Here Birdie Birdie!!

****WARNING: Animal surgery ahead – canary cyst removals with laser. Bird is sedated. Sensitive Popologists may still wish to skip this one. Watch by choice, comment with respect, and share your toys or no cookie for you! lol END WARNING****

Cute little Canary getting 2 cysts taken off of him/her. Good size cysts for such a small bird. The vet did and excellent job using his new laser technology. Looks like the birdie recovered well.

Posted on You Tube 12-19-2011 by caogroupinc
Title: Pilotâ„¢ Laser – Feather Cysts Removal – Surgical Procedures – CAO Group Inc.

29 Comments on “Here Birdie Birdie!!

  1. What a very cool way of getting the cysts out…loved the way they kinda popped out :)

  2. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Pass the hot sauce for them there hot wings Bubba ……….

    1. Puppy, you’d have to have ALOT of Canaries just to make a mess. Them some little wings!

      1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

        You’re right about that Dweedwaa. I’m guessing it would tale about 53-54 to make a dozen.

  3. I think they must have run out of birdie sized anesthesia masks. They stuck the bird’s whole head in the tube. That’s funny!
    Good find. I enjoyed this one.

    1. I concur completely, gimpysgirl!! Also, it was different from most (all?) videos. Enjoyed the bird sized cysts, as well.

  4. This is actually rather dangerous cause birds are sensitive to anesthesia. Poor little fella. Hope it’s back to singing soon (if it’s a male of course). This reminds me, I’ve got to call a breeder about a red factor.

  5. 3cysterscafe says:

    Pretty good size cysts considering the size of the bird…….poor little critter :(

  6. phillip jackson says:

    poor little bird.its sad to be sick but it looks like hes up and running.

  7. Wow, those cysts were huge. Fascinating surgery; the little bird sure looked perky afterwards.

  8. Splatter Man says:

    I thought I smelled burning feathers for a moment.

  9. wow that was amazing very different to watch i love canaries so pretty great find datentime smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  10. “oh, gurrrl…I just had my feathers did”…lol…I wonder if this is the birdie equal to ingrown hairs? Cool vet, and wonderful video!

    1. Hey MM!!! How ya doin’!!! I hope you haven’t been working too hard!

      1. Hiya, BT…Shhh!!! they’re supposed to think I’m working too hard!!! lol…Nah…just sidetracked for a while. I still peek pretty often. Smoochies!

  11. Awwh! Poor little thing! Hope he gets all better :(

  12. I’m not a big fan of bird vids, but that was a great job by the Vet!!!
    Excellent find datentime!!!

  13. It’s so nice that people are willing to pay for surgery on a little bird. You know someone has a big heart when they spend more on surgery then they did on the bird. :)

  14. head stuck in that tube cracked me up!

    Nice little pop

    great vid.

  15. Just amazing!!! The first one popped right out like a pea. Big cysts for such a little bird. Wonder what caused them.

    1. KImberly Murphy says:

      IIRC, the vet said it was a genetic defect, where one of the feather follicles grows crooked and ends up running right into the follicle next to it, becoming the equivalent of an impacted hair.

      Rhodesian Ridgebacks have a very similar genetic defect in that one of those hairs at the top of that ridge will occasionally sprout the bulb on the side of the follicle wall. where it either starts growing sideways or straighf down. Can be dangerous or even fatal for the RR (they get spinal infections easily). The treatment once it’s discovered post-birth is to have the affected follicle cut out, then have the affected dog sterilized so that it cannot pass then along. They’re then sent home with anti-inflammatory meds and pain pills.

  16. pashion4popin says:

    im curious how much more the laser procedure costs than ordinary by hand technique. i can understand the less bleeding and clautery of the vessels. the time is likely slightly quicker via laser as well. all in all it seems efficient but usually in veterinary medicine, cost is the deciding factor for the clients. very well done procedure and VDO.

  17. I was just wondering, what is this fascInation of mine and all of you about this kind of stuff? What does it mean? (most) people find it completely disgusting and terrifying, and some of us are lovin every minute of it!? Any deep insights? I had a boil once, and thought it was the biggest grossest thing in the world, but nothing like this stuff! So, I guess it gives me some rejief regarding my own grossness. Hmmmm….

  18. Kathleen says:

    Wow, awesome! Hope the birdie is feeling better.

  19. Thats amazing. Glad to know the little bird is ok

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