarks, nor rude, just another opinion. In this case the filming was ridiculous…it seems that the doctor and nurse did everything they could to cover it up.

      It has nothing to do with anyone on this site. Poppintime is an excellent search and rescue miner and she deserves her ups for finding all the great stuff she brings us.

      You cant tell me that any of you were not just a little frustrated by the filming of this.

      1. These “Thumbs down” are sometime hard to understand…

        If you dont like someone comment,make a comment abt it and explain yourself!
        Maybe its just me but I cannot give someone a thumb down without explaining myself!!!I just cant….I feel like a teenage girl if I do.

        And btw dripper,it was funny cuz the dad was a damn good camera men;he wasnt moving AT ALL!!

        At first,I thought the camera was on a tripod !! Its like…every little thing in there,living or not was trying to block our view.
        And still,the dad wasnt moving!!! (except at the end,lol).

        It was one good vid anyway.It was one of a kind!
        And @poppintime ,you did a great job ;) Tnx a lot.

      2. Apparently the doctor did NOT want them filming this vid in the first place but the popee’s dad did do it for him anyway but was worried to move. (kudo’s to him for just going for it!) So yes the doc and nurse did sabotage the filming.

        Regardless of this it was the biggest sebac I have ever seen and should satisfy all those who wish other vids to go a little slower.

      3. I just don’t understand why this doctor didn’t even try to remove more than a smidgen of the sac. I’m guessing he wants this thing to refill so he can have more fun with it. He didn’t even pack it and it sounded like he wasn’t going to put in a stitch to close the hole. To me, that’s all kind of ridiculous!

      4. I don’t know why people do that? I don’t even click on the like or dislike check marks but when someone does it to me I don’t let it bother me ;-) @Plush @Dripper I just like to have fun hehehe!

  5. bighandsbigzits says:

    BTW – I consider this a candidate for POTM for March.
    I hope Dr. J comes up with something soon to match this but if he don’t… well done poppintime

    1. Definitely POTM for March and a really serious candidate for POTY 2012!!! I know we’re just at the begining of March but MAN!

  6. WWWHHHHOOOOOAAAAAA!!!!! It will be back unless unfortunately a HUGE hole is made to disrupt/remove the sac somehow

  7. it looks more like you were filmin the docs hands instead of the cyst.

    1. Uncle Carbuncle says:

      I agree 100%! We couldn’t see 80% of the pus coming out because of the doctor’s hand!

      1. Uncle Carbuncle says:

        P.S. It was a great cyst and a nice vid. Good job finding it poppintime!

  8. juicysqueeze says:

    arrrrrrrrrrrrr, the gift that just keeps giving :)

  9. freidabob says:

    OH MY GOSH… the only thing that would have made this better is IF my hands could have been the ones working on it! AWESOME!

  10. That was a gold mine a treasure trove , the garden of eden ……….I bet the Dr. charged overtime for that squeeze o rama…great post poppintime

  11. bighandsbigzits says:

    How do you rate these things? I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder but no place to click

  12. ItchyFingers says:

    Glorious!!! but how much more so had the nurse held the camera, she/he was in the perfect spot. *sigh* I guess its true. dreams ARE made to be broken. great find tho!

  13. zittylover says:

    it could have been popping the best of the year if the cameraman had set aside for the beginning and not after the battle!
    tssss …

  14. Good God! Would that not be a steamer trunk rather than a sac? Come on…at least a weekender! At last…the young man can sleep on his back again and resume snoring.
    Great find, poppintime!

  15. Wow poppintime, i am so in awe i feel i must coin a new catchphrase- SICK CHEESE! that was unbelievable- i thought the doc was gonna ask the nurse to take a shift on it towards the end, he seemed exhausted and in nervous shock- George was like a killer from a slasher flick- he wouldn’t die! Lets hope he comes back from the dead in the months to come,hehe! Ben.

  16. OH YEAH!!! This has to be the pus record-holder on PTZ. If not at least top 3. Really really too bad those hands and towels blocked the view during some monumental eruptions. Should have been filmed from the top or side. Still, very very rewarding.

  17. INSTAFAVE!! Oh, poppintime, you made my day – nay, my week with that one!

    To any minor deities and/or demons that may be reading: I have a slightly battered but in good working order soul I would be willing to trade in exchange for a chance at a few just like this one. Please call 555-SPITZER to arrange a convenient time.


  18. So early in the year and this baby has to be already in the running for cyst of the year, This Doc may not win for “Best Popper” but I have to give him prop’s for using the hole punch on that mound. Dude may need a skin operation to get rid of all the loose sagging skin.
    This video is right up there with lasts years winner, the large back cyst that sprays out when “leather legs” stabs it.

    Fantastic find…Bravo!!!!

    1. Uncle Carbuncle says:

      I will never understand the need, for some posters, to insult people in the videos.

  19. unclelarry says:

    Oh, George, I salute you!! That was incredible. It definitely needs to go to the lofty ranks equal to “Holy Back Bumpers” and “The Best Back Zit” and “Huge Sebac”. Take a bow poppintime. **Standing Ovation** BRAVO!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      My feelings exactly, so there ya go! What Unclelarry said!! Also, watching this on my new iPhone is like watching it for the first time! Man, what a great picture!!!

  20. I too thought this was fantastic..I also wondered if the nurse was getting paid for how quickly she could remove the pus? several times she almost wiped the doc’s hand, she jumped in so quickly! LOL

  21. Argh, I kept yelling at him to go underneath, don’t just pinch the top! He finally did! What was the music? It sounds familiar, but that might only be because I’ve watched this several times, lol. Fantastic find, truly epic!

    1. oh my gosh I was thinking the same thing! 5:23, he really gets his hands in the right position and is rewarded, but it’s only for a sec.

      And also, why didn’t he remove the sac??? I would have removed the sac…

      1. I know, he sort of picked at something but the sac of that thing must have been as big as his hand, what a fantastic sight it would have been sliding out of that hole…

    2. neetersb112 says:

      I think the music may be from the Harry Potter soundtrack?

  22. ezsqueezy says:

    OMG!!! What a beautiful sight! You know it’s gonna be good when the doc even comments his surprise at the voluminous exudate. He def. wants another crack at that puppy: barely touching the edge of the sac. No fingers or other instruments used to break up potential loculations, nothing, nada! Doc knows “he’ll be back” AHHHMAZINIG FIND!!! More please! 5 Stars and into the faves and an encore performance all coming right up

  23. Love it!! How does someone carry that around for 20 years? I couldn’t leave a cyst like that alone on myself or my wife for a day. I have a feeling that most of us would chase someone with a cyst like that around a public pool with knives.

    1. Look up Huge Sebac…that was some pressure! I agree, how do people live with these things for so long!

  24. that was great, no girls creaming and great video not shaky or noisy,perfectly executed and a pleasure to watch it all come out. such fun

    1. Please forgive me for what I’m about to say!…Some of us girls WERE creaming watching this video.

      1. SQUEEZEPLEEZE- bad girl dirty girl, go to your room!” Ha, Ben.

      2. The contents of this cyst just kept coming and coming and coming…eh, Ben?

  25. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    no busting up any possible locualtions, didnt even try to get the capsule out. i think this doc wants him to hafta come back so he can charge him again

    1. No, he wants a “George 2: Return of the Camel Back Bumb” for a theatrical release.

  26. Splatter Man says:

    The entire operation cost $2,800. The surgeon only charged $300 for his services, but the nurse used $2,500 worth of those gauze squares to wipe up all that pus with.

    1. Very true. But the resulting video: PRICELESS!

  27. Did you see the size of that thing!?!?! It could make its own rotor clouds (sorry went weather geek on you all)!

  28. straight to favs. not only top vid for the month but im putting it in for the top of 2012. one hell of a great find and loved the unreal pay load

  29. Lovely, just LOVELY! Huge Sebac actually has a competitor now!

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU Poppintime!

  30. pollyesther says:

    Move the damn gauze

  31. WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAA NELLY! Anyone have a cigarette here? I think I’ve hit gold in that thar hill! Thanks! Dayum…that was a good ‘un!

  32. This is going into my favs, great load!

  33. I bet that guy lost 5 lbs. during that procedure. Great find!

  34. what a nice dome of cheese. excellent find

  35. Just wow that really made my day!

    1. You always know it’s an excellent find when our Fearless Leader comes to comment!

      Thanks @poppintime, you’re really kicking pus-butt this week!

  36. I don’t believe Huge Sebac is in danger. I cant believe the guy left the sac in…and he thought that thing was done. I don’t think that was a real doctor. The drape to hide the background. hmmmmm?

  37. Note to self….don’t watch after eating lunch.
    Quasimodo has lost his hump…time to shop for some new shirts dude.


    1. Ha medic8or you reminded me of an old joke…
      Quasimodo sleeps with a lady of the night- in the morning the bed is covered in mess- Quasi dives out of bed screaming “aagh whats happened?” the lady says “oh really sorry i was blind drunk and was sick on the bed”. Quasi says “thank god for that…. i thought my hump had burst!” hehe! Ben.

      1. You mean, there’s also a version where the little people, commanded by poppintime, will one day find such a bump at night and then squeeze it, and the guy wakes up with a stinking pile of cracker cheese right next to him?

  38. Among PTZ’s top 10!!!

    thanks for sharing:)

  39. 3cysterscafe says:

    Oh my Jeezy, cheezy, caption cystpop!! I’ve never seen anything like that! It’s the biggest of the biggest, largest of the largest, longest of the longest fully loaded from start to finish, cyst of all cysts!!! It definitely takes top spot on the cyst scale!! One that, I’ll bet, carries us through the entire year! Without a doubt, my a #1 favorite video of all time! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart Poppintime!! You’ve certainly out done yourself this time! You rock!!!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      PS. I just found a sebaceous cyst on my lower back this evening! My boyfriend won’t go near it :( and I can’t reach it by myself. I’m shopping for a popper!! :P

      1. neetersb112 says:

        Where are you?

      2. 3cysterscafe says:

        Thanks you guys! You’re all wonderful PTZ’ers! I’m afraid I might be too far away from you all though. But, we can give it a go! I live in White Lake, Mi. Anyone nearby?

  40. WOWZA!!!!! damn gloved hands but still! Nicely done, great edits (sounded like the end music to a Harry Potter movie) and the puss was awesome! I’m so glad George hitched a ride and grew for 20 years. If I was heading home with him though, and that hole was there, I’d still do some squeezing and digging for that sack lining! Thanks for the post and to the video crew, wonderful job mates!

  41. Alice's Kitty Mama says:

    it just keeps coming… and coming… and coming… !!! Awesome!

    But why wouldn’t the doctor take the sac out? Is he a secret popologist and wants George to regrow? AHA! We have found him out.

  42. Oh Boy…it had been stored for a long time! great quality vid!

  43. Was good, but the Doctors hands were too in the way!

  44. Best so far! It’s orgasmic! LOL

  45. canuckpopper says:

    And the Oscar for “Best Bump of the Year” goes to

    ……….Drum Rolll………….



  46. That’s a great find! I wish the docs hand wasn’t in the way at times, but still 2 thumbs up.

  47. Ecstasy, thy name is George.

    Thanks, poppintime, for the *Ultimate* find!

  48. great find!
    Don’t ya just love when you get one that has more cheese than there is in the Philly cheesecake factory…Can’t wait for to see the refill. You know it will come back with that huge sack still in there.

  49. I can’t watch any of these jwplayer videos! Ugh..denied.

    1. Why you can’t? Are you using some Windows OS? Have you installed and update flash video plugin?
      That is simple flash video like a youtube one, so I can’t see the reason why you can’t watch jwplayer videos.

      I’m just now find the biggest file in the cashe folder of my internet browser, cause video files are usually biggest in the web pages (this one is about 50 MB). Then I copy that file to “my videos”, rename it from “something.tmp” to “something.flv”.
      So now I have backup copy of this maximus sebaceous video, and this is much better than adding to fav. ;)
      Only software that we need to play “.flv” files is some of the off-line flash-video players, like “VLC” or “KM” player, which both are very good for playing almost any type of video files, and both are absolutely free.

    2. FedkaTheConvict says:

      You can see it directly on YouTube:

    3. mysecrettwo says:

      I view via iPad, which does not play well with Flash. Blame Apple. Also could not find the vid on YT the other day, so thanks to Fedka!

      1. mysecrettwo says:

        Spoke too soon. Still get an error message when I try to view on YT. Oh well. *shrug*

      2. mysecrettwo says:

        Aha! Accessed YT via Safari rather than YT app. “The content owner has not made this video available on mobile.”

  50. CystrButtPimple says:

    that was awesome. Does anyone have a cigarette? haha.

  51. that was satisfying in every single way.
    great camera work for the most part, steady and well lit, no yelling or dry retching, no whining children in the background.
    doctor is wearing gloves and has a decent technique .
    great amount of sebaceous material.
    straight to my favourites list.
    thank you for a great post popintime

    1. neetersb112 says:

      decent technique, yes, but I think a few of you could teach him a thing or two! :-)

  52. that was the most super super super…oh did I say SUPER awesome vid I have seen in some time..thanks :)

  53. pus master pain says:

    Just imagine if we had a clear view of what was happening. A different angle would have made this a top 5 video… At least we’re definitely seeing George again.

  54. I’m thinking we need some kind of worldwide acknowledgement here…you know the kind of thing…flags, street party, annual day off work…maybe even gifts and cards…ooh ooh and a statue! Wow!

  55. That was a teenager being filmed by his dad at the doctor’s office. How dare the doctor say “that was disgusting.” Where did he get his training and bedside manner? It wasn’t disgusting. It was great! It was amazing. It was wonderful. It was unique. Make the kid feel great.

    1. FedkaTheConvict says:

      How can a “teenager” have a cyst for 20 years?

      1. He had it when he was a fetus….nah..not funny,right?hahahaha

  56. And on second (or was it third) viewing…I have decided that the doctor is definitely one of us! He was pretty careful not to break up any chunks…he mentioned a “slight” disrupting of the sac just for show but he’s most definitely hoping George is gonna be back soon!

  57. It rivals 2011 video winner for amount of materiel! It reminded me of mustard play doh. No one mentioned it having a smell. Baseball size hole!!!!!! WOW!!! It would have been so COOL if the doctor would have bare knuckled the squeeze – put his fists to the each side of the opening then brought them together as fast and hard as he could. I would have liked to see the sac removal too! Glad it is off his back – literally :)

  58. Sweet Squeezer says:

    Enjoyed the sheer mass of goo, but wonder why the doc didn’t slice it and remove the sac…?? It’ll be baaaccckkkk…I think there was still a little goo in there!

  59. mrtasteless says:

    Now, there’s one ex-George!

    Nice… Very nice.

  60. Ok Kids!!! I got a fresh pallet of assorted crackers for this aged cheeze!!!
    Classic find popintime!!!

  61. PlzEyeInCyst says:

    Lots of pus, terrible camera angle. 3 stars.

  62. AWESOME!! 8 minutes of pure pus heaven!!

  63. cystycheese says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!…speechless here…gave it a 5 and into my favourites it goes…

  64. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I’ll bet it stank to high heaven too……………………

    First class stuff @poppintime

  65. I think the doctor just got tired of squeezing it.

  66. This is the cyst that doesn’t end,
    And it goes on and on my friends,
    The Dr. started squeezing it knowing what it was,
    But he’ll continue squeezing it forever just because…..
    This is the cyst that doesn’t end,
    And it goes on and on my friends….

    (No offence to Shari Lewis!)

  67. After “Huge Sebac” another camel bump on the back. This guy could very likely also survive in the desert for a week if drinks enough water so his bump will store all of it.

    This is epic. Gob after gob. Cheesy. Stuff you could scoop up and put in a jar and sell for the highest bidder. Just imagine “Old faithful cracker cheese” in the gourmet shop right next to the crackers.

    I still can’t believe he hauled this bump for 20 years until a brave doc decided to kill it.

    This is the stuff of legends. And since the docs didn’t kill it off with German thoroughness, it will make a comeback. Maybe the movie will be called “George II: The return of the Camel Back”.

  68. Wispers_69 says:

    I honestly think they can say biggest cyst ever because holy crap! Other than needing to four finger that thing and of course the hands in the way this was amazing!

    1. FREAKIN’ SWEET!!! But that doctor! Uuu uuuUUUu S-sssssss-uuuuc-ccc-kkkkk! Great Find Poppin::)

  69. wannabewinnie says:

    Very nice indeed…it is on worth watch again and again and again ! And since the sac was not removed I am sure that we may get the chance to see “The Revenge of George”,

  70. cybersharque says:

    Great hoogley moogleys. George is substantially certain to rise again.

    I’m not a big fan of the “gold standard” excision that approaches with two semi-lunar incisions around the punctum. However, this procedure had inadequate exposure. This was especially inadequate give the fact that this lesion is gi-fcking-normous. I have never seen a dermal cyst this size. (Of course, there are things come out of bellies that put this to shame, but I digress.) I was surprised (and disappointed) that the md did bupkes to break up loculations in the cyst. I always love the way daughter cysts and random vegetations ooze out around the surgical opening, but this one lacked that shot. Granted the perpetual ribbon of keratin does make this shot unique.

    Excising widely would have given the md a chance to dissect the cyst from the bed, at least around the edges. The md may have been trying for minimally-invasive technique, but if so, that was bad planning. Less than halfway though the procedure, notice how the jet of effluent has eroded the surgical opening. It’s no longer a 4mm slit, but a 5 mm circular that has been traumatized past any chance of healing. Notice, too, how George has stretched the pt’s skin. Removing a lozenge of tissue makes it possible to close this incision withouts scads of loose skin that are going to become necrotic or at least hypergranulated = interference with healing.

    And there is some infective material in the cyst. Even though there doesn’t appear to be an active infection (certainly not a pyogenic one) I would still culture. I it doesn’t come back sterile I would administer antibiotics. This md may have done so, too, but by failing to culture the cyst he’s outside the modern protocol for using antibiotics. I would ot yell at him for using a pennicillin/amox/augmentin because resistance to those is already so prevalent that it does no harm to hose the vic down; at the very least they will reduce the load of pathogens in the pt. On the other hand, there are md’s who prescribe cipro as a first defense.

    I did not see an obvious trigger for the formation of this cyst. It may be still buried deep beneath the cyst.

    1. sexandzitz says:

      I’m not a medical professional, but I’ve watched a lot of medical vids of cyst extraction. This doc seems definitely outside modern protocol for how he dealt with the cyst.

  71. cybersharque says:

    Oh, no drain, no packing. On the whole, way off the standard of care. That’s not malpractice but it is sloppy medicine. Yippee, George will be back.

  72. phillip jackson says:

    that was awesome out of this world

  73. bobikgirl says:

    That was a great one !!! If only the doc’s hand didn’t get in the way so much!! But still awesome!! YAY

  74. Bubblez1281 says:

    WOW I love it!!!!!

  75. cystycheese says:

    Love their choice of music…seeing all that pus was enough for me…think some over-analyze way too much…thanks for sharing, Poppintime…

  76. cystycheese says:

    From Youtube…Uploader Comments (ProjectKillGeorge)

    The doctor didn’t want this to be video taped, but I insisted my father video tape it. The doctor told him not to get in the way – to stand over in the corner. I’m just happy we were able to get as much footage as we got. Quit cutting on the camera guy. No one is forcing you to watch.

    ProjectKillGeorge 16 hours ago

  77. Any update on George – if the reduction and packing cured the cyst? Unbelievable size and play doh like stuff coming out of it. No one mentioned the smell. Can’t believe something sitting under the skin for 20 years didn’t have some type of unpleasant odor. Wonder why after such a long time he decided to have it expressed.

  78. crylittlecyster says:

    I need a cigarette too but I dont smoke…

  79. crylittlecyster says:

    This Vid cut off at 6 mins for me I saw the rest at the site. No packing??? A bandaid and some anticeptic??? No removal of the sac??? WTH?

  80. mysecrettwo says:

    Unable to view on iPad due (1) no Flash app for iPad & (2) vid apparently no longer on YT. Intrigued by your reviews & still pic, will fire up the PC for this one.

  81. comedoness says:

    FedkaTheConvict , thanks for the advice to watch on YouTube, much better!

    The Dad did a grand job of video taping, considering the restrictions that the Dr. put him under. I rather liked what appeared to be the Dr.’s discomfort as the sebum get coming and coming., LOL! I’m glad for our sakes that he decided to squeeze the cyst, rather than trying to remove it intact. You know that thing will fill up again, heh-heh-heh.

  82. Christina says:


  83. And now, every single time I come to PTZ for a visit, I have just GOT to stop and check this one out. Some are worthy of visits every time, some every few days, some once a week, some a few times a day. I know you all have your favorites just like I do. Some I bring a cup of coffee and set a spell, and others I stop in just to say hi, but they are all, every one, friends. Some that I haven’t seen in a while, I take a little vacation once every few months to see. Got the picture my friends? Welcome to ma neighborhood!!

  84. Hey, why are we all back down to hyper-wipers?? I’ve noticed the past couple nights the site was not up.

    1. Me too!! I was wondering what the heck was going on!

      1. I used to be a mirror squirter, got sent down to hyper whiper and now a blackhead bomber again! sobs… I was proud of being a mirror squirter … ok off to watch puss!

  85. cystycheese says:

    What Getit said???

  86. If only we has “see through” glasses we could have seen beyond the doc’s (and nurse’s) hand.

  87. A most satisfying and noble toothpaste video. The only thing that gives this video a lower rating is the sometimes poor camera work for not circumventing the “attackers” hands.

  88. Amazing. Instant favorite.

  89. cystycheese says:

    Again…I like their choice of music…it sounds familiar, but…would anyone know what it is?

  90. This one gets pre-nominated for the Top 10 of the year list. Camera work lets it down. But wow – there was enough cheese there to keep a Domino’s outlet going for a night’s business ;-).

  91. goes on for days man,forever pus right here.omg

  92. WOW! how many boxes of gauze did they have to use to get all of those noodles up…..

  93. move your hands and gauze out the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. sexandzitz says:

    Loved all the endless gunk. Guy doing the squeezing is a 3rd rate MD. Absolutely nothing he said sounds like a real doctor.

  95. I wish they had a better angle! His hands were in the way most of the time, and we only see how much came out after he moved his hands out of the way. I think the cameraman could have done a better job, but I still enjoyed the amount of pus coming out of that sac! Overall good find!

  96. Cheese Dip says:

    This could have gone down as one of my all time FAVS ever – if only the static camera angle could have been from a little higher up in order to give a more overall view of the action. Shooting from a higher angle might also have avoided so much filming of the doc’s and his assistant’s hands.

    But the pus, oh the pus! It was beyond great. There are comments on how the doc did or didn’t make the correct incision but really, how can anyone tell for sure? The camera never got a real “dead on” shot.

    I think if you listen to the docs breathing at the end you can get that he is more than ready for the pus to end – poor guy. His “absolutely disgusting” comment tells it all. He definitely quit squeezing too soon and indeed wrapped up the entire operation prematurely. I think he probably starting feeling sick or something. He and his assistant kept clearing their throats – the smell must have been overwhelming. What an absolute find!

    1. Innaffitoften says:

      Really? Can you say “quack”? This doc just got tired of pushing pus out, he did wrong by this man, in a bad bad way.
      Loved the vid, all the pus, etc., just hate useless doctors. Really? A band aid and some antibiotic ointment, a little bloody drainage? Try go home and squeeze some more while it’s open, and before it starts to fill up again! Wow, if this were my doctor, he’d be getting reported to the “Lazy Doctor” admin.

      1. princesspustule says:

        Inna, I totally agree with you. He was just plain lazy. That sac should have been taken out as well. I couldn’t believe he told them he was taking a piece of the sac out and hopefully it wouldn’t grow back. Thats like saying well I am going to cut a little of this tumor out and maybe your cancer won’t come back. I know its not that drastic but still, I hate laziness.

      2. Hi Inna..Miss you

        It all boils down to a money thing and yes I am anticipating some down digits for that. However I believe it with all my heart. Any PHD on this planet knows a sac left behind will refill. Heck it’ll grow back if only a piece is excised.

        Return procedure, more money.

    2. I am surprised by the comments on this video about the doctor being “a quack” and not knowing what he was doing.

      I am a registered nurse, and I see nothing wrong with the way this procedure was handled. The Dr removed the sebaceous material until nothing but blood came out. The reason the entire lining was not removed (or “sac” for those of you who got upset over the term) is that due to the size of the cyst, he would have had to make a huge incision, as in several inches long. This may not have been feasible at the time due to time constraints, equipment, and the feasibility of being able to perform that level of invasive surgery using only an intradermal anesthetic such as Lidocaine; he may have needed conscious sedation or anesthesia. Not knowing ahead of time how large this cyst actually was would limit what they were prepared to do for him during this visit. These types of pockets heal from the outside in, which is why he said to apply a bandage rather than putting in stitches.

      As far as using the term “lining,” sometimes doctors and nurses try to explain things in simple terms so that the patients can easily understand. And quit complaining about the camera work! At my hospital, we do not allow people to film ANY typed of medical procedure; even as simple as a blood draw. We ARE lucky that some doctors allow these things to be filmed, so we can see such awesome videos!

      1. Well said @gretel Thank you!

      2. I disagree..Soft tissue can be excised through a small incision. Think back to the scope procedures gretel, even if it has to be sectioned it could have been removed. quite effectively.

      3. Honestly, it may have been a time issue, or he simply may have not cared for the procedure. My old departed dear Dr. Dorman could not tolerate the odor. He incised and left the rest to me…I loved it..God rest his soul..

        We’re all adults here and we don’t have to agree abt. everything..Simply stating my opinion and yours was well said indeed!

      4. I agree 100% I am a Nurse too …surgical I primarily work in the OR and in trauma,,but I refrain from making comments because the last time I did I got criticized and…thank you for your honesty

    3. Yes I was sooooooooooo upset watching this, I was like screaming at the doctor to move his hand, OMG, I couldn’t see the puss coming out, and to me that’s the best part !!!! The cyst was an awesome find , but the whole angel of the camera was aweful. We should have been able to see so much more if it was done right UUURRHH !!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well , my fellow poppers POP ON …..

      1. I can see it why can’t you ;-) ????

      2. I would have liked to see the DR. put a firecracker in it! That guy wouldn’t of even felt it his cyst was so big!!
        ! BAHAHAHA

  97. Cheese Dip says:

    I meant to rate this one *** (three)

  98. Dctorlynn1 says:

    Wowza! Awesome!

  99. The bar has definitely been raised on this video! Great video! Its my new Fav! Thanks popintime


  100. I saw this on the youtube link:
    This procedure was done two days ago.  Today, I removed “the bandaid” and I was able to squeeze more out for an hour. He definitely didn’t come close to getting it all.

    The doctor didn’t want this to be video taped, but I insisted my father video tape it. The doctor told him not to get in the way – to stand over in the corner. I’m just happy we were able to get as much footage as we got. Quit cutting on the camera guy. No one is forcing you to watch.

    I guess there has been some gruff about the camera work, but not the fellow’s fault. We are so lucky he was able to bring us this portion of it! Wow I’ve watched it 3 times now. I think Cheese Dip got it right, the smell must have been getting to the dr & nurse!

    Like I said earlier… I would have loved to have brought him home and kept playing with it!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:


      Is this a friend or relative of yours? This is the best zit/cyst video I have ever seen! I want to thank you very much for sharing this video. It always bothers me when people bash the videographer, popper, laughter or screaming etc. They should be thankful that they got to see these videos in the first place!!! Brilliant job to all who had a part in putting this video together! :)

      1. @3cysterscafe

        I wish!!! I would have made cookies if they let me come over! I noticed someone had posted the original link, and I wandered over to it and saw their comments. There had been some negative comments and I felt bad so decided to share them. Seems if you look lower down a poster found them to be repetitive. I’m just a pimple perver! :) I thought it was rather brilliant too and loved the music! Happy Popping!

      2. And all the credit for the post goes to @poppintime for this wonderful find!

      3. i agree i really enjoyed this video and to be honest have watched it several times… it ceasus to amaze me at the amout of pus in there…

    2. Doctors, like many people, get uncomfortable when they think someone is filming them while they work. But unlike other folks who usually have to put up with it, some doctors unfortunately still have that god complex, and are bullies to boot.

      There are waaaay too many med care choices today to put up with rudeness like this, particularly with a rock-dumb bit of hammer-and-anvil ultra-minor surgery like lancing a cyst. Any doc-in-the-box can do it. Actually, almost any person can do it well and safely – we only use docs for such a simple procedure to get injectable topical anesthetic, ensure cleanliness and avoid infection, and just in the one-in-a-million case it’s not a simple cyst. With the right tools every one of us here could do a superior job…and without the attitude this doc had.

      1. when you take the time to comment, it is well worth saying!

        Actually when I went to nursing school so many years ago, any incision what so ever was beyond our scope of practice..

        In reality, however, it didn’t matter…

    3. princesspustule says:

      If you guys got more out of the cyst for an hour then, I believe in what I said about the prodedure not done correctly. No matter the amount of time or if the staff is uncomfortable regarding the smell, every patient deserves proper treatment without having to be embarresed by the doctor making offensive remarks regarding how discusted he is with the patients condition and/or the smell. That patient also deserves finallity in treatment as well. For those who disagree, think about if it was your son on that table hearing those remarks and being saddled with substandard and unfinished care. Would you disagree then? Tickledzitless, I hope the cyst is finished and the patient is better. I don’t think anything was wrong with the camera work. I feel lucky to be able to see it and all its glory. It was fabulous and I enjoyed it greatly so thank you or your friend for us at PTZ for this.

      1. popitlikeitshot says:

        Agreed. Not only did this doctor stop waayy to prematurely with little to no concern about his patients’ well being, time, money etc… he, IMO, made it perfectly clear to his patient that he was an inconvenience. Frankly, I’ve had it with doctors, and I think the real reason most doctors don’t want to be video taped is because they don’t want any hard evidence floating around should someone sue for malpractice etc….

    4. my kinda guy…hey, you think it coulda fit into a rubber surg glove and with a pin prick..

      LOADS of silly string!!

    5. Still had to squeeze more out?! It’ll just keep refilling if that’s the case. It was a pointless procedure if it’s not going to go away.

  101. luvalotapus says:


  102. whydoiwatchthis says:

    The doc should have kept going – there was obviously more in there.

  103. cystycheese says:

    Me thinks some people don’t read the comments…they seem to repeat what others have already said???

    1. Ya… I didn’t realize someone had copied the youtube comments until after I posted them. I had commented earlier on, and scrolled through a few pages of them, but missed it. Sorry you were offended. Tickled.

    2. diamondgirl says:

      I don’t hardly ever read anyones comments prior to commenting. Is that an issue? Actually, if 2 or more people have the same thoughts on a video, I find it quite interesting…

  104. wow George was one big lump. makes you wonder size+age= sentience ? (lol)
    wish the doctor and nurse had not blocked so many shots. i still got a nice eye full.
    thank you for sharing.

  105. WOW…That was one big ass cyst. I can say without doubt that that was the most cheese filled cyst these eyes have ever seen, it just kept coming and coming, but it had been filling I quess for 20 years and that was a pretty big dude from the looks of him.
    We all need to chill out a bit. lets have no popologist on popologist violence. CYSTYCHEESE..does it really mater if someone repeats the same observation someone else has made?

  106. Tons of loose skin now

  107. cystycheese says:

    To: Popper…I was referring to about so many people commenting on the camera work when several of us posted what George had said about it…that’s why…so, you chill, lol…

  108. Cystlover2 says:

    5 stars and straight to my favorites

  109. rebornmoron says:

    Very first popped pus rather reminded me of Stonehenge.

    1. You mean “Pushenge”?

  110. If this stuff was collected in a jar and heated, could it be turned to suet and then used to fry something and make it impart that pecular taste?

    Else, it could be used as butter, and I’m sure it would go together with a full box of crackers.

    @poppintime – I have to admit this is the stuff of legends. Volume. Consistency. The only thing missing is the removal of the complete sack. But then, this allows us to have a “George 2 – The return of the camel back”.

    1. Ya….in 20 years (George 2)!!!

      Great job @poppintime ;) That was an excellent find!You’re good!

      Tnx to the guy and his father for filming and having posted the vid.

      HAPPY EASTER TO ALL PTZers woot-woot :)

    2. wow..thats funny…ick thats nasty…at the same time!!

  111. George, you are beautiful!

  112. Cystr and theButtPimples says:

    Okay, so if I repeat anything anyone else said please forgive me. There are 173 comments and I’m sorry, but I am NOT reading all the comments. ha. First of all. I think I’m in love with a bump named George. And 2nd this doctor is either an intern or he doesn’t get many cysts. I “felt” like he didn’t know what he was doing. For one thing he referred to the sac as “lining” is this common? I’ve only heard it referred to as the “sac” and I would think a doctor would call it what it is. And he even said he was cutting out a “little bit” of the lining and that it would need to be sqeezed again. and it was NORMAL. SMell or not, he should have finished the job. But all that aside This was the second vid I put on my favorite list.

  113. I have seen this video before but…when something is this good, you have to enjoy it as many times as possible. I’m one sick puppy!

  114. And the award for Best Find goes to: (fumbling to unseal envelope) dramatic pause…POPINTIME for The Ultimate Sebaceousness-Whoo-Hoo”!!…applause, cheers, crowd goes wild….

    OMG, BEST VID EVER!!! It wouldn’t let me rate the stars but defo 10 stars and into my faves. Sorry gotta run so I can watch again! :)

  115. mysecrettwo says:

    Made one of my rare visits via Windows PC the other day and finally saw the vid. I agree that “George” would benefit from a second opinion.

    @Cystr and… : When it comes to epidermal /keratinous /sebaceous (and probably other) cysts, “sac”, “lining”, even “wall” are synonyms. I’m no medical expert, so see and/or for further info.

  116. diamondgirl828 says:

    Awesome poppintime! Made it to favs!!

    Now the darn camera guy….UUGGGHGHHH…Why?? WHY?? Don’t wanna see the doctors hands…you know what you did.


  117. Sweet Squeezer says:

    I think the doctor was very gracious to allow the camera in. That was an unbelievable amount of stuff, and I don’t find it at all hard to believe that George’s host was able to get more out in a couple of days. Be nice to George now, he’ll be a source of entertainment for years to come!

  118. This goes down as possibly the single greatest missed potential extrusion vid ever – fantastic, never-ending mass of gunk, but totally ruined by a camera operator who believed hands are transparent.

    Virtually unwatchable. What a loss.

  119. I think the filmer did okay considering he was sitting in a corner staying out of the docs way. This was a great one. Loved it.

  120. Holy pus pocket, Batman!!! That was awesome! (Is that music from a Harry Potter movie? lol)

  121. unicornlady says:

    W O W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. This is the BEST video on this site that I have seen! Also, considering the person filming it was relegated to the corner, I still felt that under the circumstances he did an excellent job filming. Also, I am not judging if the doctor “could or could not” have done better, either. I have a question though, and it follows:

    I noticed that there was a note from the person (tickledzitless) with “George” on his back. He made the comment that the doctor did not get all of it and he spent an hour getting more out of this cyst once his “bandaid” wasa removed.

    Would tickeledzitless consider filming some more as he tries to remove the rest of “George”?

  123. I have watched this post at least 50 times and i still am amazed at the amount of cheese… i never get bored… thanks HS.. great find..

  124. It just doesn’t end. That was amazing.

  125. Massive payload! I wish the cameraman had gotten a better angle. The doctor’s hands were in the way, so I was disappointed only seeing the after shots. Did the doc not remove the sac?! It’s just going to keep filling up! As much as it would please me to see this again, I feel sorry for the guy. I’m sure it’s not a pleasant experience having loads of infection and pus squeezed out of your back…

  126. popitlikeitshot says:

    Of course, we wish they had been able to get the perfect shot for this BEAUTY and that the nurse would give us a second to marvel and drool over the bounty. ( you’d think they would slow down knowing someone is taping it to WATCH it and SEE it for themselves, but I digress) This was a wonderful find and we got to see ALL THE GOOD STUFF at some point or another and if I could carry this video around with me all the time, hold it tightly next to my cheek while I sleep and show it to, but NEVER , give it to everyone and anyone like my daughter and her ‘bankie’, I would. And I would NOT be ashamed. We can pick it apart all we want, but you all know there is, in the history of PTZ, NO OTHER LIKE IT!!!!!

  127. Paula Hayes says:


  128. Did I say how wonderful this is? I keep coming back to watch it again and again. Epic!!

  129. pashion4popin says:

    yea this doc sucked donkey dingos! amateur and incomplete doc at their worst… should have seen a surgeon, plastic or dermatologist.

  130. wow, what a dream – we could win a war with this material, puss bomb

  131. Aren’t all of you thankful someone hasn’t invented smell-o-rama yet?

  132. unicornlady says:

    Worth posting again:

    gretel March 20, 2012

    I am surprised by the comments on this video about the doctor being “a quack” and not knowing what he was doing.

    I am a registered nurse, and I see nothing wrong with the way this procedure was handled. The Dr removed the sebaceous material until nothing but blood came out. The reason the entire lining was not removed (or “sac” for those of you who got upset over the term) is that due to the size of the cyst, he would have had to make a huge incision, as in several inches long. This may not have been feasible at the time due to time constraints, equipment, and the feasibility of being able to perform that level of invasive surgery using only an intradermal anesthetic such as Lidocaine; he may have needed conscious sedation or anesthesia. Not knowing ahead of time how large this cyst actually was would limit what they were prepared to do for him during this visit. These types of pockets heal from the outside in, which is why he said to apply a bandage rather than putting in stitches.

    As far as using the term “lining,” sometimes doctors and nurses try to explain things in simple terms so that the patients can easily understand. And quit complaining about the camera work! At my hospital, we do not allow people to film ANY typed of medical procedure; even as simple as a blood draw. We ARE lucky that some doctors allow these things to be filmed, so we can see such awesome videos!
    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 22 Thumb down 8

  133. Paula Hayes says:

    wow wow wow i could watch this video over and over and enjoy every minute of it. thanks for sharing it…….

  134. wanderingpopper says:

    Does the color of the pus indicate if the cyst is infected? I have seen some that is only slightly darker in color and the dialogue or captions say that the cyst in infected. This one looks very close to being dark enough if that it, in fact, a criteria.

  135. yankeedoodlepus says:

    I just love a good bedtime story!


  136. cybersharque says:

    @wanderingpopper: Not every colorful cyst is/was infected. Not every infected cyst calls for technocolor. Darkness can result when the hair follicle sustains less-than-usual damage and the pt is dark-haired: often the pigment is melanin. At the same time, many infections result in blood being incarcerated in the cyst cavity, and that tends to produce markedly dark material as well.

    Notice how ‘clean’ keratin is white or close to it, while pus often takes on a yellow color (it’s called staph AUREUS for a reason). Psudomonas infections tend to be green in color, but many infections turn green because the immune system shoots hypochlorous acid into it, which produces a pronounced green color in the pus.

    Darkness, in my experience, attests that the cyst is an old one, not necessarily infected.

    1. comedoness says:

      Good to see you here!

  137. Tassula Kattalakis says:

    I’m new to the commenting section, but I want to ask if anybody knows this doctor’s name. So I run in the opposite direction if I ever need someone with his specialty. Bad manners, laziness and impatient, that’s not a doctor I would want.

  138. Zitgoddess says:

    That’s a seriously impressive sebaceous cyst going on there. I think the doctor did a good job. And if you have a cyst that’s big enough to make a doctor go, “Oh gosh…” then you know you’ve got a large sebaceous cyst.

  139. This is my favorite clip that mountain o”pus did not want to end that was so great!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. *big smile* can go to bed now filled with happy joy joy feelings. Great vid!! :)

  141. yes yes yes YES! That is all!

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