Pus Filled Pimple

A classic chin pimple gets the gucky squeezed out of it – by some very manicured, pink polished fingernails! No complaining about these nails… lol! I love the guy’s happy smirk at the end – getting groomed must be a happy time for him… hmm

Cochore – you are a Master of Pus Posting!!!

Puss Pimple 53
Posted to YouTube by jaelynns03 on February 26, 2012

20 Comments on “Pus Filled Pimple

  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Now that was a very loving scene……………………… * tear in my eye.

    1. gimpysgirl says:

      Wedded bliss? See, it takes so little to be intimate.

  2. 3cysterscafe says:

    Someone was good at giving instructions. That looked like it involved the whole left side of his chin and lip. Looks as though we may see a part two, maybe. It certainly is not finished yet. That puppy is going to refill fast! Nice find and thank you for posting Cochore!

  3. I think she needed to pluck a few chin hairs to make sure there’s not another pocket lurking there!
    Good find Cochore!!!

  4. phillip jackson says:

    i like pick and sqeeze but there was alot more to it.would like to have seen it done right.

  5. She was gentle with him bless her. I would have squeezed like my hands were a vise grip. Maybe that’s why no one will let me near their zits.

  6. Who would have thought so much pus with an ingrown hair. Nice find Cochore!

    Some day I would like to find out the meaning your name…I think…lol

    1. Ok, I thought I saw a curly q strand in the middle of it all.

  7. Now that was nice…great fingernails and a very professional tecnique…

  8. I don’t think that was done yet. I don’t believe this will be chronic though. It’s just a dead broke off whisker gone bad. I never had one this bad because I don’t wear a beard and see these before this point. You ever see these whiskers if you look at them they look like a thick wire but if you tear them apart there are multiple hairs in one one follicle. It gets so big the follicle detaches from the hair and it dies. Like having a splinter.

  9. Great little pimple. Thanks Cochore.

  10. comedoness says:

    Those were some purty nails, and some nice pus!

  11. unclelarry says:

    Surprising amount in that little zit. Good job by the squeezer. Thanks Cochore. Great find.

  12. The guy was digging the chin massage to get the “gucky” out – my new vocabulary word :). Dweedwaa – I’m with you and how she had that much patience I’ll never know … Puppy if you were sweeter to the wifey you might get a massage too ;) Love ya to pieces Puppy!

  13. Nice small pus ball at the beginning

  14. luvalotapus says:

    the Popper had her own Coach! AWeSOmE!

  15. The coach should write her own book;

    (or something like that)LOlll.

    The ppl in the vid were cool,they were having fun and there was some good pus…so,I had fun watching it.
    It was a good find!Tnx a lot @Cochore ! ;)

  16. @Cochore, you are a man (woman?) of mystery, my friend. I never see you comment on posts, and while your video mining and contributions are AMAZING (I repeat: A-MAY-ZEEN!), you don’t seem to write your intros. So, I think the time has come for you to step out of the shadows and tell us about yourself. SPEECH. SPEECH. SPEECH.

  17. More to expect…

  18. マットMatt says:

    “I don’t care about pain”

    wwwwwww This guy is tough!

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