Southzone ENT: Double Feature! DIY Wax Removal and The Ear Stone!

Its like winning the jackpot… of earwax! Southzone ENT bursts onto the scene, and suddenly we have like this regular fountain spewing lots of lverly, loverly earwax!!!! *sigh* And then I remember, we also have the Oxford Hearing Centre!

Am I in heaven??? Close enough, my fellow Popologists, close enough indeed.

Just Pop It!
~ H.S.

Clean Your Own Ears! But Only When They Look Like This…

The Ear Stone, Moved By Water…

Uploaded by SOUTHZONEENT12002 on Feb 14, 2012

18 Comments on “Southzone ENT: Double Feature! DIY Wax Removal and The Ear Stone!

  1. See my issue is when I clean an ear (my boyfriends or my own) I MUST GET ALL THE WAX. I know it’s bad but so much more satisfying!!

  2. Dad always told me not to throw rocks because it could put someone’s eye out, but he didn’t say I couldn’t stick it in their ear, especially while playing baseball! So the little fella must have been playing cricket!
    Great find H.S.!!!

    1. Well cricket is more popular in India,Ha!

  3. Kid actually had “rock(s)” in his head…..

  4. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Kids ! …………………………….. it’s their job to put stuff in their ears.

  5. Why do kids always want to stick things where they don’t belong. In there ears , up there nose. Thanks for the post HS.

  6. this kid is stoned
    ! lol or he is stone deaf! lol

  7. Sorry for the stupid jokes i have been working 14 hours so i am a little punch drunk. What is it with lie persons do they walk around and think to themselves what can i shove in my ear !

  8. CystrButtPimple says:

    I posted another one from this southzone ENT in the forum a nose one. It looks like there are dozens of other videos so you def want to head over to youtube to see the rest.

  9. the ear wax video is actually pretty educational for those who don’t know the proper way of cleaning there own ears out i even knew never goto deep with the q-tip it will hurt your ears i had a friend i grew up with she shoved the qtip so deep in her ear it broke off and she had to get it removed by her doctor….then the stone in the ear kids will stick the craziest things in their little ears when my little brother mikey was a kid he shoved one of his broken GI joe heads inside his ear and my mom had to bring him into the doc’s to get removed…great finds Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  10. I didn’t see the need to clean the ears in the first video. What the hell was that tool anyway? It looked like a small saw with some cotton wrapped around the end of it.

  11. youtube link. I got the embedding blah blah blah message.

  12. eh? can’t hear ya, gots a rock in me ear!

    Just lovely Halphie!

  13. Ahhhh that looks horrible. Like someone shoved a giant rock in there.

  14. NMGAPAOH says:

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