The Best Ear Blackhead!!

Blackheads With Brew and Breakfast

Simply the best blackhead extraction from an ear I have yet to see. Yet, being the key word, as a true Popologist is *always* on the look out for the next best pop. C’mon, I’m right, aren’t I?? lol

You will enjoy. You will hit replay. You will send me $43.22 in the mail. Awww, ok, you got me. One of those is not really an accurate prediction. hehehaha.

Just Poppin’ On!
~ H.S.

DEEP Yellow blackhead in ear.

44 Comments on “The Best Ear Blackhead!!

  1. great lil pop for a tuesday! thanks Halph! Ben

  2. It’s done!

  3. I personally don’t like that little tool. I prefer a bobbie pin (hair pin). It gets the job done better and I’ve found that the pimple tool caused a sore. Plus, a hair pin in cheaper. Just my opinion and experience.

  4. BINGO! we got a winner! great camera work and very nice technique with the tool! 2 thumbs up…

  5. What a lovely way to greet the day!! Thank you for the post!!

  6. Cheese Dip says:

    I don’t like that little tool either, but I can see now that in the hands of a patient person, it works fine. Very nicely done and thanks to popee for letting his friends broadcast on video a close-up view of his inner ear and removal of a yellow waxy blackhead-thingy. That takes real guts – I couldn’t do it.

    I love how the popper sneaks off for a quick look around and a surreptitious squeeze on a different thingy at 3:04.

    1. HaHa wouldn’t you though,you never know what could be hiding out in there if there was on like that right ouy in the open.It’s like those pics you see with a person with like 20 of those size or better(how could you let them just sit there.)

  7. FedkaTheConvict says:

    They are a really talkative bunch….

  8. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    That family has way too many professional tools at their disposal. There must be a story here. Keep following them HS, there will be more to come.

    1. BoogerKing says:

      It’s one of those tools with 2 sides… I have one, purchased at our local drug store!

      1. Yep! The tools are very common. The curved end side helped get this thing out – but def looks painful! The ear is one of the most painful places to have a lump !

  9. Cute little pop!
    Great find H.S.

  10. Nice! I love blackheads in the ear…and behind the ear, on the nose, on the chin, on the back….I love blackheads!

    1. I just posted a good one in the forum

    2. Love me some blackheads!

      Thanks H.S.

  11. CousinTone says:

    What is it with the ear? Why are those so appealing to us?

  12. That was a good one, H.S. I know many of us are getting a lot of “pleasant” viewing hrs.out of blackheads, and, especially for me, dirty ears in general. Here I go preaching again! I just wish parents would teach their kids to keep their faces and ears clean! Although, I tried with my daughter, and she still had some good sized blackheads in her ears, and she would scream like bloody murder if anyone tried to pick them! I remember a time at the dermatologist………

    1. FedkaTheConvict says:

      Blackheads have little to do with personal hygiene. They are caused by hyperactive sebaceous glands and are mostly triggered by hormone changes which is why they are prevalent in teens and young adults. You can be scrupulously clean and still get blackheads; they form below the skin where no amount of washing will remove them.

  13. Odd location for a pimple/blackhead. It didn’t look like much at first but they got 3 decent little squirts.

  14. I had that tool b4 that tool was cool, lol…excellent popping and i sure would have liked to see some more of the little ones get popped too :) SO SWEET!

  15. I have two different style black head tools. This one is my least favorite. It hurts! My other one (ok I have multiple copies of the 2nd one as I never want to be without it ha ha) has a tiny hole in one end and a slightly larger hole in the others. Far more effective and less stress on the skin. I am amazed at how much came out of this one. Some pretty decent stringy stuff. Good find!

  16. Excellent way to end my day ! : )
    Thanks HS

  17. nice blackhead,great vid

  18. The pus looked as if it had been fermenting :)

  19. I am seething to get a hold of all of the zits on his face.

  20. unclelarry says:

    Zits in the ear hurt but it’s so satisfying when you can hear the pop. Cool vid HS. Thanks.

  21. That was a very clean ear..

    Nice supply of tools.

    Are we all seeing the ads?

    A heated compress would have loosened that little thing right up,,

    Ears to ya Halphie!

  22. Let me share a funny story. I had a friend who had a black head in the same spot. I used my reliable bobbie pin and it popped right out and onto my front tooth. We were laughing and I was smiling and had my mouthing open…..and splat. Moral to this story – never pop a zit with a big grin on your face. You’re liable to get a icky suprise. I brushed my teeth and used about a bottle of mouth wash and even used an alcohol swab on my tooth YICK!! But funny!!


  24. I’m always a sucker for blackhead videos. I think they’re my fav, for some reason. Thanks, Halphie! Hope we see more of these folks too!

  25. Cyster Sebum says:

    That was not a black head. I will tell you exactly what happened: a glob of pus and his friends decided to find the best hiding place, possible, and then camouflage themselves as a black head. Drats–Foiled again! If it wasn’t for those meddling kids!

  26. Ode To Blackhead in the Ear

    Blackhead in the ear, blackhead in the Ear
    Why you want to live in there is not very clear
    Blackhead in the Ear, blackhead in the Ear
    I dont want you anymore, so i popped you out of theer.

    I thankyou. Ben.

  27. i have dreams where i have a face willing to be popped, i focus in on some freckles and large pores. very promising, looks like….nope!. i try to put one there, since i know i’m dreaming, still get zip. i guess i need to do some visualizing exercises.

  28. pashion4popin says:

    deceivingly productive lil ear pop`er!

  29. whydoiwatchthis says:

    i was actually a little frustrated with his extraction skills; if he would have put it at a sharper angle, he would gotten a nice pop from the start

  30. Faux Pop says:

    Probably the best use of that tool I’ve seen, or conducted myself. I always tend to cause more damage than necessary, but the popper was very patient and used good technique that it paid off with nice results!

  31. Mama Cheese Fiend says:

    weak but i need that tool

  32. I was frustrated that the tool didn’t produce proper results the first 2 times it was used. I wanted to jump in and getter done myself!!

  33. One of my favorite vids are BTE. While this one didn’t qualify as a BTE is was still interesting. The pimples/blackheads inside the ear are so painful. No way could I be as quiet as that still, I would have been screaming my head off.
    On another note, they the same extractor as I have.

  34. I wonder if by “bobbie pin” you might be meaning “hair pin” which was made of rounded wire in an elongated “U” shape and meant to hold hair into hair curlers. (Bobbie pins are made of flattened metal, forming only a small aperture in the middle of the two legs that sit fairly close, side-by-side. Because the flattened metal had narrow corners, the edge of bobbie pins could bruise/indent/cut the skin fairly easily with any applied pressure.) Hair pins, on the other hand, are rounded comfortably and have a relatively wider U-bend for exerting pressure throughout a lump in the skin. Ah, those were the days, raiding my mother’s hairpin box and mining teenaged gold! Wish I could do that one more time…

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