Nice Little Head Sebaceous Cyst Removal!

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I like the sebaceous lump removals on the head. The doc did a really nice clean job on removing the whole cyst. Nice camera work as well. Not my usual type of videos I put up but I decided, “Hey why not change it up a little!” Still, it is a nice little video to add to my collection~ tetetehehehe! ;-)

YT Comment:

“A step by step removal of a sebaceous cyst including in skull cauterization and sutures.”

Sit Back and Enjoy My Friends ;-)

Large Cyst Removal and Cauterization .m4v
Uploaded by carsonwise18 on Mar 11, 2012

38 Comments on “Nice Little Head Sebaceous Cyst Removal!

  1. A haiku

    O sebaceous cyst
    From the head extirpated
    A pearl of pleasure

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    It’s not brain surgery…………………………………………. but, it’s close to it.

    1. yes, it’s very close to it ……………………… ………….. in a distance,
      but it is associated with brain surgery exactly as popping a pimple from forehead. :)

  3. 3cysterscafe says:

    I like head cysts when they come out with a little squirt and then the sack! Good find and post Poppintime! Thank you!

  4. Nice work by the good Doctor! I’m glad she got aggressive when the cyst wouldn’t cooperate!
    Excellent find poppintime!!!

  5. wonderful post. would love to have seen more cheese action but still a great post

  6. unclelarry says:

    The doc showed that cyst who’s boss. Nice payload and extraction. Nice one poppintime. Thanks!!!!

    1. Yes, he was like a bull dog, got a hold of that cyst and he was not letting go. It was a tug of war between the cyst sac and the doctor. I thought when he pulled it out his hand was going to fly over his head with all force behind it. WOW!!! That’s the way to show a cyst who’s boss. I would have loved to squeeze the cheese out if before removing it. It looked like it was packed!

  7. love the cutting into the skin itself,what a pleasure to watch,thanks

  8. bighandsbigzits says:

    Dude looks terrified in the first few seconds

    1. I got terrified when I heard the music….but dont worry fellow PTZer;I got through.

      Nah…Lolll,just kidding.Great vid with a nice little cyst + sac combo!

      Tnx @poppintime ,good find ;)

  9. Whew that was a wild ride. Great find poppin! Wish we coulda seen the first spurt… Looked like an excellent job by the doc.

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Wild ride is right! Gotta love those spurts! As the saying goes, The more the spurts, the more the fun!

  10. wow…my mouth was wide open the whole time…dont know why… :-)

  11. Every time I see one of these I’m reminded of how annoyed I am at my sister for not letting me go with her when she had hers removed. :o(

  12. Doc. never once used his fingers to squeeze, drop the tools doc and wrap your fingers around that baby and deliver the cyst kicking and screaming into birth.

    1. I’m with you. Although that doc did a good job with pulling stuff out with the tweezers and hemostats, it would have been nice to see a good ol’ squeeze. Good job..

  13. Phew. Got it still intact. Nice find!

  14. zittylover says:

    Hmm … this lack of practice all that!
    This doctor did not see this video:
    A Big thank you to Poppy for her find! :)

  15. I like it, but I wish they would have applied the ZOOM button! Great find though!!!

  16. pussbuster says:

    That was great, I’d like to hear a discussion by two doctors on the pro’s and cons on either carefully cutting the sack out with a scalpel, or this technique of just pulling it out.

  17. Sweet Squeezer says:

    Loved it over all but I wanted to push her aside at one point and give it a good squeeze!! Loved the sack, just wanted to peek inside! :)

  18. He did a great job of sewing it up. It was an excellant sack. Thanks Poppintime!

  19. i got sooo excited when i saw the tiny second cyst come out. i wonder why scalp cysts often have “multiple births”. the huge ones are gross, though. they look like sausages. still fascinating, just bizarre…

  20. Doc…Throw those tools down and mash that thing!

    well done freezy!

    1. OMG

      Please excuse me….I was just looking at a freezy find, and it’s late…

      Sorry, Sorry, a thousand times Sorry!

  21. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    i want squeezing!

  22. its a thankless job but somebody’s got to do it

  23. pashion4popin says:

    messy and inefficient looking technique, sorry i’m allowed an opinion. i’d guess a student or maybe someone snuck into the office after hours to do this one. yikes! at least it was sterile ;)

  24. Beautiful. Like watching a baby deer being born.

  25. NMGAPAOH says:

    He was pulling on that SOOOO hard if it gave way, I think he would have fell backwards!

  26. Poppin, I agree with everyone else who thought any minute now they would just haveta give it the ol’ squeezaroo, but no such luck!! Still, the sac was removed, so the patient shouldn’t have to go through this ordeal again.

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