“It’s Like Pop That Zit!”

****YES, ANIMAL PUS!****

Consider your options prior to watching if you are sensitive in nature. Watch by choice, and comment respectfully.

****END WARNING… beep!****

This little Guinea Pig has a nice cyst that keeps on giving. Who would think these little Guinea Pig’s can have such big cysts Hmmmm?

YT Description:

“We love popping in our family! While cleaning out my son’s guinea pig cage he noticed a bump on the pigs behind! This is what came out!”
“He is just a really good pig. I used a razor blade. I must mention I worked as a vet tech for many years, so I have some experience with this kind of stuff.”

I love it when she says it’s like Pop That Zit!

Sit Back & Enjoy ~

Cyst popping on guinea pig
Uploaded by signagni1 on Feb 25, 2012

51 Comments on ““It’s Like Pop That Zit!”

  1. unclelarry says:

    Cool video. The Guinea Pig seemed to take it in stride. That thing is massive compared to the critter’s size. Thanks poppintime. Good find.

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      I love the dog’s reply at the 1:26 mark….

    2. It was a nice family effort! Gloves, clean and well filmed for a kid! That piggy was really good about it!

  2. poor piggy

    brave pig, stupid kid

    1. I wish people would take there animals to vets to receive proper care…i know the lady said she has experience…didnt look like she took it very seriously though. All the guinea pig needs now is a infection and then what will they do…i dont know…if my dog or lizard had a growth i wouldnt want to take a chance doing it myself. If it were on me…sure LOL id slice and dice it because i can make that choice and if i got sick cause of it its my fault…animals dont have a choice…

  3. 3cysterscafe says:

    @Voyeur1- that kid was not stupid! He did a great job filming. Try not to be so harsh, unless of course, you’d like to be the Target!

    Great video! Pus sure was dark. I bet ya it sunk too! Thanks for posting Poppintime!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Was stinky too! Dam auto correct! I’m on my phone, can ya tell? lol

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        “DAMN” I can’t win!

    2. I like how he said”Can I try?”, Future popper in the making. He’s got the video down, nows alls he needs is a few poppin lessons……lol

    3. He got so much flack for picking on a little kid,I think he changed his name. There is no room here forpicking on poor defensless kids and internet thugin. Lets all just get along.

  4. That is one cute little guinea pig. Good thing it has a nice caring family to take care of all the “necessities.”!! Bless your animal loving little hearts!!

  5. I don’t normally like Animal video’s, but this was delightfully cute!

    The color interested me – is it always darker in animal?

  6. yep… all us humans should be fodder for all the animals in the world. Then the world would be a better place. Animals running government, making movies, running our schools, (oh sorry we would be gone) tending their own wounds and ailments . Yep, cysts on pets are the humans fault…evil, evil humans. Animals would become immortal and be at peace with each other if us devil homo sapiens were gone. They would have system after all us humans have been eaten, that all the carnivores would become vegan vegetarian and they would share at the big grand cornucopia that Fluffy the God of the Animals intended from the start of time.

    1. Theres lots of carnivores animals out there!
      And I really dont think the “humans”(homo sapiens) were really evil toward the dinosaurs!

  7. wow looks like more in there. great post

  8. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Ya just know that little fella is gonna be licking that spot when he is put back in his cage…………

  9. Teeny tiny little hiney with a loaded bump. Hope the piggie wiggie is in good health.

    1. I didn’t know they actually barked!!!! He barks when the little boy takes a turn at squeezing out the bump. It was such a C U T E bark!!!!! I kept replaying it. My pups looked at the lap top like, “something ‘barked’, I think.” :) :) :) :) :) Great find!

      Why so many thumbs down for comments about how the animal was cute, benign statements? Doesn’t make sense?

  10. great post Pop…Animal or person, cyst is cyst cheese is cheese. It all has to go!

    1. No idea why your comment got a thumbs down, but I totally agree with you! Thumbs up!

  11. Who knew Bleu Cheeze came from a Guinea Pig!
    Great find poppintime!!!

  12. poor little guy , I hope he got relief

  13. Nice one! I liked how this mom involved the kid and made it a learning experience. I don’t think this little animal could’ve gotten any better care at the vet’s office.

  14. i don’t have a problem with animal vids as i know that most of them are done in as humane as possible. i said, most of them. the owners usually are trying to help the best they can. but, having performed many vet approved home procedures i have only one suggestion to those who endeavor in this: shave the poor animal’s part prior to extraction. it will not only give you a better field of vision and cleanliness but it makes it faster as well as you are not having to play hide and seek with whatever you are attacking. sure, you may have to look as a bare butt or ? but it beats trying to perform a procedure on an often stressed and sore animal and then trying to clean the residual crud when all they want to do is go rest and get some loving. just a suggestion.

  15. pussbuster says:

    It looks like someone is giving a thumbs down to every comment.
    I guess they are having a bad day.

    1. It wasn’t me, but it would be a little funny if you got a thumbs down…like that late thrown pie in a Marx Brothers movie

    2. I have a funny feeling who it is! This person doesn’t like animal video’s in turn out ways the the people who do so please just ignore the thumbs down as they are just trying to get there point across! It doesn’t bother me a bit ;-)

  16. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    aw nasty thing on his cute little butt

  17. unclelarry says:

    Folks, looks like we got us a renegade thumbs down clicker in our midst.

    1. Yep…

      It’s happened before UncleL.

      They’ll get bored soon enough, just playing I’ll bet.

      1. Wow, they gave you two for that comment…lol

      2. I have a funny feeling who it is! This person doesn’t like animal video’s in turn out ways the the people who do so please just ignore the thumbs down as they are just trying to get there point across! It doesn’t bother me a bit ;-)

    2. I was wondering WHAT was going on?!? I posted a comment, but I’m still fairly new. Thanks for the info.,unclelarry!!

  18. Not a bad video :) .. But, why are they popping a boil over the kids toys in the sink? lol. gross

  19. I just love guinea pigs..One with a cyst…a plus!

    I wish I had the time to get another one, they make the sweetest sounds

    wonderful work poppin….you sure are on a roll!

    1. NMGAPAOH says:

      I never knew they barked. My little Yorkies heard him and they were very curious as to who made the noise :)

  20. Awwh! Poor little guy! Must have been so stressed out being man-handled like that…hope he gets better! He’s so cute!

  21. I have NEVER seen so many dislikes for one video!! What happened??? Oh, and by the way, MY likes don’t count on ANY vids lately! I wonder what’s up with that? Anyway, the comments were mostly positive, so I’m just thinking that maybe there’s some kind of glitch in the “like/dislike” system. I LIKED IT. (P.S. I have a dwarf hamster who I am VERY fond of, but I don’t think I’d pay to take him to the vet). Oh well, to each their own.

    1. Like,have the same problem, just wanted to let you know,most people on here don’t go to the doctors for their cysts, the animal will get even more stressed I would think?

  22. I have a funny feeling who it is! This person doesn’t like animal video’s in turn out ways the the people who do so please just ignore the thumbs down as they are just trying to get there point across! It doesn’t bother me a bit! :-)

    1. NMGAPAOH says:

      @popintime – a coworker was talking to me about something and said, “you’re always going to have haters.” Looks familiar, huh?

  23. pashion4popin says:

    pig pops are cool 2!

  24. jozzseffrd says:

    C’mon Vet should have shaved that spot firrst so can see what the fuck they are doing damn it

  25. ear-cyster says:

    Poor Baby…….. That had to be soooo painful ,but the little feller will feel so much better in the morning….Caring popper thank goodness…….Why is the color so different…????

  26. Kathleen says:

    Poor piggy. Way to rub it in his fur… Also, I would never let my child try to do this. They don’t know what they’re doing.

  27. Perhaps trimming the hair prior to excavation would have been a good idea? Another issue in my mind is the noise the kids were making. The animal was frightened enough without all the hoopla.

    I’m sure it survived the ordeal fine but those types of small animals can be hyper-sensitive to stress and pain. I have seen them keel over dead from fright.

  28. It’s so sad to have to make a decision about health care for your beloved furry family…

    …adopt but then get guilt tripped about health care when you are trying to help an animal from being killed or living in a cage for a long time but the bills get higher and higher

    It’s awful…I found Petsmart’s Banfield Hospital pet care plans better but you still get socked for “extras” for example found a yorkie running the streets 2 years ago, almost got hit by several cars so I followed him and captured him. Older dog, not neutered, no one claimed him. Got him fixed and just recently got Banfield plan so he could get his teeth cleaned. While they were cleaning, found a lot of problems so even though without the plan it would have cost over $1000, it ended up couldn’t do everything the doc wanted because we just don’t have an extra $500 so had to do the most important which was still $250. It’s so hard.

  29. What a calm piggy!

    I wish people hadn’t left so many negative comments about how she should take the piggy to the vet.

    As a former vet tech I’m pretty sure she knows the difference between a life threatening infection, and a benign abscess on an animal. Rodents are filthy, I own rats, I have owned piggys, rabbits and various other small creatures, as well as larger animals like dogs and cats, and I know people who work on farms and own horses and cattle. The tiniest little knick can turn into a raging infection or a huge abscess within HOURS, but 90% of the time unless the animal is showing visible signs of fatigue or sickness there is little to nothing a vet can/will do besides squeeze it, clean it and send them home.

    Something you can do competently at home for hundreds of dollars less.

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