Diabetes and Infection

***WARNING: Slideshow presentation, yet some pictures are still graphic in nature, so please, this is intended for mature audience only. Thank you! END WARNING***

This is unbelievable. It stated out as a small bump. He thought it was just a bug bite, well as you will see it was a lot more than a bug bite. This turned out to be Diabetes and an Infection combined. Diabetes is nothing to mess with. That is one nasty nasty disease. If any of our PTZ family has it please, make sure you are taking good care of yourself or, any family or friends that might have it.
The end pic with the big hole in his neck just shocked me and what he had to go thru.

Posted on YouTube 11-20-2011 by 1234kkat
Title: Huge Infection-Very Graphic

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  1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    It’s as painful as it looks……………….

  2. Amazing video. What a story…and a warning. I feel so sorry for him and others who suffer like this. And he had been going to the doctors. Scary the way he was treated.

    Thanks datentime.

  3. KnittingDragon says:

    As a diabetic I have to say DANG! I have had an infected boil that sent me into the hospital (Sorry, only have a few pics) But never that bad. This person must of not known they had diabetes or were not taking great care of their blood sugars.

    1. My Aunt didn’t know the she was diabetic until she had to have some toes removed.

      1. KnittingDragon says:

        Diabetes got my uncle that way. He had no idea till his vision started to have issues. I have seen so many people try to say that if something like this happened, they weren’t taking care of themselves. But it is quite true that you can have it and not know it. When I found out it was because I dropped from a size 18 to a size 6 in less than three months.

  4. phillip jackson says:

    i am a diabetic thats scarey.

    1. I feel you my friend!
      I’m not diabetic (for now) but that was scary for me also…

      Best of luck to you @phillip jackson !

      Tnx for the post @datentime ,it was a great one.

  5. I am a diabetic also but my sugars are in control. Thanks for the post Datentime.

    1. Many hopes that you continue to continue on a ready of remission.

  6. Extremely scarey, and very disheartening.

    The staph infections I’ve dealt with all started as small, red bumps…

    1. My husband got what looked like a pimple on his thigh. Within 2 days it was swollen up like a golf ball and very red and painful. Being in the medical field, I had a feeling what it was and immediately got him to the doctor. And just in time too. She lanced it, drained it, started him on antibiotics and immediately admitted him to the hospital. He was there for 3 days. When we got home, I had to change the packing every day and repack it with strips of Dakins-soaked packing material. (Dakins is sort of like a diluted bleach solution, and it smells just like bleach too, and burns just as bad). It took over 4 weeks to start healing, but it finally started getting smaller and smaller every day.

      6 months later, I got what I thought was bronchitis (might I add that I am a lung cancer survivor and have just one lung on my right side,)pulse ox was so low he admitted me STAT and strated me on IV antibiotics, breathing treatments, the works. I was in the hospital for 11 days in isolation. The staph (MRSA) had *colonized” in my nasal cavity for 6 months and then moved to my lung. It was rough. I was so sick I hallucinated.

      I used every sterile procedure when I was caring for my husband, except a mask. Now I know better.

      And now the doc says my hubby is pre-diabetic. Scary stuff.

      Sorry for taking up so much space with my little documentary here, but I though you guys might like to hear just how contagious and nasty this stuff can be.


      1. And by the way, once you hace been diagnosed with MRSA, you are considered MRSA positive for the rest of your life, so if you ever have to be admitted to the hospital, they have to give you a private room!! You will always be a arrier of MRSA, even though it might not be active.

  7. wow ok i did good up until the end when i saw the huge huge hole it made in his head wow so scarey to have to go through that i hope and pray for that man that it doesn’t come back great find datentime smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  8. What a terrible disease…I feel so bad for these people!

  9. Wow!!! His A1c’s must be out of line severely for that to happen!
    Great find datentime!!!

  10. I am a diabetic, and I think this is a good learning curve for anyone who has diabetes out there who is treating this illness lightly, “stop and take stock”. There, but for the grace of god go I. Just a small point: Diabetics are people, don’t pity us. Treat me like normal person.

    1. Again this horrible disease comes up. Ass I don’t pity you and understand that for most diabetics it is treatable by living smart. As I said before I am at 6.3 on the test they gave me and I have only myself to blame if I let this happen to me,

      But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel compassion. I wish they could find a cure for this as with many other diseases.

  11. OMG you poor man…i sure hope things are going better for him now…what a painful thing to have to endure :(

  12. My God, I’m speechless. Not much more to add here except God bless him. Thanks datentime. That was an eye opener.

  13. um could it have been the hospital he was going to that he kept getting the infection

  14. That was horrific – please everyone, take care of yourself.

  15. No words – I had no idea things could get this bad. But in the frame that says, “well now the feet have a horrible infection — diabetes really working overtime” – but is that a picture of a foot? Because it looks like a hand, and other than the hole at the end, that is the worst looking pic. It looks like a piece of burning paper, with the black and red around the edges. Miserable. I too hope everyone is taking care of themselves, this is very scary. Do we know if he is OK now?

  16. That is a big attention grabber. For those diabetics keep watch on yourself, inspect your feet daily and control those blood sugars.

  17. I think I just witnessed a crime ! Butcher was way to nice a term..

  18. My doctor told me the other day that I was pre-diabetic but didn’t go into detail about what that means. Guess she was more worried about my BP being 160/100. After seeing this I’m restricting my carbs and sugars.

  19. Notice the bottle of NON-diet Coke on the table? Sugar sugar sugar! Make Diabetics Sick!

  20. captaincarbuncle says:

    As a diabetic I sympathize with this man. My blood sugars are rampantly hard to control. It’s easy to say control blood sugars, but unfortunately it’s not always the easiest thing to do, no matter how hard you try. Best of luck to this man, I’m glad it finally healed.

  21. I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you had to go through an ordeal like that! I look at all these infections and gross things on PTZ every day pretty much but this one really made me feel so bad. I’m so sorry this happened to you and I hope you’re feeling better!

  22. Yeah, my aunt is a diabetic who takes very poor care of herself, she almost constantly has infections in her legs and has had to have one toe removed. She also one time had a really bad infection in her neck. It went pretty deep, but the worst part was that it extended both up into her jaw and down through her neck almost to her collar bone. The on call surgeon refused to touch it and they had to bring in an ENT surgeon to deal with it.

    1. Best idea to do.

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