True Zit

WHOA! Giant Pore! Man, could have put a couple of flower seeds in there to sprout!!! Holy dirt and oil trap! And you know there was a virtual treasure trove of goodies – everyone clap loudly if you believe in the pus fairy and just maybe she’ll his face again (and bring the camera)!!!! And watch for what looks like a big sebac at the corner of his left eye…
You are a top notch video hunter, Cochore!

YT Description:
Dad agrees to zit removal by son and girlfriend only if filmed…

True zit
Posted to YouTube by amjazz on February 17, 2012

44 Comments on “True Zit

  1. Nice li’l blackhead… bet there was more subcutaneous material…

    1. Thinkin the same way my friend.

  2. you’ve got my attention,and its to late for anybody not knowing.

  3. 3cysterscafe says:

    Whew, I was ready for a gusher………or at least a snake! Can’t wait for the little gem next to his eye! Thanks for the post Chocher!

    1. Yep….and thats a cyst IMO.Its gotta be.

      Tnx @Cochore ;)

  4. Sweet Squeezer says:

    Nice and tidy!

  5. Splatter Man says:

    Caught myself holding my breath about half way through. Nice plug.

  6. crylittlecyster says:

    I love this guy!!!!

  7. haha the girl says this isn’t going to go viral its not cheesy enough haha priceless but it did leave a nice little hole on him great find Cochore smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  8. He has a slew of black heads over his face, & his skin looks to be oily. As many blk heads as he had, that vid could have ran for hrs. (lol) wonder if he knows that soap & water can be used on the face for cleaning?

    1. I know people with the exact same type of skin and they do wash their face, even take medicine they just happen to be unlucky in the complexion department.

  9. I want a shot at the cyst next to his left eye, that’ll create some Cheeze!!!
    Good find Cochore!!!

    1. OK, I thought it looked like a cyst. I’ve found putting the top of tweezers against one side of a black head will almost always get the contents out put it can scar the tissue at time. Nice work didn’t leave any marks.

  10. Wow…there HAS to be more in there!!! I could play for DAYS with his face!!!!

  11. I’m so glad some body has nailed one of these. I worked with an old guy who had one of those. Almost in the same spot. He wouldn’t pop it. Drove me nuts.

  12. i took to this one,light easy and went perfectly,but no cheesy? shucks

  13. phillip jackson says:

    that was solid it had to hurt.

  14. I like to see a good old fashion blackhead from time to time. Thanks for posting Cochore!

  15. I think they not only warmed up the pores, but they warmed up the Dad with a bit of rum to get him to allow it! He sounded a wee bit… under the influence! Soooo funny and a great blackhead!! Nice video!

    1. I applaud her talent….Shes a veteran I’ll wager.

      Hot compress to soften old hard matter and the manipulation, very good job. Thought there probably was some give, but coulda been dry.

      nice vid cochore.

  16. The pop-ee needs to shut his hole! lol!! ;)

  17. That black nugget had to be pretty old , he must not be a picker. That thing wouldn’t last a day on my mug.

  18. That’s really some rough skin condition. This dude is either drunk as a skunk or they did a real number on his nose, given the discoloration and all.

  19. I agree with the rest of you guys…while being very happy to see a great blackhead ready for popping, I was disappointed that the payload was no larger. And anything (gloves,napkins) on the fingers is distracting. Still a great video!

  20. well, that was a waste of time

  21. Golly, dad makes me wish I were a contessa.

  22. Nice big one! Nice Find Cochore!

  23. Hope they decide to film all of the other blackheads that was just waiting for the poppin’…….LOL.

    Nice find Cochore

  24. poor fellow had a lot of sun damage. my dad did too. eventually died of metastatic melanoma. dad had an unusual condition called cutis rhomboidalis nuchae. imagine deep blackheads like that all over the back of someone’s neck, but even deeper, and running under the skin at deep angles. lil’ digger couldn’t get em out no matter how she tried. dad was a saint to put up with mom and me picking on him like spider monkeys. the radiation made them go away, as he shed a LOT of skin on his neck…and hair on his head.

  25. Man, I was hoping for more. Blackheads hold a special place in my pimple psychosis.

  26. Sweet Squeezer says:

    Neat and tidy! Blackheads are my #1 favorite!

  27. Amanda Shelton says:

    Blackheads make me happy!

  28. I would have loved a good couple of hours on his face!! :) was kinda weird tho the way it was just that hard lump! they did a great job!!!
    thanks so much cochore!!

  29. Nice job for a starter, now let’s see you get the rest!!

  30. Yeah. Definitely not cheesy enough.

  31. whydoiwatchthis says:

    I wish he would shut up already. What a perv!

  32. Good gravy this man is a flippin’ gold mine! I sure hope whoever treated us to this video will continue filming them getting the rest of his blackheads, zits and that cyst by his left eye!

  33. if u notice the red veins on his nose and cheeks…these are called gin blossoms. that’s how the band got their name, i s’pose. that’s why alcoholics have so much redness in their faces. they also have a tendency to hemachromotosis, which is an iron overload. it happens with liver damage. i’m not trying to be mean, just pointing out some medical clues to go along with observed behavior…

  34. Good starter flick, cochore!! When’s the sequel coming?? There’s so much canvas left to paint on…

  35. Zit Obsessed says:

    Great blackhead, strange man. Was he drunk or is that his real personality? Once I heard his “menage a tois” comment (with I suppose his son and son’s girlfriend) I knew this one was meant to put on “MUTE”. However, I turned up the volume at the end in time to hear that he’s available. Not for me, that’s for damn sure! Not if he were the last man on the planet!

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