Lancing Swollen Infected Finger

Nail biter’s payoff! All that gnawing with the disgusting human mouth produces nasty infection that must hurt like you-know-what. Complimentary pus included. Enjoy!

From YT Description:

It gets good at about 30 seconds. Don’t bite your fingernails, kids.

I do not recommend anyone actually do what I did – I ended up having to go to the hospital only for a doctor to cut it open. Plus, the doctor had to give me a tetanus shot because, according to him, the needle that I sanitized with fire + isopropyl alcohol could have still had bacteria.

Lancing Swollen Finger –
pus geyser uploaded to YT by drewba on 2/22/12

20 Comments on “Lancing Swollen Infected Finger

  1. It got way better towards the end, but would have liked to have seen it at the Dr’s office! Bet ya’ that was a cool squeeze! Thanks for the post!

  2. Squeeze that thing !

  3. Best thing about the vid was the background music- im the scatman by scatman john,hilarious,ha! Ben.

    1. I agree! I couldn’t believe they were listening to Scatman.

  4. 3cysterscafe says:

    Ouch!! Those hurt so bad! Looks to be loads more in there. Thanks for the search & post Gimpysgirl!!

  5. Great pus video. Thanks for the post Gimpysgirl.

  6. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Damn hangnails……………..

  7. Son, next time go to a nail tech and get it opened from the nail side and get all the junk cleaned out from the nail beds too!
    Great find gg!!!

  8. He sounded just a liiiittle too enthusiastic lol

  9. what would nail biting have to do with that? I’m thinking splinter, hangnail.

  10. zittylover says:

    I said: the cameraman…. F.I.R.E.D. !

  11. yankeedoodlepus says:

    I bet that Tetanus shot hurt worse!

    Those things suck!

  12. OOoo how did I miss this one?

    I shoved a fish fin up under my nail once-upon-a-time.
    My God. Everytime my heart beat I felt my finger….

    I think a larger exit woulda served him better…

    Thanks for the memory ggirl :) (winks)

  13. pashion4popin says:

    …and don’t forget to use soap and wash those hands often!

  14. ZealousZitZinger says:

    Nice puss, nice upload. Fine bit of fun…and I must say I LOVE the background music. lol

  15. Did you see that toothbrush laying on the sink and he is rinsing the pus off by it.

  16. Gimpysgirl – terrific post! I caught myself using my mouse to raise the screen when he went out of the shot!! I’m glad he went to the doctor. A pin is possibly not the best tool!

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