Oh My Frustration!

There is a lot of squeezing going on in this video. Looks like the needed to “make a bigger hole”. I would have love to gotten my hands on this one…

Neighbors 20 year old pimple
Uploaded to YouTube by chevumn1 on Feb 5, 2012

29 Comments on “Oh My Frustration!

  1. A bigger hole and four finger grip probably would have rid this man of his zit, instead he’s probabaly just going to have very bruised skin. What a shame.

    1. 1/4″ incision big enough to get it all out. You’re right be too bruised to try and get it out for at least 4-5 days.

    2. I agree with you on that… i found myslef clinching my teeth and wanting to squeeze … lord a bigger hole please

  2. I wish I could have been there. I would have given him a little slice and squeezed it right out. I think they were wiping it off with his shirt. Thanks for the post Winnie.

    1. Thats what I was thinking MrsTeee! Just a touch with a scalpel and Wa~laa opened up enough to give us some real PUS Action! Haha! Could you imagine if they left this thing alone for another 5-10 years whooo-hooo but that”s not the case. Hopefully there will be a part twosy done the right way hehe. Nice find Winnie!

  3. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    ive become spoiled to the sebaceous cyst vids. the little pimples just dont do it for me any more

    1. Me either! Especially when it’s such an exercise in frustration as this!

  4. I found this one to be quite frustrating, there was a good squirt about 3:40, and one more decent one that followed. It had potential. Thanks Winnie for posting.

  5. They’ll be back with this one! LOL

  6. C’mon Now!!! Break out the pocket knife and finish the job!!!
    Good find Winnie!!!

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    It either needs to brew a couple more weeks, or a pair of pliers……

  8. seriously?!?! give this guy a needle, or a sharp implement of any kind!!!

    1. Come on guys, Pimple Popping 101….good class, Grrrr….let me at it!! It did have one good pop!!

  9. Where was that “Make a bigger hole! Make a bigger hole!” guy when we needed him?

    1. That was a great video I still go back to that and watch it he was so funny! Your right Make a bigger hole lol!

  10. alright that’s it!!!! i say there should be a way to vote for the videos that p*** you off!

  11. anticipation….that was a test of my short little attention span…decent pay out but they should have let this one ripen a bit before the squeeze

    1. I bet the poppee’s body will get right to work on that bruised up mess they left behind. Hopefully, by the time it is ripe, someone will show them how to extract it properly! (Even if it is the doc at the ER)

  12. IMHO, they needed to excavate this puppy instead of breaking the thing internally and “bleeding” the thing into the tissues surrounding the pus capsule. In short, a bigger needle!

  13. Ahh! *twitch* must squeeze! *twich*

  14. Good little post Winnie! thanks for bringing it to us, it was frustrating to watch, but they were definately having fun!!
    2 thumbs up for effort & no screaming!

  15. So that’s how Y’All get those rednecks :)
    Before you yell at me, it’s OK. i’mma redneck too.
    And this guy may be a Redneck poser. Cuz any self respecting country boy woulda been carrying a pocket knife to cut that sucker open.

  16. wow…Fail….Worthlesss…..

  17. Sweet Squeezer says:

    Like trying to squeeze a ham out of an eye socket.

  18. What a waste of what could have been a great cyst.

  19. Great post, Winnie. I could have sworn the popper said it was a cyst. If so, why on earth did she keep pushing on his closed skin? Argh!

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