Myiasis: A Maggot Infestation

A Short Film About the World of Maggots and Myiasis, by Gorey Glory – PTZ Member and Filmmaker.

***WARNING: Educational, but the subjects are myiasis and maggots, so forewarned is, umm, forewarned? lol You know the drill – watch by choice, and comment with politeness and respect. Thanks! END WARNING***

This video was created especially for PTZ in honor of our 1st Annual Myiasis Day! You have seen her work already – Gorey Glory produced the very amazing preview video.

If you thought her first video was good – then hold onto your seats! Gorey Glory has managed to take the entire scope of Myiasis and managed to produce a 4 minute educational video that is just plain phenomenal!!

Without further ado, may you enjoy the show!!!!
~ H.S.

34 Comments on “Myiasis: A Maggot Infestation

  1. Very well done! :)

  2. wow a 5 star. I didn’t anybody got one of those

  3. Pick_That_Puppy says:


    1. You flatter me! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

      1. Extreamly well done Gorey Glory!
        5 stars for sure!

      2. You may become the Ken Burns of disgusting medical procedures. :)

  4. bighandsbigzits says:

    Spendid. I think Gorey Glory should WIN a HexBug LARVA for their contributions to this amazing day.

  5. 3cysterscafe says:

    This was amazing! You must be a professional Gorey, if not, you should be! Very educational and interesting! I learned a few things i didn’t know. 5 star video all the way! Thank you Gorey, for all the time and effort you put into this! :) It is very much appreciated and will be viewed by PTZer’s, both old members & new members, for years to come!!

    1. Awwh! Thank you for such kind words! Heh, I am by no stretch of the imagination a professional but I try! I’m glad you enjoyed it and learned a thing or two!

  6. Fantastic video…absolutely loved it!

  7. Excellent video! Brava! Brava!!!! I even learned something from watching it today. :-)

  8. Well done!!!
    Bravo mon ami….What a talented PTZer!!!

    Such an interesting subject….
    Mango worms were the one that I knew nothing abt.You made a smarter men out of me,hahaha

    Hé,tnx a lot for your great work @Gorey Glory :)

  9. Excellent job at producing and editing the video Gorey Glory. You must of put a lot of time into this video.I really appreciate this video, as I am sure others do.

    Thanks Gorey Glory

  10. crylittlecyster says:

    Im a homeschooler and that is worthy as a class film!

  11. Thanks to you Gorey Glory. It was an amazing video and so well put together.

  12. very great job you deserve an award for this this is great very very well put together they could use this on discovery or national geographic or even animal planet they do bugs to very creative Gorey Glory thank you so much for putting this together smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  13. Great post! Very informative, horrifying, yet informative…thank you Gorey Glory!

  14. phillip jackson says:

    that was fantastic great job.

  15. Awesome vid!!!! You know, I am not positive, but I think my tummy might be a little rebellious! COOL!!

  16. Extremely well done Gorey Glory- Seriously, send this presentation to some tv companies- your voice is lovely and clear and your research concise and educational- very professional- A++ from me! Ben.

  17. intense and educational video

  18. Could anyone pleaase give me a link to the full video off the clip on 25 seconds. I’ve been looking for this one for a long time, but never found it… Thanks!

  19. Great work , very impressive and actually quite riveting.

  20. Amazing! There is a lot of work and research behind this video. Wow, thank you so much GG. Bot flies are my favorites and seeing how the female transferred her eggs to a smaller fly just amazed me.

    A++++ Bravo!

  21. My husband was raised on a farm and says that these things are actually pretty common in cattle!!

  22. pashion4popin says:

    great presentation! bravo

  23. Mama Cheese Fiend says:

    fml. poor animals

  24. Move over Spielberg!Move over Lucas!Step aside Lynch an Step asie Romero!There’s a new “Film Sheriff in Town and the name is”GORY GLORY”!!! I have always known Maggots were awesome but you actually made them look CUTE!and Sweet and Juicy!!!!Love your work.From now on oct/04/2012 Maggots are my absolutely Favourite Animals!!!CHIAO CHEERS SEE YOU,BYE,CHUSS.SZIA,ADIOS.SALUT.HASTA LA VISTA.DASVIDANYA,VISZLAT.ALEIKUM SALAMAUF WIEDERSEHEN,ANTIO,ELVEDA,

  25. GG you are amazing!! So very informative and shuddering all at the same time. Looking forward to more of your productions.

  26. Fabulously done, Gorey Glory! You have a great voice for educational vids. Love to hear/see more from you!

  27. Thanks for posting this video and the educational value it contains… I learned from it. The subject is so verbose it’s nice to get some detailed info on the subject. I am definitely a Bot-Guy and enjoy those video clips the most (Well some other topics sort of rock the boat too….) A+ work and again, many thanks!

    Rob (aka: PopaMatic)

  28. wylderose says:

    I can handle botflies but maggots make me shudder… I just can’t watch them I’m afraid, they disgust me… Give me the most technicolor, slimy, gooey, oozy rancid pus or huge hydatid cysts or ear wax with bugs but maggots??? No thanks **spewing a little in my mouth** lol…

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