Awesome Zit Popped

“The Cochore Files” presents:

Made To Squirt!… an Awesome Zit Popped

This guy has quite the high pressure pus squirter right in the top center of his back. Even when the pus starts looking a bit bloody, the explosions continue to detonate. No complaints here, that is for sure!

Volume… unknown. Best guess? Possible occasional squeak during the many explosions that she sets off, but also has the potential for some witty commentary from the poppee! If one of the first PTZ members who comments below could please do a V.R. (Volume Report) it would be very appreciated! Hmm, what else… oh! Hyper-wiper, which in the beginning is not as noticeable given the detonations, but towards the end, the H-W Syndrome really swings into full gear.

Still, its a lovely video. Another nice catch, Cochore! Thanks!

awesome zit popped
Posted to YouTube by james stanley on March 18. 2012.

“Action Shot! Spray, Spray!”

59 Comments on “Awesome Zit Popped

  1. Yep, it’s “old faithful” alright…popping and spraying. Sorry that I can’t comment on the sound quality, but I don’t use sound on these videos. Still a great hi-def vid cochore!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Wow, very clear compared to my old phone! Great video!

  2. It looked like the volcano Hawaii!!! Fantastic shooters!!!
    Excellent find Cochore!!!

    BTW, I used to help make those chairs in the vid!!!

  3. mrtasteless says:

    Nice… wish the focus was a bit tighter to see those detonations up close…

    1. Uncle Carbuncle says:

      I agree. The camera was too far away. But still had great pops!

  4. I don’t mind the music in the BG;
    But, all that wiping does get on your nerves……
    Great find…..
    Just asking is there any other pimple sites that I can check out?


    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      There are several, but none worth a zit…………..

    2. bighandsbigzits says:

      I wonder if I could write a “Canadian Bad Ass” song….good video…

  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    No complaints here…….. but, what do you call that crap in the background?

    5 Stars, even with the “Music”

    1. Agree with the comment on “music” sounds like a cinder under a door as my Dad used to say!

  6. Cheese Dip says:

    Oh my where to start…. first of all great cyst – all ripe and ready to go. Obliging wife is eager but timid. Hubby allows the pain of being popped to get to him and he screams nicely, then is overcome with awe by the distance traveled and actual volume of the cyst’s contents.

    The cyst is the star of the show here. It spews, streams, and decorates what looks to be their dining room walls and floor eventually landing on the camera itself. This prompts hubby to turn to the camera and warn not to “let anything like this happen to you.”

    My response to hubby is this: Thanks for the warning guy, but I’ve been begging my boyfriend to please grow a cyst just even better than yours – to no avail.

  7. great video,all the squirts where awesome

  8. Splatter Man says:

    Outstanding! She coaxed at least a half dozen nice chunky spews from that monster. Bravo!

  9. Popthatpus says:

    That video should have come with a “nickelback” warning! :-P

    1. The guy seemed like the stereotypical Nickelback fan – should have known it was coming. :)

    2. crylittlecyster says:

      I was going to say the exact same thing! :)

  10. Very entertaining. Fantastic pus velocity. Thanks for leaving the sack so it can re-fill. I am looking forward to the next episode.

  11. CSI folks have (REAL not tv) docs devoted to the science of blood spray. A portable “hot box” (looks like a baby incubator) should have placed over the area of “detonation” so we could rate the splatter pattern – OH YEAH BABY!!!!!

  12. Best watched with the volume completely OFF. The music playing in the background rattles off the ‘f-bomb” as much as the young man and his mother/wife/sister/aunt. Once mute – it does go off like a roman candle.

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:


  13. princesspustule says:

    Gees that thing sprayed more than a can of Aqua Net in the 80’s. It did gross me out that it was done at the dinner table where people eat, Yuck But it was a great video.

    1. Aqua Net in the 80’s… a ha ha ha… this is so true…..

  14. Loved the action of the pus bombs but hate all that wiping. I’m way too critical and she did a good job otherwise.. I always mute these days until someone reports good sound effects. Thanks, Cochore!

  15. BoogerKing says:

    Turn off the volume simply because Nickelback is playing! AAAAAG!

  16. quite a shooter there…

    very nice Cochore.

  17. OK, I way all over the place on this one, first of all, it was a shooter.
    turns out that was his wife or girlfriend, I was thinking at first that it was his mom at first, not sure what gave me that impression, I was thinking dude don’t talk to your mom like that, I think she was a little afraid of him getting pissed.

    1. That was the impression I got as well, about her trying to keep him from going off on her. I took it that was why she was wiping so much. To keep him from gettimg mad about it spraying. He yelled at the begining that he wanted more skin removed to keep it from squirting. She done a great job of getting as much action as she could out of that geyser.

    2. Uncle Carbuncle says:

      I too thought she was his mother and also thought he was being a bit of a jerk to her in the beginning.

    3. He was “All hyped up on Mountain Dew”, and so wasn’t that cyst. haha

    4. I am sure it was his “romantic interest” as they call each other Hun or honey at first. I think he was a total jerk and hope he walked around with that little blob of pus on the right side of his head for days…bwahhaaahaaa

  18. Bwahahahaha! Nothing gets me amped up for some zit popping like some early 2000’s American Bad Ass by Kid Rock!

    Pretty good video, although the popee was being a little too whiney for my liking. Also, I wish the camera was focused on the actual zit itself rather than from the angle they recorded it from.

  19. Thanks Cochore for the great video. I wish we could have seen a closer look.

  20. And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof through the night that the pus was still there.
    Get out the Fourth of July foods everybody.

    1. Angela Suschena says:

      It’s such bad form to equate popping a semi-abusive guys cyst with the U.S National Anthem. I’m an Army wife, so perhaps I’m overly sensitive. People have died to give us that 4th of July picnic. Let’s not diminish that, kay?

      1. Oh, go pop a pimple. “…so perhaps I’m overly sensitive…” Uh…Yeah–like way too much. So go pop. Let out some of the pressure.

        And the dude seemed rough at first, but later on, it was like he was just commenting on where all the pus fell. And he was smiling while looking at the camera. I’ve seen couples who get along by being abrasive with each other–both ways.

        This is a fun zit popping site, not one to make harsh judgments on people about. Let’s just enjoy the pus!

        Enjoy the pus!

  21. If you are still with this jerk you r really stupid. she’s doing you a favor buddy have some respect for her. poor baby got some of that stuff sprayed on your little back. grow up !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Please be nice mbak this is not youtube. Calling someone stupid is NEVER okay. I am grateful, as you should be, that they were kind enough to post the video for us to enjoy.

      1. Bite -Me Winnie. But you find it acceptable for him to talk to her like a dog ? That makes no sense . I would be grateful if they hadn’t posted it at all !!!!!!! Ever hear of freedom of speech Winnie. That girl needs to wake up!!!

  22. And todays PTZ forecast is ….Runny with a chance of showers!! Don’t forget your umbrellasa!!

  23. Very nice find Cochore!! When the video first started I didnt think it was big enough to have the punch it had… goes to show you Great things come in small packages!!!! Thank you!!

  24. Angela Suschena says:

    I have lurked here forever, but I had to sign up because of this video. He has so rude to her! Snapping at her to “make the hole bigger”- one would think if he’s already that aggressive that maybe he ought to choose calmer music. I don’t know if he’s trying to showcase the zit or his taste in music here.
    Nice zit, but the popper and poppee both just irked me.

  25. I am sadly on a device without flashplayer. You are making me nuts posting good stuff w no way to watch them!

  26. OK at 2:17 the nasty songs…love the popping..awesome..she did a great job

  27. I’m thinking “get under it with thumbs and fingers and hang on thru the screaming”.

  28. comedoness says:

    He was a whiny little bugger…
    I wanted her to ‘four-finger’ it a time or two. I also thought that she was his mother. Her hands looked to be those of an older woman. The squirts were great, I wish they had showed the spatter on the floor and walls.

  29. secretpleasure says:

    All I can say is nice and look forward to the sequel

  30. Ah, my friend, Cochore! Thank you for this video. I had passed it by when cruising YT, thinking the picture preview thing didn’t show much of interest. However, this turned out to be the “Little cyst that could!” It kept on going. Kudos to the lady working on this guy, and though I agree, this fellow has some maturing to do, I try to remember that we all were young once, and have often said things we didn’t mean. I hope they return for more in the future!

  31. Great find Cochore! Thanks! Awesome payload, just wish they would’ve zoomed closer so we could see it! :)

  32. lots of good shots, but music is loud, good post

  33. pashion4popin says:

    i’d guess this was a very infected cyst or pimple. if i had my chance i would have gave it one big squish and just got the whole fountain to blow at once. this was drawn out, still satisfying but agonizing nonetheless. hope the infection cleared up considering the circumstances. no gloves, continuous wiping with cloth and no antibiotics as far as we know. yikes. at least they tried and gave us something entertaining.

  34. This guy is a total dick. And a pussy at best. Here he has this hot lady doing his dirty work for him, doing her best with the hopes that when its all over, he will feel alot better and the thing will not be hurting. How does he say Thank You to her? By being a total dick. On top of which he whines like a little pussy. Not so big, bad and strong now are ya bud. To the young lady in this video, if your involved with this guy, run in the opposite direction. He doesn’t care about you. His first and foremost priority is himself. You deserve better and you should be able to get it with no problems for your a very pretty woman. Hell, your so pretty that you would be able to turn this gay man straight. Trust me, speaking as a gay man, he is nothing to write home about. Not even a gay man would consider him as a possible prospect let alone a cheap peice of ass for the night. Even with a resume, he would not qualify. You deserve so much more and better. I can only hope that one day you will see this jack ass for what he is and tell him later dude, you lose. Your a good woman to put up with a moron like this!!!!!

  35. poppy montgomery says:

    ………….sorry, i was waiting for him to slap her like Ike and Tina.
    (anyone else think he kind of sounds like a bad Napoleon Dynamite? “you gotta pull the skin off of it, GOSH”….)

    cool pus, though.

  36. Thanks Cochore! Was she scared of his angry outbursts? I know I was, and he can’t see me. She may have been forced to keep wiping because it was so runny. Frankly, I would have preferred it if the camera could have been anywhere but next to him….he disturbed me!!

  37. That was one angry monster! Me likely!!

  38. Great find, awesome squirts! I kept wondering where the pus was going when it didn’t come back down and land on his back … and that they were doing it in what appeared to be the dinette bothered me a lot … at least the bathroom you know where it can be hosed down! Geesh … but hey that’s just me. The idea of all that pus all over everything and I’d always wonder, did we get it all? lol No I don’t think I’d even want it done in the house, that’s what outside, the garage, or the laundry room if all else failed or heaven forbid the bathroom is for, but not repeat NOT my kitchen or dining area where food is prepared and eaten! Nuh uhh! Not in my house! Just thinking on it makes me queasy lol. Love the video, really glad it wasn’t in my house! :)

    1. diamondgirl says:

      I haven’t even watched the vid yet, but if they squeezing that thing in the dining room, they are crazy!! Me personally, would be in the shower, WITH the water going…or outside…

  39. Yah he’s an *ss, she’s an idiot for puttin up with it, but I understand cuz I’ve been there done that. Just hope she has an epiphany one day like I did and realizes she deserves better and if she can’t find a better man then she’s fine alone.

    That aside, love the squirters…admirable job for an apparent first time popper! You GO gal! < >

  40. i couldn’t watch it bc of the music urgh sorry but i like to hear grown men scream

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