I Can Hear! Now Turn That Dang Music Down!!

South Zone ENT presents another fully loaded, severely impacted, earwax stuffed canal. Anyone noticed they seem to be having more and more fun with their videos? The running ticker commentary is fabulous!

I recall my Grandfather relating to me the story of his own impacted earwax removal. He wears hearing aides – the same style since I was a little girl. They are attached to glasses with a volume button on each arm. One things he really never paid attention to was the continued decline of his hearing it what was his “better” ear. Just wrote it off to eventual deafness. He’d already learned to read lips, it was all good.

That is until his ear started to hurt… so, off to the doctor he goes. He never saw a need for yearly hearing exams, he knew it would just get worse, the working theory was to simply adjust. Unfortunately, he might have heard a lot better had he seen an ENT or Audiologist sooner – his ear was probably exactly like the most impacted ears we have seen from South Zone, Dr. J, and most other ENTs.

Thus, about 9 years back, he described in glorious detail the hideous black, chunky, dirt, skin flakes, hair and wax balls they kept pulling out, one after another, from his ear canal. All thanks to those hearing aides… aiding and abetting the crud to hide as far back in the canal as possible, until no more could fit in!!

Hey, do you think it has anything to do with why I like earwax videos so much?? Ya think? Lol!

OK, ok – here’s the video. I’ll zip it and let you get on with your own enjoyable earwax memories.

Just Poppin’ Around!
~ H.S.

Uploaded to YouTube by SOUTHZONEENT12002 on Mar 9, 2012

36 Comments on “I Can Hear! Now Turn That Dang Music Down!!

  1. Well Hi There!

    I believe he can hear now..

    I think if a pre-irrigation was performed by his nurse or tech, it might have been easier to remove..

    Does anyone think some physicians forget the basics at times?

    1. Hi MotherE!

      I’m with you 100%.
      Cuz IMO,the curette(???)wasnt the best tool at all for this job !

      But I’m kind of “monday morning quater backing” here!Cuz maybe he had a reason to use the curette in the beginning?Maybe it was for security reason?Idk!

      But the second tool was mosdeff the one to use!

      Great vid,tnx for the post ;)

  2. captaincarbuncle says:

    The high drama of the running commentary at the bottom of the screen was great. I, for one, was on the edge of my seat!

    1. The best line in that commentary was at 2:55 : Yes commming! Aaaaaaaah!
      I sure hope he was talking about the ear wax.

    2. I found the comments unprofessional and silly. He should have used spell check.

      1. I don’t think “he” was trying to spell correctly.I took it as dragging the words like “commming” out. Also, I didn’t even pay attention to the commentary because I was so engrossed in the video. Oh, well, to each “his” own!

  3. nice video.wish it was more of a dry debris situation,gooey and soggy doesnt turn me on :P

  4. gimpysgirl says:

    One would think that they’d send in the “ear hygienist” now for the 6 month cleaning. Needs a good scraping around the edges and a thorough wash before sending the patient home. Has to be 101% better than before. Thanks H.S. Good one. I love ear wax videos!

    1. I agree with you, gimpysgirl, 102%. Thanks again, H.S. (I’m not just “kissing up”, either!)

  5. That looked like a virgin eardrum behind that wad.

    The funny thing is in India they have people wander the streets that actually clean peoples ears!!!!
    They should hang around outside the ENT clinic, they would make a motza.

  6. That was great! I love when they remove those big chunks. I was thinking towards the end….he needs a q-tip to clean up the rest….and then came a q-tip. Didn’t quite do the job I would have wanted, but… You can certainly see why the ear “drum” is call just that. Great view of a healthy ear drum. Thanks HS!

  7. ultraworld says:

    Just imagine what some soap & water on a daily basis would do. Go a few months without a bath & this is what happens. India has a more cell phones than toilets (I’m not making this up) and clean water is in short supply as well.

  8. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Clean as a whistle ……………………………… NEXT

  9. Nice job Doc! I hope you don’t mind if we sneak a peek over your shoulder?
    Great find H.S.!!!

  10. Cystlover2 says:

    Wonders how the ears can get to this point???

  11. Great vid, loved what they did with the music volume once the wax emerged! pity it was Benny Hill background music but you cant have everything! Ben.

  12. I saw this one on Youtube…. I subscribed to their videos. Great ear wax for sure. Only improvement I could see is to show us what the other ear looked like because you just know it had to be a matching set!

  13. I love these type of vids. My lady friend has two adopted children from India and have recurring issues with excessive ear wax. The youngest has been plagued more often than the oldest. Good find HS.

  14. princesspustule says:

    Great Video H.S. Now thats what I call BLACK GOLD. I love to mine ear wax. I get my kids down all the time and say “Let me look in your ears.” They start running when they see me with the Otoscope (I think that is spelled right) I thought Q-tips were a no-no in the ENT world? I was always taught never stick anything bigger than your elbow in your ear (corny I know.) The Peds Doc would tell me and my brothers that when we went to the Doc for sticking something in our ears. Even then I was fixated with the world of pop that zit. Ha,Ha,Ha,

  15. Does anyone know why the clean ear kinda looked like it has a bubble in it?

    1. that is the eardrum – tympanic membrane

  16. The scrolling commentary was unnecessary and distracting. It’s “coming”, not “comming”.

    Great wax removal though.

    1. You probably should just excuse his mistake since English is not his first language.

  17. LOVE IT!!! I could watch these videos ALL DAY!!!

  18. comedoness says:

    Looks like the whole ball o’ wax! Love how the music got louder as the wax was removed. Nice touch.

  19. NachomamasPus says:

    the repeating music drives me crazy but its a keeper

  20. Yikes – all the jewelry adorning the ear with that goop?

  21. They all wanted to have a perfect game! The one where it all comes out in one large boulder! Just grab a bunch gentlle and wipe , con’t !

  22. That was so gross but fantastic at the same time. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  23. gooey wax for sure. Ive discovered that I have a liking to these videos..lol. glad to know im not the only “strange” one out there….i mean that purely in the sweetest of ways……wishing I still worked in a dotors office to get to irrigate ears on a regular basis….

    1. the infected says:

      Forgive me for what I am about to do…
      Earigation, teehee.

      Anyone else smell popcorn?

  24. Halphie, wow…just wow!!! Music was a bit much, so I lowered the volume a bit more!! You always provide good stuff!!

  25. Holy mother of god!

  26. YEAH!!!!! Using suction to pull out remnants :) Great find!

  27. The suctioning was way KEWL!!!!

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