Blackhead In The Ear!!!

A difficult area to see, I think even harder to get in to and pop something, but this couple manages to do it! The guy whose ear is being invaded by the all time most popular DIY popping tool, the bobby pin, is also the camera-man. So give him a bit of cheer that he got what footage he did! Not an easy task at all, methinks.

Some great chunks of that dark yellow, you-know-it-smells-icky pus are scraped from the little corner of his ear where this blackhead apparently set up shop. Looks like it wasn’t planning on leaving town anytime soon. But perseverance won the day!! Big thanks to Cochore for this gem of a popper. Enjoy, fellow Popologists and all!

From YT:

Description – “Omg this hurt SOOO bad!! But Vicki just HAD to pop it lol
A Reply to a Comment (regarding camerawork) – “Sorry lol I was holding the´╗┐ camera as she was digging around” – smitty72086

Blackhead in the ear!!!
Posted to YouTube by smitty72086 on February 22, 2012

40 Comments on “Blackhead In The Ear!!!

  1. AHHH! Doing…it…SO WRONG. Grrr.

    1. I’m with you – pulling, not pushing, would’ve been more effective. At least, that’s always how it’s worked best for me.

      Still and all… pretty satisfying chunkiness was had.

    2. I’m with Gorey Glory and spitzer here…That’s why the tool is shaped the way that it is so you can place it around the blackhead then push and pull it out! I guess we just want the best filmable removal to satisfy our sick desires…

  2. bighandsbigzits says:

    One of those and the other end of a pair of tweezers were my favorite tools when I was just littlehands.

  3. Designing Women in the background FTW!

  4. unclelarry says:

    Flashbacks to my childhood when my dad used bobby pins to dig zits outta our ears. He could spot one a mile away. I haven’t seen a bobby pin in years. Do they still make those? Nice post Cochore.

    1. Yes, they still make ‘em and I still use them. At our house it was our mother wielding the dreaded bobby pin. Ear zits hurt bad enough to make King Kong cry.

    2. Ditto!!! They are extremely effective digging out black heads. Recall having the bobby pin administered a number of times – hurt like crazy – but what a relief to finally get the black head removed.

      1. And this ear is a veritiable gold mine of black heads!~!~ Let me at it!~~!Just let me at it!!

        Ah yes, the dreaded bobby pin that my Mom loved to use so often!! An indispensible tool for “bumps”. Just look at some of the dermatologic tools. Where do you think they got the ideas for some of those shaped tools?

  5. OMG!!!! Flashback!!!!! where the heck is my mom! I know she is around this video somewhere. Is that me in the pic. Where the heck did they find a 1970’s vintage bobby pin, nobody uses curlers anymore, do they?????

    I am freaking out

  6. LOL It’ don’t stink??? Great line! He cracked me up! What’s their address? I’m going to send them a real pimple popping tool!! Think of the fun they will have! Thanks Cochore!


    1. …and then do an all over zit check on that face too!
      Good find Cochore!!!

      1. Oh year, he had a big whitehead right beside it…woulda been a great white worm….thought that was what they were going for….

  8. Bobby pins rule! my favorite blackhead removal tool since I was a teenager in the 60’s! Great vid kids!

  9. 3cysterscafe says:

    Oh how I love blackheads! She was a tad bit rough on him though. That looked like it hurt like hell. They were an entertaining couple. Thanks for posting Cochore!

  10. Great post Cochore.

  11. neetersb112 says:

    I love Designing Women

    1. Me too! It’s really funny.Loved the pig but I can’t think of her name. Loved this video, but it didn’t load right so I had to watch it as the picture jumped around one frame at a time. Will try again in a minute. Thanks Cochore!! How can a small piece of wire be such an effective popping tool?

  12. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    My sister used that tool of destruction often.
    She always got her target even if it meant you were blinded by pain in the process……….

  13. I have nothing against stupid people, but when they took the camera for filming, I’m turning into The Incredible Hulk.

    Excuse me please, it’s my professional deformation.

  14. Worst. Camerawork.Ever.

  15. Considering he was filming this himself while she was digging into his ear with the bobby pin, I think the camerawork was great! He was even conscious of it in between pop attempts because he kept telling her, “Line me up.”

  16. Would of been way better if they used 2 hair pins…one on either side…then they would of got a nice pop :)

  17. Tom was as disappointed as I was due to the low stinkability , nice amount of non toxic blackhead cheese was extracted

  18. phillip jackson says:

    the bobbypin thats old fastion blackhead mashen.

  19. comedoness says:

    I never did get a good glimpse at what she actually got out of his ear. I’m craving blackhead, feeling unsatisfied.

  20. OMG! Ear blackheads are THE BEST!!!! Great find!!!!

  21. There was a nice white head going on right in front….

    I always think about hot compress when our poppers have a hard time.

    1. Hey….I’ve regressed….hyperwiper again? Hmmmm?????

      1. Cyster Sebum says:

        The same thing happened to me, and I imagine it happened to many other people– apparently they changed the criteria. It’s kind of disappointing. It felt like such an accomplishment to move up in status, and be on the road to becoming a respected pus lover. Having it all snatched away in an instant is definitely disconcerting, and frankly it hurt my feelings (yes, I’m deliberately being melodramatic). Anyway, your not alone in your distress, MotherEruption.

  22. BernardMcSmeg says:

    Is the Roseanne in the background? XD

  23. This should receive a Nobel Prize of Popology!
    Yeah NPP!

  24. I couldn’t see the prize. The light was too bright.

  25. Sock Monkey says:

    All of us know ears come in pairs…please let us see the other one!! Great video and thanks for posting it!

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