Arm Abscess Abated

This is a decent small abscess on the arm. Not as much drainage as I would like, but hey you can’t have them all, right?

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TITLE: Drainage Of Large Abscess
YT INFO: Uploaded by shaziajafrey8 on Mar 29, 2012

23 Comments on “Arm Abscess Abated

  1. Oh man, it still had a pus plug!

  2. bighandsbigzits says:

    I don’t think cotton was the best wiping material. He should have used something that was more cohesive, like tissue. Using cotton leave bits behind (like the bear’s in the toilet paper commercials). And the commentary ended too soon…not that I understood much of it anyway.

    1. Exactly what I was going to write!
      I really dont think These balls of cotton was the best material to use!

      You made a funny comment too (with the bear commercial,hahaha)

      Hey @zitwatcher ,tnx for posting that good find ;)

  3. not quite done that is for sure… but what is with knifes ? i agree about the cotton balls… they do leave a trail…, and i could not really understand what they were saying

  4. OH EM GEE – did anyone notice the lovely little bubble pop at :54?!!

    That delights me in deep and visceral ways I cannot quite explain.


  5. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    If he hadn’t cut it, he would have had a squirter…!!

  6. pollyesther says:

    pull the plug, pull the plug….!!!!!!

  7. Not sure that the doctor needed to cut this open. Nice pus, would have loved to have seen the plug pop out to see what was to follow. Thank you for sharing the great post!!

  8. Well, I’m gonna pull up a cracker box over in this corner and have me a chopped mutton sandwich and a soft drink and wait for part 2!!!
    Great find zitwatcher!!!

  9. More more more!!!

  10. Was it wrong that I enjoyed my Wendy’s frosty while watching this?

    1. No B-Diddy, so long as Wendy was up for it…….! Ben.

  11. This reminded me of the “goat bar” cyst. I wonder what makes some of these things bubble up like that?

  12. crylittlecyster says:

    Cyst or just a big old white head? Im going to vote big old white head…

  13. They can’t all be huge gushers, or we wouldn’t enjoy them as much as we do. Thank you, Zitwatcher. This video belongs here!

  14. Spider bite? With a fibrin plug left behind, possibly?

  15. I liked it! Like BT, I’m excited about the idea of a Part 2, hoping we get to see the plug come out.

    Thanks, zitwatcher, great find!

  16. comedoness says:

    OOEY-GOOEY, yeah!!!

  17. MMMM goodness

  18. I wish they hadn’t stopped filming before we could watch the plug popping out!! Stll fun, though, so thx, zitwatcher!!

  19. lovethatcreamcheese says:

    Again late to the party (being pretty new here, I’m working my way backwards through the archives). I noticed that several people commented that they couldn’t understand him at all. Since I transcribe for a living and I find this guy’s accent about a thousand times easier than some I have to deal with (try a Chinese statistician!), I figured I’d copy it out for you. It only took a few minutes, although he stumped even me in a couple of places! Anyway, here you go:

    “Hi, friends. Today we are going to show you a procedure of incision and drainage of an abscess. This abscess is usually present at the forearm of the patient, as you can see, and we are going to give the incision. First of all, we will clean the area with the Betadine. The cleaning should be done in such a way as to cover your two joints. You have to apply Betadine in such a way as to – you have to apply it so as to covering the two – the two joints. And after that, you have to clean it with the (??).

    “And then take a blade with the (??) handle and give a incision, and after that you can squeeze out all of the pus from the abscess. And sometimes when the abscess is very big, you need to break out the loculi. Either you can do it with the help of artery forceps or with the help of your finger. Insert it and break all the loculi, and sometime you need to insert – you have to clean it with the help of hydrogen peroxide. And after that you have to clean it with the Betadine, and do the proper bandaging. Thank you for giving your valuable time.”

    Any time anybody is stumped, please give me a yell! I’m pretty good at sorting out accents, especially Indian accents.

  20. Oh, did you get that piece of pus? so close but then so far swept back to the cut.

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