If I Could Put Pus in a Bottle

That’s one thing that I wouldn’t do
To miss all the squirts
Wouldn’t be as much fun
To see … as the usual goo
(ah sorry Jim)

This was pretty boring until the end…I really liked the end so wait for it. After this I return you to your regularly scheduled programs. We have no category for bottle…lol.

BTW He was using a glass bottle with hot water in it to suck out the pus.

(Found a video he day the day previous – a bit longer, thought it would be interesting to some. Neat find dripper! Seen a bottle method or two, but never a bottle full of water!)
YT description, first draining:

“I’ve had a boil on the side of my stomach/right ribcage area for 2 weeks! Tried many meds and remedies with no relief! An old timer told me about the glass bottle trick and It works wonders…..”

Second Draining – Short Version

First Draining – Long Version

“WTF popping a boil /huge zit so gross with glass bottle” uploaded to YouTube by the24aboyz on Thursday, Feb 2, 2012
“Popping a boil (zit) with glass bottle gross must watch!” uploaded to YouTube by “the24aboyz” on Friday, February 3, 2012

29 Comments on “If I Could Put Pus in a Bottle

  1. Interesting, but pretty boring. Not nearly a 5. Maybe a 2 or 3.

  2. 3cysterscafe says:

    That’s the first time I’ve seen the bottl method work. I thought it was pretty neat. Thanks for the seek and post!!

  3. I thought it was awsome. I wish we could have seen the whole cyst come out. Thanks for the post dripper.

    1. It was like a like a jeannie coming out of a bottle ;)

  4. The end of the first video, where the suction was broken and the air bubbles carried the goo up into the bottle…that was dang near as satisfying as a land-based squirt! I had to watch that part several times. Good one, dripper. :o)

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      HAHAHAHAHA…………………………………. land-based squirt!

  5. ThatSmellsLikeAss says:

    the pos t vac commercial in the background of the shorter vid was hilarious

  6. That was pretty cool to be honest!

  7. That was a nice change of pace!
    Good find dripper!!

  8. That was cool! It was nice to see something different. I loved the end when they broke the suction and the pus came rushing out, I too had to rewind and see that several times. Thanks for the unique post dripper!

  9. Well that was different! the results is the same though…good find!

  10. kinda reminded me of one of those ocean under water volcano’s i wonder if that was a beer bottle they used like a 20 once lol great find dripper smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

    1. Yes! That’s exactly what it looked like. I knew it looked familiar but couldn’t think of what it was.

  11. #2 was the best video by far. Very cool!

  12. Gotta love them old timers and how they recycle their liquor bottles into something useful!

  13. I bet that could give somebody a HUGE hickey. Thanks Dripper. Good stuff.

    1. “I swear, Mom, it’s NOT a hickey – it’s this new zit-popping technique. All the kids are doing it – honest! What? Really? Well, maybe it wasn’t common when you were my age, but kids nowadays get zits on ALL parts of their bodies. Maybe there are weird chemicals that they’ve started putting in undergarment elastic…..who knows?”

      Ahh, to be young.. I still remember telling my mom that the corner of the car door caused the “injury” on my neck. Pretty sure she didn’t buy it, though!

  14. It’s the Yellowstone of Pus! :D

  15. GreenGoober says:

    Have often thought the bottle technique also applied equal pressure around the whole boil/zit at least the infectous pus is captured instead of sprayed

  16. I have never seen it done with liquid in the bottle. Just empty and a good hard thump on the bottom, or a match in it to heat it up and cause pressure. Good vid!

  17. truthinrock says:

    And if Grampa isn’t using his Posti-Vac, that works too.

  18. I liked that..it was lake a lava lamp…

  19. Excellent find dripper, I also loved your ode Jim Croce : ) Well done!

  20. I sure hope that baby wasn’t crying because daddy was using his bottle.

  21. that was cool, first one much better than second

  22. This was by far the best use of the bottle technique. That hot water really did the trick… Great vid guys

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