Stopped Up Sweat Gland

A good daughter listens to her father, cooks, cleans, is the apple of daddy’s eye. Don’t forget that she should always be ready to squeeze any smelly armpit infections he might get! Poor guy, really, a blocked sweat gland can’t be comfortable at all – don’t know about you guys but my armpit is sensitive as all get out!!!

Now that I have said that, I will probably be cursed with some sort of problem there. I guess if pus is involved, I’ll take on for the team and make sure my sister records it!

Thanks, everyone – this ain’t much, but ooze is my thing. Chunky is good too. And squirting pus, or gushing lemony color pus. OK, I just like pus. Earwax too. Stones, yeah they are cool. OKokokok, I like everything on PTZ. The people too are like such the best!

Part ONE

Part TWO

TITLE: (Warning Gross) Worst infected sweat gland EVER &
(Warning Gross) Day 2 worst sweat gland infection
YT INFO: Uploaded by Flu3rD3Br3 on Mar 22, 2012

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  1. I’m not a medical professional, but that kind of “help” will lead to a much bigger, deeper infection. It needs lanced, not just expressed out of a pore.
    That said, the last 30 seconds or so, close your eyes and just listen…….to me it sounds like a constipated Yoda is trying to squeeze one out.

    1. never in pain cry out Yoda does

      1. Yoda do crying for sure, he isn’t Chuck Norris who alone doesn’t cry even under the worst torture. Yoda is also at least four times lower than the great Chuck. How do you even thinking about comparing the two of them. And for the end; Do I have to say that the force may be only with Chuck while Yoda s_ck. ;)

      2. HaHa!!! You Star Wars Geeks!

    2. Splatter Man says:

      He was beginning to speak in Klingon.

      1. Cyster Sebum says:

        Care to translate? I’ve always wanted to know what Klingon’s talk about when popping pimples. You know, because all I ever hear them talk about is war (excluding Warf, of course). Okay, now that I have officially established myself as a nerd, I will stop typing

  2. That poor guy needs help. He is in real pain. I think she is right that he needs to go to the hospital. Thanks for the post bacne-up.

  3. phillip jackson says:

    that guy was in alot of pain. lord lord the things we do for love.

  4. Whoa! Agree with the above. That much redness around the area indicates a real problem, and I don’t think a pin is able to to make an opening big enough to allow drainage until the thing heals. Thank you for your great mining skilz, bacne up!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      You are absolutely right! He needs a doctor!

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Give him a bullet to bite…………………

    1. Give him a stick of dynamite to bite…

  6. jessica silvers says:

    ouch >.< that must hurt. all i can say is i love th sounds he was making cute hurt dad sounds.

  7. AGAIN! This is one of those things that should not be “popped”! Looks like a case of cellulitis to me, but what do I know?

  8. ear-cyster says:

    Go to the ER or your Doc. He is in to much pain for DIY.


  10. These tiny little pin!…smh…

  11. I too agree with everyone, medical attention is needed. As hard as she was squeezing and only getting a small about of drainage….she could be pushing it in deeper which will only compound the problem. He was in too much pain. Thank you bacne-up for sharing!!

  12. comedoness says:

    Poor dad was really hurting! I do hope they take him to a Dr. Hot compresses would help until they get him there.
    Great video.

  13. OUCH!!! Agree with everybody else. Needs to go to ER or Doc. Not one that can be DIY. Thanks, bacne!

  14. Like everyone, I think he needs the ER or doctor ASAP!

  15. That’ll make ya wanna say &^%F$ Real Loud!!!
    Great find bacne-up!!!

  16. A haku

    Daddy’s little girl
    In obedience pops his zit
    O what filial love

  17. Maybe pop needs to try a little drawing salve (icthemol) or coal tar salve.

    can be bought otc is rather nasty, and has been around for ages…

    I think it does a good job drawing infection out of the tissue.

    Bacne, good job…where ya been?

    1. I agree, MomE. That stuff is great. It certainly couldn’t hurt. But I still think he should at least see the doctor. If they are going to continue to do it themselves, they should be more sanitary. From the comments (“I know these aren’t fun for you…”) it sounds like he may get these frequently and they regularly take care of them at home.

  18. great sounds at 2.37…. sounded like a crow trying to lift a car! sorry, i couldnt stop laughing! Agree he needs to get to a doc, n film that!

  19. Like everyone else has said going to the Dr. would be a wise choice considering the area that is involved.. I don’t think that’s just a clogged up sweat gland..

  20. Backed up sweat gland? I will be checking for them every shower. Videos – underarm bumps look to feel the worst.

  21. Merry Poppins says:

    Dear God OWWW! I want to cut that sucker open and stab it with some penicillin.

  22. I’m pretty sure this is MRSA that has settled in the sweat gland. I have the same thing. It is very contagious when it is draining. I have had a total of three abscesses and they are soooo painful before and after they are lanced. It feels like someone is sawing your arm. They draining was not that bad. Numbing meds= :) ! It immediately felt better….well until the numbness wore off. Then I thought my armpit was gonna explode! Poor guy. OUCH!

  23. pashion4popin says:

    sure hope they got some antibiotics and didn’t wait too long…

  24. YEEOOWWCH! I had an abscessed sweat gland in my armpit when I was a kid, I got it when I started using deodorant. I agree with everyone else, he needs to see a doc. Mind had to be lanced and packe with gauze, that I had to pull out little-by-little in the shower every day for a few days. A pinhole definitely won’t allow it all to come out! Good find!

  25. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    The popper loved it. The popee seemed to dislike it. I guess it was a bit painful!!

  26. the infected says:

    He’s gonna ruin that belt.

  27. I know it would’ve been terribly painful but I couldn’t help laughing at some of the sounds he made.

  28. Something that red is infected. He is in too much pain and needs a doctor.

  29. I hope he went to a doctor and got it treated. On a side note, sounds like sand people to me… lol.

  30. My dad never had anything that cool :( He did get blood blisters that my step mom would pop.

  31. Thanks for posting, bacne-up. I add my prayer for his recovery, and I hope he sought professional help.

  32. Zit Obsessed says:

    Poor guy. The area is raised, red and swollen. Not much pus is being expressed. If it isn’t cellulitis, he should be on cephalexin or another antibiotic.

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