House of Weird: World Peas and ChopSticks!

FYI: Volume Adjustment Required, Please Do Not Try This At Home… and As Always Comment With Respect

Just when you think you’ve seen it all! I love hunting for videos, because you just never know what your going to find! Take a LOOKY and have a LAUGH!

From YT Description:



“The pommel horse heaven 狗 did”…?? Huh? lol, I tried! They got the title translated ok – 鼻豆 = “Nose Bean

Sit Back & Enjoy!

Uploaded by ok2kohtaro on Mar 10, 2008

29 Comments on “House of Weird: World Peas and ChopSticks!

  1. PoisonIvy says:

    Yikes! Just yikes!

  2. gimpysgirl says:

    I’m afraid this is a repeat —- but, it’s always good. Can you imagine (1st) being in that predicament, and (2) letting someone do this to you? Me neither.

  3. What were they not thinking?

  4. Whatever it was in that nose, they were not finished.

  5. 3cysterscafe says:

    Wha….huh…..?? Did they cram something up his nose then try and retrieve it ………. Just for laughs? That’s how it appeared. Let’s hope not. Lol……

  6. Splatter Man says:

    This was a breach of etiquette. Peas go in the left nostril, carrots go in the right.

    1. OK Sman…when ya goin on the road….you are the king of one-liners!

    2. Exactly. What were they thinking?

  7. WTH?

  8. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    That is the most creative serving bowl I’ve ever seen………………

    1. The sauce is going to taste funny though. Yuck.

  9. That was ugly and had to hurt !
    Good find poppintime!!!

  10. WTF? No, seriously. W. T. F.?

  11. Totally deserved that lol

  12. comedoness says:

    W T F ???

  13. comedoness says:

    I’m giving it a 5 just for total weirdness!

  14. cystycheese says:

    Did not like this at alllllllll…no stars…

  15. cystycheese says:

    Read the translation I got from Google translate, lol…”Kurama Tengu came”…wth???

  16. zittylover says:

    Hahaha he has peanuts which grows in the nose?

  17. zittylover says:

    Cheval d’arçons Tengu ga plus de la ta っ te ki ”
    Thank you google!

  18. zittylover says:

    heu…. yes… in english: “Pommel horse Tengu ga addition to the っ te ki ta “

  19. zittylover says:

    what is the TeKiTa? :XD

  20. zittylover says:

    good find poppintime, but where dou you find it??? ;)

  21. I’ve heard of snow peas , but nose peas..never

  22. This is why i stopped using Coke.
    Those ice-cubes are by far the worst things in your nose.

    Just kidding, but why peas in your nose?
    And removing them with chopsticks?

  23. Oh geez… all that worry over teaching kids about sex, and we forgot the basic “Don’t Stick Stuff Up Your Nose!” Am I right, or is this some form of cosplay? Maybe the archaic doctrine should apply: “If It Is Fun, It Must Be WRONG!!!”

  24. Tracy Turner says:


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